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When you search for Real Estate in Lisbon Portugal, it is important to get to know the city’s layout and as many of its small neighborhoods as possible. Every twist and turn in Lisbon, especially the historic center, can offer a new surprise.

If you’re after natural light or a beautiful garden, a terrace or a pool, you’ll be sure to find your dream home in Portugal with stunning views.

Buying Real Estate in Lisbon, Portugal is a great experience but understanding the vast difference in prices is another thing. Our company has decades of experience both buying and selling Real estate in Lisbon and we can give you insights that will make your purchase both safe and profitable.

Our team can help you with your search for homes for sale in Portugal that offer you all the amenities that you need, from a garage to an office, so contact us now to learn more about our listings.

Why buy real estate in Lisbon

Why wouldn’t you? 

Have you visited Portugal’s capital city and experienced its charms? If you’re looking to buy property here, you must visit first and spend 3-4 days just wandering around, enjoying both the architecture and the wine and cheese. 

When you search for real estate in Lisbon, it’s important to get a flavor of what’s for sale. Search our website’s real estate listings to view hundreds of hand-picked Lisbon properties; we’ve chosen them because they are all great investments in good areas of Lisbon. The cost of Real estate in Lisbon is around 5000 to 10,000 Euros a square meter. Yes, you can buy a little cheaper, but that is often when needing some renovation.

Buying property in Portugal is one of if not the best investments in Europe, and Lisbon and its nearby areas are some of the best locations to find property for sale. The price, yields and capital growth are all very strong and will give you and your family an ever-appreciating asset and a wonderful holiday home if you so wish. Prices in the last 10 years have gone up between 100-300% in the downtown areas like Baixa, Lapa, Chiado, and Avenida, but for a leading European city, you can still buy from around 250,000 Euros which is considered fair.

Lisbon is a prime area, and has a booming city break sector; its short-term rentals can provide rental yields of 7-10%. Long-term rents are very strong due to the lack of supply and will usually give a stable 4-5%.

Types of Lisbon real estate for sale at Property Lisbon

Portugal’s capital hosts a wide range of property types to choose from, both commercial and residential, ensuring that you’ll find the right property to suit your needs. Whether you’re after a river view, a sea view, or city views, our team can help you find the perfect property.

Lisbon is famous for its Pombaline buildings; the beautiful ones with small Juliet balconies downtown, but these come at the highest price. Some are individually renovated and sit within a mixed building of residents and investors. These are the cheapest as the building itself hasn’t been renovated in full.

Sometimes a whole building will be purchased, and everything other than the façade pulled down. The developer will then build a new project with everything brand new, usually adding elevators and all the new regulations EU building demands. These are the highest priced and usually have an average price of over 8000 euros a square meter.

Apartments in Lisbon, Portugal

Various neighborhoods in Lisbon have 1960-70s concrete builds, which are not much to look at from the outside but often offer good sizes and a balcony and elevators. These are the lowest cost apartments in Lisbon and can be from 4000 euro unrenovated.

Townhouses in Lisbon are quite rare and if renovated, offer 3-4 floors and roof space. They can get expensive so finding one unrenovated is the key to making money.

Houses in Lisbon, Portugal

Buildings for sale in Lisbon, again these, can be Pombalino or concrete and range in price usually from 1-10 million Euro depending on the size. We have lots of experience renovating buildings in Lisbon and would be happy to discuss the details with interested buyers.

Commercial Properties in Lisbon, Portugal

Commercial properties for sale in Lisbon and its nearby areas can be shops or offices usually, and we often sell small shops for 250,000 Euro. Prime shopping areas in Lisbon go for big money now as Lisbon is known as a serious tourism center bringing in billions every year and accounting for more than 50% of the country’s GDP. This makes a commercial property purchase a great investment.

Contact us to day to find out more about our selection of property types and new listings.

Where to buy real estate in Lisbon, Portugal

Most people know Portugal’s capital as the historic city center, but you also have a modern Lisbon city, bolstered by the technology sector, known as EXPO or Parque Das Nachoes. This area was built in the 90s and has many modern apartments for sale.

Lisbon also has a fantastic coastline and within 15 minutes, you can be on a beach near Oeiras or Cascais. These Lisbon coast beach towns are mostly residential, so they have a varying selection of properties for sale.

Real estate that qualifies for the Golden Visa is highly restricted, particularly with residential apartments and houses; it has to be a certain development in Lisbon that has a touristic license and has been renovated. We are the market leader for Golden Visa properties in Portugal so just ask us for the latest projects in Lisbon.

Popular areas to explore for Lisbon real estate are:

  • Baixa
  • Alfama
  • Graca
  • Avenida
  • Lapa
  • Chiado
  • Bairro Alto
  • Expo
  • Bica

So, whether you’re looking for villas, houses, apartments or a condominium on the Lisbon coast, or a central location in the city, contact a real estate professional today to find your perfect Lisbon property.

Map of Portugal with homes for sale.

Lisbon real estate FAQs

Buying property in this capital city is very simple; your search just need the help of a real estate agent in Lisbon like us, and a good law firm. We can recommend a few good ones who we know are fast and charge a fair price.

The Golden Visa in Portugal has many more checks and paperwork to do as you will effectively seek an EU passport after 5 years of renewals.

Buying a holiday home or investment in Lisbon is very simple for any nationality as long as you can prove where the money comes from and have the relevant ID checks, you are good to go. The property law in Portugal is very safe and based on the British system.

When you buy real estate in Lisbon, budget to spend 5% more of the purchase price for taxes and buying costs.

This depends on the budget, as most people don’t realize that prices in Lisbon can range so much from street to street.

Once we know the budget, a real estate professional will send you an email with new listings to aid in your search, and then you can choose to act to reserve via a lawyer. Coming to view properties in Lisbon is the first step so our estate agents can show you around, and save you loads of time by taking you straight to the best points of interest.

Every type of property you would have in your own country we usually have in Lisbon, so just let us know as much information as possible and we will tell you straight away what’s possible.

We’re skilled at pairing people with apartments and homes for sale in the Lisbon region that meet their needs.

The new fancy projects are expensive for Portugal property prices, but many foreign buyers don’t think twice about spending 500,000 euros on a brand new Lisbon Apartment.

If you are after cheaper Lisbon real estate, then we are hunting every day for new properties, and when we get them, they are emailed out to our subscribers first! So sign up and don’t miss a bargain.

Lisbon Property Costs

Alfama, which is the oldest part of Lisbon, has the lowest costs whilst also being on the tram line and in what we call the center, a small apartment can be 200,000 Euro but as these are red hot for investors, you need to have your money ready.

We suggest an average budget of 350,000-500,000 Euros. Our expert estate agents can help with your search and take you around a range of homes for sale within your maximum price range, so take your time and be prepared to view 5-6 properties in a half-day tour.

The capital growth potential in Lisbon is still huge, and over the coming decades, 50-100% is still achievable based on other EU capitals. If you’re looking for a buy-to-let property in Portugal, then yields are also high as this is a top city break destination, we have properties doing 8-10% yields in rent on Airbnb easily.

Residential and Business Properties

If you have a decent budget, you can make a life-changing investment in Portugal not just for the income but the amazing lifestyle it offers. Many of our clients from Asia, Africa, and America fall in love with Lisbon within 3 days and often want to move here full-time and set up a business.

Lisbon is a capital city but time moves slower here, the businessmen don’t rush around like in London they walk around sipping coffee and having big seafood lunches on the pavement, and 99% of people are happy just enjoying the sun and security Lisbon offers.

The city has some streets painted in graffiti, which can look a bit scary at first, but Lisbon is very safe, and violent crime is one of the lowest in Europe.

The Bairro Alto and docks at night completely change as thousands of people pack the streets to eat and drink outside. This gives a great buzz and party atmosphere most nights of the week.

If you prefer upmarket restaurants, then just head to Chiado or the Avenida, and you will enjoy 5-star dining usually whilst sitting outside.

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