Finding the Best Homes for Sale Silver Coast Portugal

Silver Coast is the leading region in Portugal, with dramatic coastlines and favourable weather. During winter, surfers from across the world gather in popular Silver Coast towns like Ericeira and Nazare to ride waves as high as a 10-story building.

Properties are affordable in Silver Coast. Whether you prefer a modern villa or a beachfront house, you’ll find houses for sale in Silver Coast, Portugal, that suit your preference and budget.

Most houses in Silver Coast combine modern usability and services with classical and attractive architecture. Silver Coast is drawing in more foreigners due to its central location and proximity to Porto and Lisbon.

Besides the impressive beaches, which are long, sandy, and wild, Silver Coast boasts the best resorts and fishing harbours in Portugal.

If you’re considering moving to Silver Coast, find out more information in our helpful guide!

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Where to find houses for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Many cities have beautiful beaches, well-designed houses, and top attraction spots in this scenic Portuguese region. However, here are the top six towns to buy a property on the Silver Coast/ Costa da Prata 


This big Silver Coast city constructed in an Art Nouveau architectural style has a canal connecting to Venice. Aveiro is a popular tourist destination with scenic landscapes and beautiful beaches. 

Besides its famous surfing beaches, Aveiro is home to many beautiful architecture and historic buildings. Properties in Aveiro are pretty affordable, regardless of the type you prefer. 

Figueira da Foz

Called Figueira for short, Figueira da Foz is a beautiful seaside town close to Aveiro. With its golden beaches, this scenic town offers many water sports, including surfing and paddle boarding. 

Residents and tourists enjoy numerous cafes and restaurants on the main street and close to the beaches. 

São Martinho do Porto

This beautiful city in Silver Coast is one place you’ll like to live if you’re looking to enjoy nature in its wild and untainted form. Sao Martinho do Porto is close to Nazaré and is famous for its crescent-shaped beach. 

Hike up to Santo Antonio Hill lighthouse to see the city in all its glory. You can also enjoy a day out and bask in the Portuguese sun at the beach facing the São Martinho do Porto bay. 

If you’re looking to buy a home in São Martinho do Porto, you’ll find lots of affordable properties for sale.


One of the most famous cities on the Silver Coast, Nazaré is a surfing town with big waves visible from Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo. 

Residents and tourists can enjoy local street food in Sitio and surrounding neighborhoods. Properties are also affordable in Nazaré, ranging from modern villas to beach condos. 


Known for its beautiful and long beaches, Peniche is a bit windy and offers lots of water sports like bodyboarders, wind-surfers, and kite surfers. Like Nazaré, Peniche is also a great surfing town.

Besides the outdoor activities and surfing, Peniche offers lots of attraction spots. Visit the Fortress São João Baptista close to Peniche to explore Portugal’s history.

This scenic town is home to many cafes and restaurants and is best for people who love spending time outdoors.

You can find affordable Silver Coast, Portugal, homes for sale in Peniche that suit your budget and needs. 

Foz do Arelho

Another coastal town in Silver Coast, Foz do Arelho, is a few minutes away from São Martinho do Porto. While it doesn’t offer the vibe of big cities like Nazaré, Foz do Arelho is one of the best cities to surf, hang out, and relax.

Foz do Arelho’s beaches are long, wild, and strikingly beautiful. The Praia do Bom Sucesso and Arelho Praia da Foz Arelho are two famous beaches near Óbidos Lagoon.

Adventure lovers will love living in this beautiful coastal city with scenic coastlines. You’ll also find various homes for sale in Portugal Silver Coast, regardless of your preferred property type. 

  • Available For Sale
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    BL805 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    A Beautiful 4 Bedroom Villa In Olho Marinho Óbidos Silver Coast - 290000€

    Óbidos, Olho Marinho, Silver Coast Portugal


    A beautiful 4 bedroom villa in Olho marinho, 15 minutes from Óbidos village and 20 minutes from Peniche. On the second floor of this…

    • Beds4
    • Baths3
    • Lot Size304 m²
    • DistrictÓbidos, Olho Marinho
    • Type House, New Developments, Town House, Villa
  • Available For Sale
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    BL660 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    5 Bed Douro Villa For Renovation & Golden Visa - 320000€

    Sernancelhe e Sarzeda, Silver Coast Portugal


    Come and see this villa that is located to the south of the village of Sernancelhe, a village inserted in the Touristic Route of…

    • Beds5
    • Lot Size10330 m²
    • DistrictSernancelhe e Sarzeda
    • Type Golden Visa 280,000, House, Land, Villa
  • Available For Sale
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    BL813 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    4 Bed Modern New Villa With Pool Caldas Da Rainha Silver Coast - 590000€

    Caldas da Rainha, Nossa Senhora do Pópulo, Silver Coast Portugal


    Refinement, charm and quality are 3 of the many adjectives we can use to describe this villa located about 2 minutes from the city…

    • Beds4
    • Baths3
    • Lot Size720 m²
    • DistrictCoto e São Gregório, Nossa Senhora do Pópulo
    • Type House, Villa

Types of homes for sale on the Silver Coast Portugal

If you’re looking to relocate to Silver Coast, Portugal, you need to know the various property types available in this scenic region.

Whether you seek a luxurious beach house or a historical townhouse, you’ll find a home that suits your budget and needs. 

Some property types to buy in Silver Coast include:


Condos are single apartment units with shared parking spaces and common areas. Condominio owners enjoy property maintenance. However, they come at a high cost.

If you’re looking to buy a condo in Silver Coast, you’ll need to budget about €450,000.

 Moradia or Casa

These fully-detached homes come with modern amenities, like lawn, backyard, and patio. Casas are typical single-family houses without co-tenants and shared amenities.

If you’re considering buying a Casa in Silver Coast, you should prepare to spend around €350,000 to €750,000, depending on your preferred city. 

Casa Geminada

Casa Geminada is different from Moradia and is a semi-detached building with two houses sharing a wall. Owners of Casa Geminada share amenities like the ground floor and parking space.

People looking to buy Casa Geminada in Silver Coast should budget around €250,000. 


A Quinta is a rustic home or farm found primarily in inland Portuguese. You can find this type of property in the suburbs too. Unlike the other mentioned property types, Quintas are more affordable.


Terreno means land in Portuguese. Some people prefer building their homes from scratch instead of purchasing an existing home. If you’re looking to construct your own home, you’ll need to contact the relevant authorities in Silver Coast. 

Remember to register the house for habitation instead of agricultural purposes. 

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Final thoughts on homes for sale Silver Coast Portugal

The Silver Coast, Portugal real estate market is inexpensive, unlike other Western European capitals. Silver Coast is witnessing steady growth, making it a great investment place. 

Due to Silver Coast’s increasing popularity, it’s becoming the best place for relocation. This scenic Portuguese region offers a high quality of life, low living costs, a steady economy, beautiful beaches, and a pleasant climate. 

Therefore, it’s one place you’ll enjoy moving to if you desire to enjoy Portugal’s beauty in its raw, undiluted form.

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Houses for sale Silver Coast Portugal FAQs

If you’ve read up to this point, you might have little or no reservations about buying a home in Silver Coast. However, the following frequently asked questions will help you make the final decision before looking for homes for sale on the Silver Coast, Portugal.

Unlike Algarve and Lisbon, Silver Coast is known for its affordable property prices. The average home price in Silver Coast ranges from €250,000 to €3.5 million. 

However, the price depends on your chosen property type and city. Homes in high-demand cities like Nazare and Peniche are more costly than those in São Martinho do Porto and Foz do Arelho.

If you’re looking to own a property in Silver Coast, you’ll need to deposit at least 20 to 30% of the property’s price. The loan often varies from 60 to 80% of the valuation price. However, it depends on the lender. 

Also, the loans are available at a fixed rate or variable rate basis. But, the bank will check your property evaluation and financial position to qualify for a mortgage. 

Your financial position criteria include your salary income, dividend payments, payment from investments, etc.

If you’re ready to buy homes for sale in Silver Coast, you can find available properties on our website.

It’d be best to work with an experienced local real estate agent to save money and time. At Property Lisbon, our team of experienced real estate professionals will work with you to ensure a seamless and fast home purchase. 

Book a consultation session with us, so we can get started making your dream of being a Silver Coast homeowner a reality sooner than you think. 

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