The Arroios neighbourhood – the multicultural parish of the city of Lisbon – is considered to be the coolest neighbourhood in the world at the moment. If one is curious to see what all the fuss is about, we encourage them to read the rest of the article below.

The city of Lisbon has been booming with tourism and investment activity over the recent years, at it has continued to cement its place as one of the most highly sought-after destinations on the European continent. The Arroios neighbourhood, however, is a particular area within the city of Lisbon that is still somewhat an unpolished, yet potentially extremely valuable gem.
The humble parish of the Arroios neighbourhood has recently clinched the number one spot in the list of the coolest city centre neighbourhoods in the world which is annually conducted and published by the Time Out. To some, this may have come as a bit of a surprise.
The frequent visitors, however, will know that the unique Arroios neighbourhood, which is situated in the city centre of Lisbon, is a hub of arts, hotels, and restaurants. The Arroios neighbourhood is also small enough to walk across in no more than thirty minutes.
Below are some of our main suggestions for places to visit in the Arroios neighbourhood of the city of Lisbon.

Hop Off The Bandwagon

Anjos70 is a rambling alternative market situated in the Arroios neighbourhood. The visitors may pick everything ranging from vintage clothing and vinyl records, to handmade goods like chocolate, jewelry, and soap. There are locals and artists who host events here almost every day, some of which are sure to surprise almost anyone.

The Location – Regueirão Anjos 70, 1150-020 Lisboa.

Get Some Vitamin D and Enjoy The Nature

For this purpose, one should head to the Jardim Braancamp Freire, which is situated in the Campo dos Mártires da Pátria. Here, one cal relax under the sun as well as see the colorful basketball court which has been deigned by the urban artist – AkaCorleone -. The artist’s intention has been to emphasise the unification of different perspectives. The artwork features a woman holding the Earth in one hand and a man opposite her raising his fist.

If One Has Come for The Food

They are advised to hit up the renowned Ramiro restaurant where they can devour the lobsters that have been grilled to perfection with lemon butter sauce, the juicy pink shrimp, the crab meat, a plate of ham and prego – a steak sandwich – and, to make everything even better, an imperial – the typical draft beer -. The queues here are often, understandably long, but we promise it is worth the wait.

The Location – Avenida Almirante Reis nº1 – H, 1150-007 Lisboa;

The Average Meal Price – 60€ for two.

If one wishes to live near the best restaurants in the city of Lisbon, and the country of Portugal overall, we can help. Get in touch with us through our website. If one is more into Middle Eastern dishes, we can recommend the Mezze restaurant. This restaurant is run by a Syrian refugee family where they share their unique cuisine and culture. Here, one may enjoy the Baba Ganoush – made with roasted eggplant puree with tahini -, grain-cooked hummus, smoked rice with peppers, kebabs, lentil soup, and fried beef dumplings. All of these dishes are made with a variety of spices that come directly from the middle east. We should warn here, though – Make sure to leave a bit of space for the baklava, a sweet pistachio based dessert.

The Location – Mercado de Arroios | Rua Ângela Pinto, 40D 22/23, 1900-069 Lisboa;
The Average Meal Price – 35€ for two.

There are many other lucrative and exciting options in the Arroios neighbourhood – ranging from the Lisbon’s best dim sum at the Grande Palácio Hong-Kong, to the authentic South American flavours in the Las Cholas.
We are also inclined to give a special shout-out to the ‘vegan triangle’ where one can find a wide range of plant-based and cruelty-free meal options – the Las Vegan, the Veganetas, and the Bio Vegetariano.
If the Arroios neighbourhood appears to be the place where one would be happy settling down in, they are welcome to check out some of the best properties that PropertyLisbon has available in the area.
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