Finding the Best Investment Properties for Sale, Silver Coast Portugal

Buying a house in any location is often a tall order, especially for a first-time investor. It becomes more demanding if you’re looking to own an investment property in scenic Portuguese towns like Silver Coast. As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Silver Coast is home to many foreigners looking to enjoy a piece of Portugal’s beauty.

The Portuguese real estate market is currently on the upside, and Silver Coast presents a budding real estate market. Now is the best time to grab a piece of the pie if you’re considering owning properties close to the Atlantic ocean. Silver Coast offers many accommodation options, from budget-friendly condominiums to luxurious villas, for those looking to enter the booming real estate market.

This ‘investment properties for sale Silver Coast’ guide explores how to invest in a property on the Silver Coast, the reasons to buy Silver Coast properties, and the top areas to consider. Read to the end!

Why buy an investment property on the Silver Coast

Popularly called the original Portugal, Silver Coast is one of the top most sought-after regions for people looking to explore the rich Portuguese culture. This is due to the numerous pristine beaches and top attraction spots.

Silver Coast offers lower living costs than the Algarve and other parts of the country, making it a perfect location for property investment. Houses are affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to get a great property offering regular returns.

If you’re still undecided about buying an investment property for sale on the Silver Coast, Portugal, the following are reasons to consider the idea:

Great Property Prices

One constraint most real estate investors face is high property prices. Fortunately, Silver Coast is a welcoming region with affordable housing prices. Real estate investors also have many property types in this scenic region.

Whether you want a modern villa or a traditional house close to a golf course, Silver Coast Portugal has what will suit your preference.

Proximity to Central Locations

Most property investors and tourists are considering Silver Coast because it’s located in Portugal’s center with an excellent road network. The airport is just an hour from Silver Coast. Residents can utilize the nearby highways and railroads to get to other vital parts of the country.

Also, buses are available to take residents to various parts of town, so you won’t be able to access transportation.

High Quality of Life

Silver Coast Portugal offers a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle with low living costs. Residents are hospitable, welcoming, and friendly, offering an enjoyable stay. You’ll find many businesses, hospitals, and schools across the town, meaning you’re never far from what you need to enjoy a high quality of life at a low cost.

Rich Cultural History

Every Portugal region has many unique cultural histories, especially the Silver Coast. This scenic town is home to diverse accents and languages, further showcasing its cultural diversity.

Touring the monuments at Nazaré helps you learn more about Portugal’s rich culture and history. Silver Coast is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “the Castle of Obidos,” and the first gothic building (Alcobaca Monastery).

Silver Coast offers you a chance to own a home near the Atlantic Ocean at an affordable price.

Stunning Coastline

Silver Coast Portugal is home to many pristine beaches. From Foz do Arelho to São Martinho do Porto, you won’t run out of breathtaking views for days. Besides its beautiful sunset, visitors can enjoy various water sports like jet skis, paddling, and sailing.

Silver Coast’s Praia do Norte beach is a famous fishing spot, so you can experience the local’s culture firsthand and try some local seafood cuisine.

Where to find Silver Coast investment properties for sale

Silver Coast is home to many cities with eye-catching houses, beautiful beaches, and top attractions. Our top five cities to find investment properties are:

  1. Nazaré

As the most famous town on Silver Coast, Nazaré has a lot to offer. From its pristine beaches to inexpensive properties, Nazare offers you fantastic sea views so you can watch big-wave surfers heading out to catch massive waves.

Head out to your preferred accommodation’s first-floor terrace to watch surfers going against the great force of nature if you don’t fancy a day outdoors.

  1. Peniche

People looking for some serenity should consider Peniche. This quiet fishing town offers various affordable accommodations and great relaxation spots. Take a ferry on a fun adventure to Berlengas (an island archipelago) to see the 17th-century ancient Fortress of São João Baptista and Farol the Berlenga lighthouse.

  1. Óbidos

One of Portugal’s medieval walled towns and a popular tourist destination, Óbidos is home to numerous top attraction spots, including the famous Óbidos lagoon and sprawling golf courses. To enjoy more of the region’s cultural heritage, attend Óbidos medieval festivals. You will be able to explore the opportunity to dress in medieval attire, eat ancient local meals, and explore the castle.

Óbidos surrounding suburbs is ideal for people looking to enjoy the Portuguese countryside while being close to the stunning Sintra mountains and Lisbon.

  1. Coimbra

Renowned for being home to one of the oldest European universities, Coimbra is a beautiful city with many students looking for affordable accommodation, making it a hot real estate market in Portugal.

This historic city combines the best of modernity and ancient traditions to give you the best experience.

  1. Torres Vedras

Although Torres Vedras doesn’t seem to have many tourists, people looking to enjoy the local Portuguese life will appreciate staying in the quiet town. Praia de Santa Cruz, with its pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes, is also close, and you’ll find spacious, affordable properties in this town within a 48-minute drive of Lisbon.

  1. Sao Martinho Do Porto

A stunning natural horse show bay sheltered from the waves that roll in just a few miles up the road in Nazare. A perfect small town to enjoy a family break with plenty of sandy beaches to play on and lots of local, very well-priced cafes and restaurants. Properties in Sao Martinho do Porto are mostly new modern buildings constructed around the bay, some offering stunning sea views. 

Modern Villas can also be found on the nearby cliff offering total peace. The A8 Motorway is within a 10-minute drive giving you easy access to Lisbon and other nearby towns.

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Types of investment properties for sale in the Silver Coast

  • Available For Sale
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    BL980 Commercial Property in Center
    Historic Apartment & Restaurant In The Heart Of Óbidos Castler - 693000€

    Óbidos, Silver Coast, Silver Coast Portugal


    This is a rare and exciting opportunity to acquire an exclusive and historic property in the heart of Óbidos Castle, one of the medieval…

    • Beds1, 2, 3
    • Baths1, 2
    • DistrictÓbidos
    • Type Apartment, Building, Commercial
    • Loading
    BL957 Apartment in Center
    New 2 Bed Apartment 300m To The Beach - 285000€

    Silver Coast, Lisbon, Silver Coast Portugal


    New 2 bedroom apartment in Baleal, just 300 meters from the beach. Comprising living room and kitchen in open space, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms,…

    • Beds2
    • Baths1
    • DistrictPeniche
    • Type Apartment
  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    BL907 Apartment in Lisbon Metropolitan Area
    3 Bed Ocean View Apartment Silver Coast - 950000€

    Lourinhã, Silver Coast Portugal


    Modern and luxurious apartment that enjoys a superb position with a panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean. This apartment is more than just a…

    • Beds3
    • Baths2
    • DistrictLourinhã
    • Type Apartment, New Developments

Condos are popular investment properties for Silver Coast property investors.

Intending property investors in Silver Coast have various property types to explore. Whether you’re looking for a historic townhouse or a beach house, there’s always something for everyone in Silver Coast.

The following are some investment properties to consider here:

  • Condominiums

These single apartment units, called condos for short, share a common area. While owners enjoy the best property maintenance, it comes at a high cost as condos are fairly costly to rent or buy.

  • Moradia or Casa

Moradia or Casa are fully-detached houses with outdoor areas, such as a patio, backyard, and lawn. They’re typical single-family homes without shared amenities and co-tenants.

  • Casa Geminada

Unlike the Moradia, Casa Geminada is a semi-detached house with two properties sharing a wall. They also offer shared amenities, like yards.

  • Quinta

Quintas are rustic farms or homes found mainly in inland Portuguese. However, these types of properties are available in the suburbs too.

  • Terreno

This Portuguese term means “land.” Some investors prefer building their property from scratch rather than buying existing homes.

To build your own property in Silver Coast, consider registering the home for habitation rather than agricultural purposes.

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Investment properties for sale Silver Coast FAQs

The following are some frequently asked questions from first-time Silver Coast property investors. Hopefully, it answers your questions and helps you decide if a Silver Coast real estate investment is best for you.

Silver Coast Portugal is renowned for its affordable properties, unlike most parts of western Europe and Portugal. The average property price ranges from €250,000 to €1 million, and you can get a two-bedroom apartment for €70,000 in the central area.

Silver Coast property prices vary depending on your preferred area and property type. Areas in high demand will undoubtedly cost more, as will luxury properties.

If you’re planning to enter the booming European real estate market, Silver Coast is one place to consider. Besides being one of the fastest growing real estate markets in western Europe, the cost of living is lower than that of Europe and Portugal, with affordable housing costs.

Finding the right investment property on Portugal’s Silver Coast is daunting. Hence, you’ll need the services of an experienced local real estate agent to view a property that meets your specification and budget at the best price.


Regardless of the number of living rooms you want in your property with ensuite facilities or other specifications, our team of professional realtors at Property Lisbon is ready to meet your needs.


Bottom Line

Buying investment properties for sale in Silver Coast, also known as the Costa de Prata, comes with various benefits. Besides low living costs, property investors enjoy affordable property prices in a region filled with rich Portuguese history and culture.

Portugal is presently breaking new ground in real estate, and there’s no better time to grab a piece of this steadily rising real estate market than now!

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