Golden Visa Portugal – €500,000 Investment Option

Your Straightforward 5 Year Route To Portuguese & EU Citizenship

Are you a non-EU/EEC/EFTA third-country national keen to secure the freedom of movement, business opportunities and tax benefits conferred by Portuguese and EU citizenship?

You’re in the right place, because Property Lisbon has years of experience helping clients just like you transform their lives (and those of their family members) through one of the world’s best citizenship by investment programmes.

Since the Golden Visa scheme was launched in 2012, it has attracted over 9000 investors and benefitted over 15,000 family members, with most applicants originating from nations like China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Russia.

The most straightforward route for many of these investors has been the €500,000 Portugal Golden Visa which, put simply, involves buying a prime property in an urban area valued at this specified amount.

We always have a wide range of attractive €500k Golden Visa properties on our listings but demand is such that sometimes they’re sold to top clients before they’re even advertised – a prime example of the benefits of working closely with Property Lisbon for your specialist Portuguese real estate needs.

Does this sound like it might be the accessible citizenship by investment programme you’ve been hunting high and low for?

Read on for all the important facts on the €500k Portuguese Golden Visa in order to work out whether it’s ideal for making your aspirations reality.

Ready For Your €500K Portugal Golden Visa?

How Does The Golden Visa €500,000 Investment Option Work?

Provided you’ve got the wherewithal and meet all the mandatory requirements for eligibility and suitability, the €500k Portugal Golden Visa option is refreshingly simple.

You could be the proud new owner of a prime commercial property, or be sitting in your gorgeous luxe Lisbon apartment or amazing Algarve villa sooner than you think, as well as securing permanent residence in a mere five years.

Here are the basic requirements

  • The property you purchase must be valued at €500,000.
  • You must be a non-EU, non-EEA or non-EFTA third country national.

And…that’s it!

Barring some other standard requirements we detail a little later, tick these two boxes and you’re well on your way to basing your personal and/or business interests in sun-kissed Portugal and the wider EU.

What Are The Benefits Of The €500k Portugal Golden Visa?

The Portugal €500k citizenship by investment programme is the gift that keeps giving – years after using the Golden Visa to secure Portuguese and EU citizens, most applicants look back at it as the key to unlocking many more entrepreneurial and personal dreams than they’d ever imagined possible.

But take a look at these basic benefits and you’ll instantly recognise that its value far exceeds its cost:

  • Securing your Golden Visa can open up the opportunity to become a non-habitual resident, which means you pay minimal tax for 10 years or, in some circumstances, none whatsoever!
  • There’s a short stay requirement (more of which below) which means there’s no requirement to move to Portugal permanently during the five year qualification period. Therefore, there’s little disruption to your current lifestyle and you can rent out your €500k Golden Visa Portugal property for most of the five year period.
  • Through EU citizenship, you can sponsor your family members to join you, and enjoy freedom of movement across 26 EU nations and convenient, smooth, visa-free travel to a staggering 186 countries worldwide.
  • Family members who can join you include your legal partner or spouse, children under 18 years of age, dependent children under 26 provided they are single and registered as full-time students, your parents, and those of your spouse, provided they are over 66 years old or 55 if they’re dependent, and any siblings for you or your spouse/partner, provided they are under 18 and you’re legally responsible for them.

As you can see, applying for and securing the €500k Golden Visa for Portugal is a truly life-enhancing decision and at Property Lisbon we’re always ready to support you every step of the way!

Talk To Us Soon About The Portugal €500K Golden Visa

Can You Recommend Professional Support For The €500k Golden Visa Application?

We can indeed – although we’re your first port of call when it comes to finding the best €500k Golden Visa properties in Lisbon and beyond and we have considerable experience in the process, we’re not solicitors and always advise clients to secure the services of a legal professional as soon as possible because this ensures that everything proceeds logically, all evidence is sourced and supplied and there are no delays.

Because we recognise the vital importance of having a specialist solicitor at your back, we’ve got a little black book bulging with reliable legal contacts we’ve made over the years, so we’re happy to recommend a trusted pro who will provide peace of mind.

The €500k Golden Visa properties we sell are usually either new or in excellent condition (hence the higher-entry price tag) and, unlike the €350k Golden Visa option, there’s no requirement that they’re slated for renovations. However, should you ever want to make improvements to your property without the citizenship by investment process, we also have brilliant connections with tried and tested builders and we’re happy to pass these on.

The citizenship by investment process is a serious commitment, but by working in tandem with fellow professionals, we can ensure that everything proceeds like clockwork – leaving you free to focus on how to make the most of the amazing advantages that come with Portuguese and EU citizenship.

Are There Any Other Requirements For The €500,000 Portuguese Golden Visa?

There are a few additional conditions but they’re fairly standard and hardly onerous. Similar processes in other nations are long, labyrinthine and more requirements seem to materialise every step of the way.

Not so with the €500k Golden Visa Portugal, where the following simple additional requirements apply:

  • The funds you use for your property must come from a country outside of Portugal, whether that’s your native nation or another territory where you legitimately hold funds.
  • You shouldn’t have any adverse records with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Services – if there’s anything you think you should declare, consulting your solicitor is always advised.
  • You shouldn’t have a criminal record in any jurisdiction – this is a fairly standard condition that’s integrated in many immigration rules.
  • When your application is approved, you must spend at least seven days in Portugal during your first investment year. To renew your permit thereafter, you must spend a minimum of 14 days in Portugal every two years. So although there’s no requirement to move here permanently, chalk these dates in your diary and make sure that you always meet the minimum requirements throughout the five year qualification process.
  • You have to maintain your investment for at least five years in order to qualify for permanent residency (and then Portuguese/EU citizenship) but this can hardly be considered restrictive given the bountiful ROI you’ll benefit from.

Need to know more? Ask Us About The €500K Golden Visa Portugal

Which Types Of Property Are Eligible For The €500,000 Portugal Golden Visa?

The property possibilities with the €500k Golden Visa are only limited by your imagination.

For instance, you could purchase a luxury apartment in a bustling urban area which allows you to stroll out into the city streets and enjoy an evening meal with your spouse or catch up with meet family or business contacts over a laid-back lunch.

Alternatively, you might grab a bargain on a villa in the stunning Algarve or Silver Coast, which is large enough for you and your family to live in permanently or to rent out to holidaymakers while you’re elsewhere.

Last but not least, investing in a commercial property which qualifies for the Golden Visa can also be a savvy idea and you can find anything from an office in a well-connected corporate district to a shop that’s in the perfect high footfall location for turning a profit.

Which Areas Are Best For Buying A €500,000 Golden Visa Property?

The best location for your €500k Golden Visa Portugal property will depend on your plans and whether you have an eye on reselling eventually.

For example, if you’re investing in your forever home, you might not mind it being in a remote area because selling it on a few years down the line isn’t a priority, whereas choosing a popular location is better if this is a steppingstone to another Portuguese property or an alternative life plan.

Property in Lisbon has all the advantages of living in a capital city (albeit this is quieter and more manageable than most), but Porto is another popular city and Algarve resorts like Faro, Vilamoura, Lagos and Albufeira are stunning.

Next Steps For Your €500k Golden Visa

Reading our Portugal Golden Visa guide is a great first step when you want to find out more about this process, but we would also love to hear from you via phone, email or online form because we’re happy to share our expertise and steer you in the right direction.

We can’t wait to hear from you and we’re confident we can find you a gorgeous Golden Visa €500k property without delay. 

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