Golden Visa Portugal – €350,000 Renovation Investment Option

One of the great benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa is that there are several investment options available.

For instance, if the €500,000 option for a premium property is slightly out of reach at the moment, did you know that there’s a more affordable €350,000 option which unlocks the same route to permanent residency and citizenship?

Certain conditions apply, but the €350,000 Portuguese Golden Visa (also known as the renovation investment option) could literally be your passport to a new life in one of the world’s most desirable locations.

And at Property Lisbon, we have a wealth of experience in helping investors like you secure Portuguese residency and citizenship through this route, as well as a wide range of eligible property listings!

Please also remember that the €350k Portugal Golden Visa is one of our most popular property categories – so much so that often these properties are snapped up by fast-acting clients before we even have time to publish them on our online listings.

If you want to be first in line for the best properties, be proactive and talk to us first – that way we can earmark promising properties for you right away and let you know about them immediately.

Ready For Your €350K Portugal Golden Visa?

How Does The Golden Visa €350,000 Investment Option Work?

To qualify for this citizenship by investment option there are a few conditions, but they aren’t onerous. After you satisfy the following rules, the same five year route to residency and six year route to a Portuguese passport applies:

  • Your property must be located in one of Portugal’s designated urban rehabilitation areas – these can be found in Lisbon and elsewhere.
  • The property must have been built over 30 years ago and/or require refurbishment work.
  • The combined total sum of the rehabilitation work and property value must add up to at least €350,000.
  • As well as providing the relevant paperwork proving that you’re the owner of the property, you’ll have to prove that you’ve applied to the relevant authorities for permission to carry out the necessary refurbishments or, if they’ve already been approved, provide evidence of a contract for carrying out the work. In addition to this, you must deposit the difference between the property purchase price and the minimum rehabilitation investment in a Portuguese bank account in your name.

As you can see, although the criteria for the €350,000 Portuguese Golden Visa differ from the other options under the scheme, they remain reasonably hassle-free, provided you’re proceeding with experts like Property Lisbon.

Can You Help Find Professionals And Tradesmen For €350k Golden Visa Renovations?

Yes we certainly can – we know that when clients are investing in a Portuguese passport by investment, it’s a substantial undertaking.

That’s why we’ve built up a valuable network of professional contacts over the years who can help you at every stage of the €350k Portugal Golden Visa process.

Read on to see exactly what we can offer you.

Legal Support for your Portugal €350k Golden Visa

With the support we can offer you, the process will feel hassle-free, but as you’d expect there are always statutory and evidential requirements. To help with this, we can connect you with an experienced solicitor who will ensure that every action you take (and piece of paperwork you provide to evidence that action) is cross-checked with the €350k Portugal Golden Visa requirements.

This is an application which will change you and your family’s life for the better and also potentially unlock excellent business opportunities for you in Portugal and throughout the EU, so there’s a lot riding on your visa being approved. However, remember that although Portuguese authorities have worked very hard to make the system as simple and streamlined as possible, in any official process the onus is on the applicant to meet the requirements and provide the right evidence at every stage. With Property Lisbon and the professionals we can connect you with, we take the strain from your shoulders by providing you with the right professional support exactly when you need it.

Construction support for your €350k Golden Visa

Another practical side to your €350k Gold Visa process being completed smoothly is the renovations being carried out – quite literally the nuts, bolts, timber and tiles which need to combine to make your property look perfect and in order for the entire project (property value plus refurbishment costs) to equal €350,000.

Most Portuguese builders are both talented and trustworthy but, as is common anywhere else, you can also come in contact with tradesmen who might happily take your cash and deliver your project months late, over your budget and to totally shoddy standards. This scenario is soul-destroying and expensive, but easy to avoid if you get the right advice and professional recommendations from the start.

At Property Lisbon we have several trusted, time-served and highly skilled builders on hand who will listen carefully to exactly what you want to achieve with your project, provide their own views on the best achievable results for your budget and proceed with your permission, providing regular updates and reviews along the way.

Providing evidence that you’ve contracted a builder is a mandatory evidential requirement, but by letting us handle your citizenship by investment process, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve signed a solid, savvy craftsman.

Property Lisbon and the tradesmen we work with are passionate about what we do and take pride in delivering the best results for each individual customer. And when we’re helping you your family take the next exciting step in life, that’s all the motivation we need to excel at every turn!

Ready To Build Your Portuguese Property Dreams?

Are There Any Other Requirements For The €350,000 Portuguese Golden Visa?

Yes – in addition to the aforementioned conditions, you’ll have to meet the same standard requirements of the Portugal Golden Visa scheme, as follows:

  • The funds you use for your property investment must originate from outside Portugal.
  • You shouldn’t have any adverse records with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Services.
  • You shouldn’t have a criminal record.
  • When your application is approved, you have to spend at least seven days in Portugal during your first investment year. To subsequently renew your permit, you have to spend a minimum of 14 days in Portugal every two years.
  • You have to maintain your investment for at least five years in order to qualify for permanent residency (and then citizenship).

Which Types Of Property Are Eligible For The €350,000 Portugal Golden Visa?

Property Lisbon can find you the ideal property for the €350K Golden Visa.

From sleek contemporary apartments to traditional townhouses and commercial, retail, and residential options, all eligible properties represent excellent investments.

What’s more, many properties have refurbishment licenses already in place, and/or a guaranteed rent for the 5 year qualification process, minimizing red tape and meaning you can generate a handsome income en route to your qualification for Portuguese residency/citizenship (and by extension, EU citizenship).

Want to know more? Take a look at the excellent €350K properties we currently have available:

What Are The Best Portuguese Regions for €350k Portugal Golden Visa Properties?

This depends on your requirements, but rest assured that there are always lots of outstanding locations on offer.

If you want comfort, connectivity and cosmopolitan buzz, capital city Lisbon is an excellent choice for residential or commercial properties.

However, if you want a scenic spot for a luxury villa or the opportunity to tap into a well-established tourist trade, the Algarve is right up your street, and resorts like Albufeira are absolutely stunning.

Alternatively, Porto is a prestigious historical city in the north west that’s a wonderful place to live and work, while the Silver Coast is popular with incomers from all around the world and boasts brilliant towns like Tomar and Coimbra.

Next Steps For Your €350,000 Golden Visa

If you’re ready to talk to us about this superb Portuguese citizenship by investment option, simply drop your details in our form or chat live to one of our advisors.

However, if you need a little more information, please read our easy to follow Golden Visa Guide – this explains the entire process from start to finish and addresses all important issues.

At Property Lisbon, we excel in making citizenship by investment accessible and convenient – let’s start your adventure soon!

Ready For Your New Life?

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