Commercial Property for Sale Silver Coast

This guide explores all the options available at your fingertips if you are considering buying a commercial property in Silver Coast.

Silver Coast, Portugal, is the best region for people looking to capitalize on the growing European economy. The influx of ex-pats to this scenic region makes Silver Coast a viable place, especially if you want to own a commercial real estate property.

Silver Coast is also close to the two biggest towns in Portugal. Nazaré, a popular city in Silver Coast, is two hours away from the south of Porto and 90 minutes north of Lisbon.

Commercial properties are perfect for large Silver Coast cities like Coimbra, considering commerce is high in such areas. So, if you’re looking to buy commercial property for sale in Silver Coast, this ultimate guide is for you!

Why buy a commercial property on the Silver Coast

Silver Coast is a region preferred by families, retirees, and digital nomads. It has lovely historic villages, affordable real estate prices, and beautiful landscapes, making it a leading Portuguese destination. If you’re considering buying commercial real estate properties, the following are the benefits:

Commercial Property on the Silver Coast means favorable property prices 

Compared to Algarve and Lisbon, Silver Coast Portugal properties are affordable. They offer various property types for investors to choose from. These could range from multi-family homes to retail outlets.

Due to Silver Coast’s high population of residents and tourists, businesses thrive significantly in the region. Therefore, consider commercial properties if you’re considering owning a piece of real estate in Silver Coast.

Steady Cash Flow

Commercial real estate yields more income than residential or rental properties. The income stability keeps investors stress-free regardless of financial market volatility.

Also, dull financial markets in Silver Coast don’t directly affect the commercial real estate market.

Secure Investment

Commercial properties provide solid intrinsic value. The structure and value of the land also make it a hard asset. Owning a commercial property in a great location like Silver Coast Portugal gives you a continuous cash flow even when there’s a vacancy in your property.

Thus, buying commercial real estate in Silver Coast ensures a secure and safe investment.

Rental Income

Commercial real estate helps you earn rental income. For instance, you might buy a small building and rent the ground floor to a retail company, travel agency, or restaurant.

Where to find a commercial property for sale Silver Coast

Now that you’ve discovered reasons to buy a commercial property in Silver Coast, here are the top areas on the Silver Coast Portugal to consider:


Besides being a paradise with adventure spots, Peniche is a fast-growing town with beautiful beaches. This city offers an affordable cost of living. It’s also an excellent place for tourists looking to enjoy Portugal’s enthralling sights.

Houses in Peniche are affordable, making it one of the top spots for people looking to settle in Silver Coast. The increasing population means businesses thrive in this beautiful city.

Therefore, if you’re considering owning a property in Silver Coast, Peniche should be on top of your list.


This historic city has emerged as a favorite town for foreigners and ex-pats looking to start a new life or retire quietly. The A8 roadway between Lisbon and Óbidos ensures easy access to nearby regions, improving its commerce.

Although a medieval part of Silver Coast, Óbidos is a thriving commercial hub. You’ll find shops selling handcrafted items, clothing, and books. There are also several golf championship sites and great schools for families moving with kids.


As Portugal’s first capital and home to the country’s oldest university, Coimbra is a town with a deep cultural heritage attracting students worldwide. Investors are opting for commercial properties in the Coimbra real estate market due to the growing number of students in the city.


A 90 minutes drive from Lisbon, this beautiful coastal city is a haven for tourists and ex-pats. Most people looking to relocate to Silver Coast prefer Nazaré due to its low cost of living, nearby urban centers, and high quality of life. Nazaré’s geography makes it enticing for commercial businesses to thrive.

Sao Martinho

A ten-minute drive from Nazare and 20 minutes from Obidos is a hidden gem, a sheltered bay protecting the sands and town from any waves. Perfect for families, this haven has some wonderful viewing points and a small town full of well-priced fresh produce. Lots of modern properties have been built around the bay giving a great choice for all budgets.

Torres Vedras

Besides its famous carnival, Torres Vedras offers much more, especially for people looking to own commercial properties. Torres Vedras is only 40 minutes from Lisbon, making it a great commercial hub.

Due to the high population of visitors to the area and affordable housing, many foreigners have started surfing businesses in the booming town.


One fast-rising town you need to know about is Lourinhã. The town has steadily attracted ex-pats and tourists due to its peaceful environment. Lourinhã is also close to Lisbon, making it one of the leading commercial hubs in the Silver Coast.

Caldas da Rainha

Residents of Caldas da Rainha enjoy a low cost of living, top-quality healthcare facilities, and a large ex-pat community. Hence, it’s a favorite place for ex-pats and foreigners looking to retire. The high number of foreigners and locals improves its viability as a commercial hub.

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Types of commercial properties for sale in the Silver Coast

If you’re looking to own a commercial property in Silver Coast, consider going for any of the following:


Although multi-family properties are residential real estate, they contain more than a unit for rent. Multi-family property owners in Silver Coast enjoy multiple income streams from tenants occupying the property’s units. This type of commercial real estate is divided into types A, B, and C in Portugal.

Office Spaces

Office spaces are in high demand due to the rising population and their multi-tenant capacity. Therefore, finding tenants in Silver Coast for your office spaces will be easy.

They’re divided into suburban office buildings, medical offices, and central business districts.


Due to its flexibility and low entry cost, industrial spaces have become popular for Silver Coast investors. Industrial facilities accommodate activities like business manufacturing and production units. If you’re interested in buying an industrial property, go for a flex or bulk warehouse, showroom, light assembly, or heavy manufacturing.


Retail real estate encompasses properties used in marketing and selling consumer services and goods. Some retail categories include larger shopping malls, small neighborhood shopping centers,  and single-tenant retail complexes.

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Final Words on Commercial Property for Sale, Silver Coast

You just read our commercial property for sale Silver Coast guide. By now, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding your property.

The Silver Coast, real estate market, is witnessing an upsurge, and now is the best time to jump in. The good thing is that you are open to more than just residential rental properties. Commercial properties are also available to you. You can take advantage of the booming market to own a commercial property in Silver Coast hot spots like Nazaré and Coimbra.

Remember to inquire about relevant licenses and permits for commercial property, depending on your preferred type. Silver Coast’s continuous growth will keep attracting more ex-pats and tourists, making it Portugal’s fastest-growing commercial hub.

Commercial property for sale in Portugal FAQs

If you’ve read up to this point, you’re likely to have a few questions before deciding whether a Silver Coast commercial property investment is best for you.

The following are the top three frequently asked questions and their answers:

Silver Coast is famous for its affordable property prices. If you’re considering owning a commercial property, you might be looking at spending between €450,000 to €5 million. However, the property prices depend on your preferred area and type. Smaller shops and bars for sale on the Silver Coast can cost as low as 100,000 Euros.

Silver Coast’s real estate market is steadily increasing and is expected to increase with time.

As one of the most affordable regions in the country compared to places like Lisbon and Algarve, the region is home to various companies and industries.

It’s also a tourist hub like Algarve, which makes rental businesses thrives here, especially during summer. Buying a commercial property in Silver Coast lets you enjoy affordable property prices and a thriving economy with ready customers.

Many information portals exist if you want further information on commercial property purchases in Silver Coast. However, working with a local, experienced realtor would be best.

Property Lisbon is the leading real estate agency to help you buy the best commercial property in Silver Coast. Contact us today to know your commercial real estate choices.

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