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After Sales - The Advantages

The After Sales service program is one of the main things that differentiates PropertyLisbon from other property investment agencies on the Portuguese real estate market. PropertyLisbon has designed something unique that is also extremely beneficial for our clients.

PropertyLisbon possesses an in-house team which is committed solely to satisfying the needs of our clients after the purchase has been made, and to accompany them every step of the way, if necessary, thereby ensuring that any and every issue can be addressed adequately and timely. PropertyLisbon believes that by providing this service to our clients makes it clear that the core values of our company – honesty, accountability, and trust – are deeply ingrained in everything we do, even after our client has made their purchase

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Property Lisbon’s After Sales Programme

Property Added Value

The property management service that is included in PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program is guaranteed to add value to an investor’s property, while simultaneously saving them money.

Direct Contact with The Local Experts

PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program guarantees to provide the best local experts at the best possible prices.

Average Six Percent Yield Returns

The services included in PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program help our clients get the best return percentage possible.

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Purchasing an off-plan property means that the investor is certain that the investment asset is worth it and therefore securing it midway through the construction process, or even before the construction has even begun.
However, the follow-up on the construction and the predetermined due dates may be difficult to keep up, especially if the investor has gone away after they have purchased the property. With PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program, our clients are provided with a complete follow-up of their off-plan property investment asset, and are thus assured assistance at every stage of the process.

Seeking a quick Return of Investment?

When a client buys a Key Ready property, the goal is to make sure that the property gives financial returns as fast as possible. Being an After Sales Member allows you to make sure everything is in place for you to receive the best return for your investment.

Looking for the local expertise during your stay?

Our Leisure consultancy services are directed to clients who want to visit Portugal with absolutely nothing to worry about. We can book all the tours, restaurants, and hotels and, if required, we can also arrange airport transfers to provide a stress free arriving.

Interested in the Golden Visa Program?

If you are a Golden Visa client your goal is to make an investment and keep it for at least 5 years, the After Sales services can help you maintain your investment in the best conditions, as well as update you about the visa process.

Holiday Home

Having a Holiday Home can also be an investment opportunity. If the client does not intend to stay long term in the new home, the After Sales staff will take care of renting the property, if required.

Property Lisbon’s After Sales Program Tailored for You

Fiscal Representation

Once the client has obtained their Fiscal Representation, they will be able to open a bank account so that they may move their funds for the purposes of acquisition.

Property Management

PropertyLisbon delivers monthly report to our clients if they are away or overseas.

Leisure Concierge

Property Lisbon provides a stress-free stay for our clients by helping them with transfers and bookings.

Building Project Management

Property Lisbon’s project management team is present from the moment of purchasing to the moment of selling the renovated units

Golden Visa Renovation

Property Lisbon gets and provides updates and follow-ups from the developer's’ in order to keep our client updated on the process.

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Taking Care of The Clients’ Investment

PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program is complex in variety.
We may attempt to list all of the services that we offer in this department to our clients, but it would not be enough. Each investor is different and has different needs, hence the service that we provide our clients with in this regard is always personalized. – From picking up their forgotten bunny in the property, to attending condominium meetings, PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program is available to meet our clients’ needs at all times.

Managing the Clients' Investment Property

How much income can a property generate over the five-year Portuguese Golden Visa program investment time requirement, and who can help the investor better understand the returns that were promised?
PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program can be entrusted with the entire process.
The process begins with getting the property prepared for rent.
In order to begin with renting a property, the property is required to possess a short-term renting license associated with it. In order to obtain such permit, the investor must submit the application to the City Hall, accompanied with the right documentation, which includes a specific communication transcript to the Portuguese Finance department in which they declare their short-term renting business.
Usually, this process takes between one and two weeks before it is put in place successfully and the investor receives and AL Code. During this process of the application, there is a few steps that PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program can help with and has to follow –
– Proceed to the requirements of the short-term renting according to the law of Portugal;
– Set up a multi-risk insurance for our client, which we set up with our partner insurance companies;
– Install the Safety Kit equipment at the property. For which we are also in touch with the direct suppliers of the given equipment.
– Set up the utility services – water, electricity, gas;
– Set up an internet and TV pack.
The next step that we must take in this process is choosing the right property rental agency.
There are numerous short-term rental agencies in the country of Portugal, especially in the city of Lisbon as the market has grown significantly over the past few years. PropertyLisbon advises our clients to always find the right agency for the right client.
PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program is responsible for taking the client through all of these procedures and help them make the right decision for them according to the property they have purchased.
Property management at PropertyLisbon means taking care of our clients’ properties. PropertyLisbon is our client’s eyes and ears in the country of Portugal and it is our goal to maintain the quality of their investment property for the predetermined duration of their investment.
After we have set up the aforementioned facilities, PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program will present a Maintenance Report every three months to our client. PropertyLisbon arranges with the Rental Agencies to physically visit the property and make sure that it is maintained in the condition in which it was purchased.
In addition to this report, PropertyLisbon will attach maintenance suggestions for better preservation of the property – This may include the repairing of the windows, the painting of the walls, or simply the repairing of a drain from the bathroom. All of the costs that are associated with these repairs are locally provided for the purposes of avoiding unnecessarily high foreign prices.
Since our job is continuous, PropertyLisbon also provided Income Reports. The reason for this is to follow-up on the income that the property has generated and to try and match it with the income which has previously been previously estimated and promised to our client in the best way possible.

Fiscal Representation

The fiscal representation services is most closely related to PropertyLisbon’s Pre-Sales service program, but it is still a crucial stage of PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program.
In order for one to purchase a property in the country of Portugal, they must open and maintain a Portuguese bank account as well as a Portuguese fiscal number.
The bank account, the fiscal number, the fiscal representation, and the lawyer’s representation are four of the essential requirements for the purposes of purchasing a property in the country of Portugal. PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program provides fiscal representation as well as the Portuguese fiscal number in a matter of days.
PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program also facilitates the opening of a Portuguese bank account by setting up a meeting at one of our offices, and we may also provide advice on lawyer representation. The main goal of these services is to facilitate our client’s investment process, as well as to allow them to make the right informed decision, without the hassle of setting up the entire necessary documentation by themselves.
PropertyLisbon is highly committed and willing to go as far as we are able to assist our clients. Our team is always available and focused on making the process as easy as possible for our clients. By the time the purchase is made, PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program will also be in charge of tax returns, VAT returns, issuing receipts, and every other aspect that is related to the client’s responsibility towards the Portuguese Finance Department – the council tax payment can serve as an excellent example here.

Leisure Concierge

PropertyLisbon is very detail-oriented, and our team is extremely focused on the relationship of our client with our company. Our goal is to create a reliable reputation that will be associated with an extremely professional service, by providing personal assistance and adding value to this relationship.
From providing an airport transport to the accommodation, to making dinner arrangements in restaurants, PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program provides our client with a dedicated team that will provide them with the best personalized services and make the difference that we, at PropertyLisbon, value so much.
Our clients can safely rely on PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program as a personal concierge during their stay in the city of Lisbon, and witness for themselves as their needs are being fulfilled at all times.

Golden Visa 350

Previous year, the national Government of the country of Portugal has presented to the foreign investors yet another Portuguese Golden Visa program. This time the requirement for the investment is that it needs to go up to three hundred and fifty thousand Euros and that the property needs to be located in an area which has been designated for urban renewal, with rehabilitation works in accordance with the corresponding legislation.
This, newly introduced program has created a new opportunity for our After Sales program as well. If our client wishes to purchase a property that is still off-plan, PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program will follow-up with the construction, by providing monthly-based reports on the current status of the construction, thereby allowing our client to be involved with the process until the completion.
PropertyLisbon understands the worries that our clients possess when investing in properties that have not yet been finished. The constant concern about the property being ready and having to contact the lawyers and the sales agents in order to obtain a follow-up is not the best feeling in the world.
By becoming a member of PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program, our clients have a direct contact with one of our after sales staff members that will provide them with all of the necessary follow-ups and information within a twenty-four hour time-frame.

Building Project Manager

Once more, PropertyLisbon’s After Sales program has seen an opportunity and created a complete service package that is dedicated to the future property owners. The property market of the city of Lisbon has been growing almost consistently and the demand for developments that are in need of renovating is extremely popular, mainly because of the larger profit margins.
One of the major difficulties with the building projects is for the client to find someone who they can put their complete trust in and who will assist them in all the steps of the process – ultimately arriving at a completely refurbished development with amazing units.
There is a significant number of milestones to cover – from the development of the architectural project, the engineering project, the follow-up with the submission project and obtaining of the construction license from the city hall, to the management of the construction process, and the completion of every single unit.
PropertyLisbon has developed an extremely good partnership with the architects and the engineering companies in order to be able to provide an excellent service and follow-up on the process of refurbishment. Even though advising and notifying the client is our main job, as well as is keeping track of the timeline which has previously been established, PropertyLisbon is also highly interested in re-selling of the refurbished units.
The building project management services enable PropertyLisbon to have a better understanding of the construction market, but it also allows our company to have a unique product listed in some of the most amazing areas of the city of Lisbon. Our goal is to help our clients who purchased property with us in the best ways possible.

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