Villas for Sale in Silver Coast Portugal: An Investor’s Guide

Silver Coast, Portugal, is Western Europe’s hidden gem offering its residents an affordable and high-quality lifestyle. This west coast region is home to some of the finest Portuguese beaches, sprawling golf courses, and beautiful local towns. 

The weather is excellent, and residents can enjoy many water sports or relax on the beaches. Silver Coast also offers affordable properties for sale. 

Whether you’re considering a small villa or a luxury Mediterranean villa, Silver Coast has the right affordable property for you. 

This expert guide on buying villas for sale on Silver Coast, Portugal, will help you learn everything you need to know about buying a property in Portugal. So, if you’re considering purchasing a Silver Coast villa, then read on!

Why choose villas for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Buying a villa in Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) offers many benefits. People looking to enjoy Portugal’s low living cost and rich culture should prioritize the Silver Coast. 

Also, its location between Lisbon and Porto makes it a prime real estate market. If you’re thinking of buying a property on the Silver Coast, the following are reasons to reach a quick decision:

  •   High Quality of Life
    This beautiful region in Portugal offers a higher quality of life than similar big regions like Lisbon and the Algarve. The atmosphere is relaxed, and residents enjoy the rich Portuguese culture.

    Many restaurants offer seafood on the coastline, ensuring tourists and expats enjoy various foreign and local cuisines. Also, residents can have fun doing various exciting activities, including yoga, water sports, and hiking.

  •   Rich Cultural History
    Due to Silver Coast’s rich cultural history, many ex-pats are moving to this beautiful region. The Romans and Indo-Europeans were the first people to live on the modern-day Silver Coast. Their legacies in this steadily growing region add to its allure.

    Also, There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered across the Silver Coast, including the Obidos Castle.

  •   Affordable Properties
    One primary reason most people are moving to Silver Coast in droves is the region’s price of real estate properties. Whether you want a modern villa in Peniche or a small house near a golf course, you’ll find one that suits your budget.

    Silver Coast residents can also access popular regions like Porto and Lisbon due to their central location. The roads are accessible, allowing you to enjoy the best of Silver Coast and nearby areas.

  •   Low Living Cost
    Silver Coast residents enjoy low living costs due to cheap food and utility costs. Unlike neighboring Algarve and Lisbon, property prices and cost of living are low, ensuring a high standard of living.

    Crime is also low in Silver Coast, and the locals are pretty friendly. The region is also perfect for remote workers due to its serene environment and affordable property prices.

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Where to buy villas in Silver Coast Portugal

Silver Coast is a beautiful region with many stunning cities. Whether you prefer historic areas like Coimbra or coastal gems like Nazaré, you’ll find your preferred villa in your chosen location.

Some Silver Coast cities to consider when searching for a villa for sale are:

Figueira da Foz 

Figueira da Foz is a scenic town near Aveiro with golden beaches and top attraction sites. Residents enjoy many water sports and other outdoor entertainment activities, including hiking.

There are numerous restaurants and cafes on the coastline, and property prices are pretty affordable.

São Martinho do Porto

One place you’ll love owning a villa in Silver Coast is São Martinho do Porto. This beautiful town near Nazaré allows you to enjoy the wild and untainted Portuguese beauty.

The city is famous for its crescent-shaped beach and São Martinho do Porto bay. You can find an affordable villa for sale in São Martinho do Porto that suits your needs and budget. 


Nazaré is a famous city in Silver Coast renowned for its high waves attracting surfers worldwide. Properties are affordable in the city, whether you’re looking for an Italian villa or a small contemporary option. 

Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho is another coastal Silver Coast town close to São Martinho do Porto. The city offers wild, long beautiful beaches. Close to Óbidos Lagoon, you’ll find the famous Arelho Praia da Foz Arelho and Praia do Bom Sucesso.

There are affordable villas in this beautiful city with striking coastlines that suit your budget and need.


Peniche is famous for its long beautiful beaches suitable for water sports like surfing and paddle boarding. The town is also home to various attraction spots and is close to the Fortress São João Baptista.

Property prices are also affordable in Peniche, regardless of the type you want and your budget.

Visit beautiful Silver Coast beaches from your villa in PortugalCaldas dal Rainha

Rich in history, this mid-sized town in central Portugal features a bustling shopping area, a vibrant vegetable and fruit market, and a traditional city center.

Caldas dal Rainha is one hour from Lisbon and a few minutes from the Foz do Arelho beaches. Houses are affordable, and you’ll find lots of attraction spots.

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    BL925 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    3 Bed Brand New Modern Townhouse In Rio Maior Silver Coast - 505000€

    Rio Maior, Silver Coast Portugal


    Book your house now with only 5% deposit until the deed date! In Rio Maior, in an excellent location, close to supermarkets, pharmacies and…

    • Beds3
    • Baths3
    • Lot Size340 m²
    • DistrictRio Maior
    • Type House, New Developments, Town House, Villa
  • Available For Sale
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    BL889 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    Old 3-bedroom House On The Banks Of Douro River - 380000€

    Ancede e Ribadouro, Silver Coast Portugal


    Old 3-bedroom house on the banks of Douro River that needs no introduction, with great constructive potential. With a more than privileged location, this…

    • Beds3
    • Baths1, 2
    • DistrictAncede e Ribadouro
    • Type House, Town House, Villa
  • Available For Sale
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    BL882 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    3 Bed Modern House With Pool & Garden Silver Coast - 389900€

    Caldas da Rainha, Silver Coast Portugal


    Single storey house, of contemporary architecture, with swimming pool and garden located between Foz do Arelho and Caldas da Rainha. Of very recent construction,…

    • Beds3
    • Baths2
    • Lot Size473 m²
    • DistrictCaldas da Rainha
    • Type House, Villa

Types of villas for sale in Silver Portugal

Having a large property is many people’s dream. However, all villas are different. Whether you want a small villa or a contemporary luxury option, you can find a property that suits your budget and needs.

The following are some villas to consider in Silver Coast:

  • Contemporary Villa

Contemporary villas are modern buildings embracing the 1920s to 1950s architectural design with a modern touch. The villa type features stark minimalism and a sleek modern design.

  • Spanish Villa

Consider a Spanish villa if you want a villa with roof terraces, sun decks, balconies, and patios. This type of villa offers seamless outdoor and indoor living areas with modern living amenities, including swimming pools. 

  • Mediterranean Villa

Mediterranean villas often come as duplexes or multi-family homes. You can find one built side-by-side or stacked on top of the other. A duplex villa comes with internal and external entrances.

  • Italian Villa

Location is essential when looking for an Italian villa. This type of villa is often seen in big Silver Coast cities like Peniche. They come with a tower in the middle of the building or at the end.

Italian villas feature unique asymmetrical styling, making them stand out elegantly. You’ll also find various luxury amenities in them.

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Final thoughts on the Silver Coast in Portugal

Silver Coast is a fast-growing Western European region famous for its beautiful, wild beaches and captivating coastline. Residents enjoy a low property price and high quality of life.

This steadily rising region in Portugal has so much to offer intending residents. Whether you want a luxury Mediterranean villa or a small contemporary option, you’ll find one that suits your needs and budget.

However, work with a local, experienced real estate agent like Property Lisbon to help you facilitate an immediate property purchase while considering your budget and preference.

Villas for sale in Silver Coast FAQS

You may have some unanswered questions keeping you one step away from deciding to purchase a villa for sale in Silver Coast, Portugal. Hopefully, the answers to these frequently asked questions will allay your fears.

The price of a detached villa in Silver Coast can be between 350,000 euro in a more rural setting to 500,000-1 million near the coast. Luxury Silver coast Villas can be between €1,000,000 to €3,600,000 depending on the villa type, amenities, and location. Unlike the higher prices in neighboring Lisbon and Algarve, you can easily find a villa that suits your budget.

A luxury villa features double-glazed doors, a spacious living area, an elegantly furnished dining area, and a swimming pool. Each room in the villa is fully furnished and designed with great attention to detail.

Also, the rooms come fitted with excellent amenities with modern living, such as entertainment and a neatly landscaped ground floor. In luxury villas, you can even find sports amenities, spas, and jacuzzis.

Silver Coast is a thriving real estate market in Portugal. The last few years have seen Western Europe witnessing a high increase in property costs, with experts predicting more real estate price increments.

Now is the best time to grab a piece of the hot Silver Coast market. As a region with affordable real estate properties, you can find various properties for sale that suit your budget and need.

Like Lisbon and Algarve, Silver Coast is a growing tourist hub with a thriving rental business, especially during summer. Therefore, whether you want a villa as a vacation house or looking to relocate fully to Silver Coast, this scenic region welcomes everyone. 

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