All You Need to Know About Condos for Sale on the Silver Coast, Portugal

Your ultimate guide for buying a condo on the Silver Coast, Portugal.

Costa da Prata or Silver Coast is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal, and you should add it to your bucket list if you want to explore Europe. It’s a leading destination for ex-pats seeking an affordable but high-quality lifestyle in Portugal.

As a west coast region, residents and tourists can access the most beautiful beaches, great weather, delicious foods, and serene villages. There’s always something to do in Silver Coast. You may be relaxing on a beach, hiking, or surfing.

Besides the attraction hot spots in Silver Coast, you can find affordable housing in the region’s major cities. Whether you’re seeking a beach condo in São Martinho do Porto or a detached condo at Nazaré, Silver Coast has something for everyone.

If you’re considering buying a condo in Silver Coast, this guide is all you need.

Why buy condos in Portugal’s Silver Coast

Owning a property on the Silver Coast comes with many benefits. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Portugal with its rich culture and lifestyle, Silver Coast should be on top of your list. Situated between Porto and Lisbon, Silver Coast lets you enjoy a bit of both worlds. The following are just some of the many reasons to buy a condo in Silver Coast:
  •   Affordable Investments
    Affordable property prices are one significant reason Silver Coast is witnessing an upsurge of immigrants. Regardless of the city, you choose to buy in this beautiful region, and you’ll always get a property that suits your budget.

    Silver Coast’s popularity started after the A8 road was constructed between Óbidos and Lisbon. This road has increased the accessibility to both cities.
  •   Rich Culture and History
    Silver Coast is rich in history, considering Indo-Europeans and Romans first inhabited it in the past. Most of the city legacies still exist to date, constituting part of the allure. Silver Coast is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  •   Low Cost of Living
    Residents in Silver Coast enjoy a low cost of living in terms of utilities and food. Many properties here are affordable compared to neighboring regions like Lisbon and Algarve. With most companies moving towards remote working, Silver Coast is an excellent place for digital nomads.
  • High Quality of Life
    Silver Coast offers a relaxed atmosphere and a high quality of life. The food, a vital part of its culture, is amongst the best in Europe. You can find various farms, vineyards, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Many restaurants offer seafood along the coast. Therefore, you’ll always have tasty local and foreign cuisines to try. 

    Residents and visitors also enjoy watersports, yoga, and other exciting activities in this beautiful region.
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Where to find condos for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Silver Coast is gifted with several stunning cities. These include coastal gems like Ericeira and Nazaré and historic areas like Coimbra. However, choosing the right location for your condo depends on your budget and preference. Some popular areas in Silver Coast are:


Besides being home to the oldest Portuguese university, the longest river in the country also runs through this Coimbra. The Sé Velha cathedral, built during the 12th century, also stands at the heart of this city.

Due to its rich history and culture, history lovers will enjoy seeing its ancient roots and architecture. Coimbra has many trendy bars and restaurants. Residents and tourists can enjoy traditional Portuguese delicacies from these restaurants.

You can find affordable charming condos for sale surrounded by lush greeneries, whether you’re looking for a home in the suburbs or the heart of town.


This rapidly growing town is a leading surfing destination for tourists in Europe. Ericeira offers a charming look with its white houses and blue façades, providing a picturesque sight.

The city’s towering cliffs and perfect beaches showcase Silver Coast’s dramatic side. You’ll find local cafés and seafood restaurants. At affordable prices, you can find various properties like condos, townhouses, apartments, and waterfront homes. 


With its relaxed vibe, this beautiful town offers lots of attraction spots. Catch a ferry to Berlengas to see the Lighthouse and Fortress of São João Baptista, a 17th-Century ancient fortress. You can find the Praia da Foz do Arelho, a confluence between the Atlantic Ocean and Óbidos lagoon. Condos and other property types are affordable in Peniche. 


This charming medieval town is a popular attraction spot for tourists looking to bask in the beauty of Portugal. Residents and visitors can enjoy the rich cultural history of Óbidos by participating in the medieval festival. Óbidos surrounding countryside offers tranquillity, making it one of the best places to buy condos for sale. 


Nazaré is a thriving coastal city close to Lisbon. Besides its high quality of life, natural beauty, and proximity to an urban center, houses are affordable in this scenic city.

There are also various beaches, and residents enjoy a low cost of living.

Sao Martinho Do Porto

A charming small bay town, surrounded by high cliffs which block all the waves from coming in. A nice town to explore with lots of well-priced Silver Coast properties for sale. Modern real estate developments surround the Bay, so you could even find the elusive sea view.

  • Available For Sale
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    BL866 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    3 Bed Charming Traditional House In Peniche Silver Coast - 215000€

    Peniche, Silver Coast Portugal


    This charming traditional house in the centre of Peniche is waiting for you to be reborn. Being a traditional Portuguese house, its main entrance…

    • Beds3
    • Baths1
    • Lot Size100 m²
    • DistrictPeniche
    • Type House, Town House
  • Available For Sale
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    BL805 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    A Beautiful 4 Bedroom Villa In Olho Marinho Óbidos Silver Coast - 290000€

    Óbidos, Olho Marinho, Silver Coast Portugal


    A beautiful 4 bedroom villa in Olho marinho, 15 minutes from Óbidos village and 20 minutes from Peniche. On the second floor of this…

    • Beds4
    • Baths3
    • Lot Size304 m²
    • DistrictÓbidos, Olho Marinho
    • Type House, New Developments, Town House, Villa
  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    BL830 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    4 Bed Townhouse Sea View Silver Coast - 495000€

    Caldas da Rainha, Coto e São Gregório, Nossa Senhora do Pópulo, Silver Coast Portugal


    This comfortable townhouse, with a large patio, is situated in a quiet condominium overlooking the sea, just 2 minutes from the city center of…

    • Beds4
    • Baths5
    • Lot Size3004 m²
    • DistrictCaldas da Rainha, Coto e São Gregório, Nossa Senhora do Pópulo
    • Type Town House

Types of condos for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Condos have two categories; leasehold and freehold. Under leasehold condos, tenants enter into contracts with the landlord without owning a unit. On the other hand, owners of freehold condos own the unit outrightly. In Portugal 99% of Condo apartments are 100% freehold.

In a broad sense, the following are some types of condos to know:

Private condos

A private condo is owned by the unit’s landlord and rented to tenants. They have a specific application process, deposit amounts, and eligibility requirements, usually in Golf resorts.

Detached Condo

Detached condos offer more perks than traditional condos due to the low maintenance. They’re often located in major cities, and their units are clustered together.

Condo Share

A condominium share or timeshare condo is often used as a vacation or second home. Tenants are assigned a certain number of days or periods to use the condo each year. Condominium shares are subject to fees like property taxes and maintenance costs.

Final thoughts on Silver Coast condos for sale

Silver Coast is one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe. Besides its low cost of living and high quality of life, property prices in this region are affordable. 

Whether you want a condo by the beach or surrounded by lush greenery, you’ll find one that suits your budget. Remember to work with an experienced real estate agent to help you find the best property.

Condominiums for sale in Portugal FAQs

If you’re still undecided about whether buying a condo in Silver Coast is a great idea, these frequently asked questions and their answers will allay your fears. 99% of what we sell is freehold ownership in Portugal.

Unlike the more expensive Algarve or Lisbon, you can get a condo for €90,000 to €700,000, depending on your preferred area. One primary reason most foreigners are relocating to Silver Coast is due to the affordable property price.

This increasingly popular region in Portugal is the ex-pats’ favorite due to its affordable property prices. For example, you can find condos for sale on the Silver Coast for as low as €90,000.


Silver Coast is home to the best golf courses in Portugal and across Europe, making it an excellent choice for ex-pats and tourists enthusiastic about golfing.


Besides golfing, Silver Coast residents can engage in various seasonal activities, like swimming, sailing in the Atlantic ocean, kitesurfing, and paddle boarding. Silver Coast’s weather is also great, perfect for outdoor activities.


Plus, finding a good deal on condos for sale in Silver Coast can be easy, so be sure to consider them for your next property purchase.

If you’re looking to buy condos for sale in Silver Coast, you can find helpful information on many platforms. However, consider working with a local, knowledgeable real estate agent.  A real estate agent from leading real estate companies like Property Lisbon will help you find the best condo in a great Silver Coast city according to your budget and preference.  You can also explore other websites like Villas in Hondon and Homeszz to find valuable information on buying real estate properties like condos.

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