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The Silver Coast Portugal

If you are in the market for an ancient city surrounded by modern-day activities, you should look into Silver Coast Portugal properties. Not only because of the exquisite modern villa, holiday homes, golf courses, and ample parking spaces but because of the peace the environment reflects.

Property on Portugal’s Silver Coast is not something you’ve likely heard of before. You will enjoy basking in its exceptional sand, clean beaches, water sports activities, and world-class golf.

There is so much to enjoy when you choose Silver Coast, Portugal for your next real estate venture, including easy access to the surrounding cities. 

For example, Bay Shore is a luxury oceanfront development that attracts the attention of people looking for a nice place to live by the sea, those dreaming of a summer house at the beach, and stockholders looking for a golden opportunity. 

However, if you want more natural views, you can quickly drive an hour to Sao Martinho do Porto, Foz do Arelho, silver coast, and seaside town to see a different view of the beach waves.

If you are relocating to a foreign country, finding suitable and affordable housing is critical. As a result, the Silver Coast has a wide range of properties for sale, from luxurious villas to more affordable options.

Finding your dream home in Silver Coast, Portugal has never been easier, so read on to find out more about the region’s real estate prospects.

Why buy real estate on the Silver Coast, Portugal

Whether buying a property on the Costa Da Prata, or a plot of land, properties for sale on the Silver Coast of Portugal is the real deal right now, especially if you are looking for a quality building structure. Here are just some of the perks of owning an apartment on the Silver Coast of Portugal.

  •   Easy Transportation
    There is a mode of transportation that takes you into and out of Silver Coast. Access to public transportation is easy, including airports, train stations, and bus terminals. It’s halfway between Porto and Lisbon, and driving from Lisbon airport to the Silver Coast takes over half an hour.
  •   Prestigious Beaches
    Many people travel great distances to have a taste of the beach experience. And the reason for this is that every time you walk on wet sand, feel the wind on your face, or smell the salty air of the sea, you get a sense of satisfaction.

    This is precisely what Silver Coast Portugal real estate has to offer, as it is home to some of the most prestigious beaches in the country. The beach is suitable for swimming, surfing, or relaxing while admiring the shore and waves. Some famous beaches around Silver Coast are Foz do Arelho Beach, Praia Tocha, Baleal Beach, and Praia da Nazaré.

  •   Delicious Fresh Food
    It should be no surprise that the Silver Coast’s cuisine focuses on fresh fish and seafood. Traditional and modern lifestyles are blended in Silver Coast, which is true of the food options and the apartments. This region of Portugal has some of the best cuisines in Europe, and food plays a significant role in the local culture.

    The Silver Coast has a long fishing history, and the area’s agriculture, which includes many small farms, vineyards, and fruit farms, is focused on producing local foods. Soft fruits that burst with flavor after being grown in the Portuguese sun include grapes, melons, and pumpkins, and this guarantees a healthy lifestyle through consuming fresh, modern, and traditional foods.

  •   Stress-Free Shopping Access
    In some historic locations, it’s common to have trouble navigating to supermarkets. However, Portugal’s silver coast is a different story. The Silver Coast’s high streets are overrun with stores, giving you great variety when it comes to stocking your refrigerator.

    The number of retail centers is expanding, and nearby stores have recently opened their doors, boosting the area’s economy. 

  •   Silver Coast Apartments
    Although everyone enjoys talking about real estate, it is uncommon to hear about affordable ones. A study of 200 cities worldwide discovered that 90% of apartments were unaffordable, with the average home costing more than three times the typical income. This is a widespread issue with housing, but Silver Coast real estate is unique, particularly in terms of affordability.

    Properties for sale on Portugal’s Silver Coast are more affordable than homes in the country’s south, and the area is just as beautiful.

Types of Silver Coast property available at Property Lisbon

Different types of Silver Coast Properties for sale are available at Property Lisbon, including apartments, condos, villas, houses, and commercial properties

If you are looking for any Property for sale Silver Coast Portugal, contact us today and we can help you find the perfect real estate opportunity to suit your needs.

Where to buy Silver Coast Property Portugal

People living in this breathtaking region of Portugal have a wide range of options on the Silver Coast. The area offers a wide variety of potential locations, from coastal gems like Nazaré, Peniche, Torres Vedras, Caldas da Rainha, and Ericeira to the ancient city of Coimbra. You can also enjoy a typical Portuguese way of life in this less well-known region than the Algarve. 

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Property for Sale Silver Coast Portugal FAQs

Purchasing Silver Coast Property Portugal is a project that requires careful planning. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying Property in Portugal. The Portuguese government encourages foreigners to invest in real estate through the Portugal Golden Visa program.

While all of the above is interesting, the first step in purchasing real estate in Silver Coast, Portugal, is to research and select your investment. So, just like any other investment or business, you must find out about the type of house you desire. This decision will be influenced by the region as well as your budget.

You will then need to get the paperwork to change the deed to your name. You must have a legal identification document, a valid passport with all personal information, and a Tax Identification Number (NIF Number). Finally, you must provide proof of income from your home country.

Next it’s time to visit the properties for sale on the Silver Coast and choose based on your preferences. You must do this because you understand what is best for you. You can also have legal representatives visit potential properties; nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from personal verification.

Settle your documents in Portugal. Process a few more papers before completing the process. Documents such as the Housing Technical File, the Certificate of Land Registry, the License of Use, and the Building Book are required by Portuguese government regulations.

Last but not least, transfer the payment and sign the deed. After you’ve completed the paperwork and paid relevant fees, all that remains is to move the deed to your name. While the entire process can take 8-16weeks, the wait is well worth the improved quality of life you’ll enjoy once you settle on the Silver Coast.

Properties for sale on the Costa Da Prata, Silver Coast Portugal, offers a variety of apartment types for sale, whether you want a Home near the beach, a villa, or a historic townhouse in the city center. There are semi-detached, Casa/moradia (detached houses with an outdoor area), Quinta (rustic homes), and Terreno homes (a plot of land where you can erect your own house).

Choosing the best Portugal Silver Coast real estate will depend on what you are looking for based on your needs. Sometimes, you only need a T1 apartment in a modern villa with a beach outlook, parking spaces, and other specific amenities.

Despite being a popular destination for ex-pats, Silver Coast Portugal properties are relatively inexpensive. For example, properties on the Silver Coast of Portugal are much more budget-friendly than those in other areas of Portugal, such as the Algarve. Property for sale on the Silver Coast Portugal can cost between €80,000 and €1 million.

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