Properties for the Golden Visa Portugal

Citizenship by investment offers a Portuguese passport

Property in Lisbon can be purchased through and its partners in order to safely secure your Golden Visa Portugal and travel throughout the Schengen area of Europe.

Each applicant for a Golden Visa Portugal who is over 16 years old is expected to present a clean criminal record and proof in the form of a certificate. For married people, a marriage certificate is needed whilst a birth certificate is required for the children. Lisbon property companies such as have the full legal assistance required and translation services avaiçlable for your Golden Visa in Portugal Lisbon.

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Golden Visa residency Portugal – Investment Requirements advised by Property Lisbon.

  •     Invest  €350,000 into a renovation project of an apartment or building in Lisbon that is over 30 years old and has not been renovated in that time. Property Lisbon can put you in contact with trusted builders to help you complete your renovation project safely and on budget.
  •    Invest €500,000 into a Lisbon Property which can be new or old, an apartment house or Building. This is the most popular form of investment as it offers the widest choice of properties for sale in Lisbon and the Lisbon coast along to Sintra and Cascais.

Portugal Golden Visa – Citizenship by investment

  •  The Golden Visa Investment in Portugal may be carried out in any location within Portugal. It can also be done through a Portuguese bank when you use the financial asset route.
  •   The Golden Visa Portugal investors best to keep the investment property for 5 years
  •    The investment needs to be a cash amount to reach the minimum investment amount for the Golden Visa but over this amount can be potentially financed by a bank.
  •   Joint investors can purchase for the Golden Visa Portugal. The investment can be a single person or joint buyers, or it can even be through a company.

Golden Visa in Portugal – Portuguese Passport

  •    You should not already be EU, EEA or Swiss citizen.
  •     You have not been imprisoned for a crime punishable by more than one-year imprisonment.
  •     You can’t have been banned from the Schengen

Investor visa –  Documents

  •    A valid passport and, if applicable, a valid Schengen visa for each applicant.
  •    Criminal record certificate for every person over 16 years old. This should be issued by the country in which the applicant has most recently resided for at least one year, and it should be certified by the Portuguese consulate or by the Apostille of the Hague Convention
  •    Proof of residence, such as a copy of your driving licence, a recent utility bill or of a recent bank statement for the main applicant.
  •    Proof of professional occupation of the main applicant, such as a letter issued by the employer (required to open a bank account)
  •    Documentary evidence of the eligibility of family member applicants, e.g. a marriage certificate for the spouse, birth certificates for the children (plus proof of enrollment as full-time students if over 18 years old) and birth certificates for the Golden Visa applicants having dependent parents (plus certificates of no income for the latter if under 65), also legalised by either a Portuguese consulate or the Apostille of The Hague Convention
  •    Evidence of permanent health insurance valid in Portugal, if not obtained in Portugal

Portuguese citizenship –  Documents from Portuguese authorities 

  •    Permission from the applicant to allow authorities to access his/her Portuguese criminal record.
  •    A Portuguese tax identification number (note that you must appoint a local tax representative to obtain it unless all you have in Portugal is a banking account).
  •    Certificate of no debts from the Portuguese tax and national insurance offices.
  •    A signed statement that you will fulfil the investment requirements.
  •    Proof that you have made the minimum requirement (this consists of a certificate issued by the appropriate registry office and, where applicable, a letter from a local bank confirming the transfer of the required funds).
  •    Evidence of permanent health insurance valid in Portugal (you can obtain this through your Portuguese bank).
  •    Receipt showing you have paid the application fee.

Golden Visa Portugal – Procedural Requirements

Before Traveling to Portugal:

  •    You have to obtain certificates of criminal records and documentary evidence of the eligibility of your family members. These documents must be legalised by the Portuguese consulate or by the Apostille of The Hague Convention (N.B.: in some cases, these documents may be legalised in Portugal by the consulate of the issuing country)
  •    A Portuguese Consulate-accredited translator does a certified translated copy for each of your documents that are not in Portuguese.
  •    Choose the location, type and structure of your investment.
  •    Make appointments with your chosen advisers and bankers in Portugal.
  •    Make a biometrics collection appointment with SEF, the Portuguese border agency.

Upon Arrival in Portugal

  •    You have to obtain a Portuguese taxpayer identification number (you must appoint a local tax representative to obtain it, except all you have a bank account in Portugal), plus a certificate proving you have no debts to the State, at any tax office or citizen’s shop
  •    Open an account with any local bank
  •    Inspect your investment targets and negotiate your purchase
  •    Attend your appointment with SEF, the border agency

Golden visa – Within 90 days of entering Portugal:

  •    You have to transfer the funds to be invested in your Portuguese bank account and give the go ahead for your bank to make the necessary payment.
  •    You have to submit the visa application form with the required documents to SEF Golden Visa. At your discretion, applications for your family member’s visas may be submitted the same time with your application or at a later date.

Upon submitting your application and then granting of the residence permit:

  •    Your application will be approved if the authorities are satisfied with the documents you provided, after which you must pay the residence permit issue fee.
  •    At the end of years 1 and 3, you must renew the visa; and you may apply for a permanent visa at the end of year 5 and Portuguese citizenship only at the end of year 6.

Golden Visa – Stay Requirements

  •  “Golden Visa Portugal residency” programme, you are required to spend at least 7 days in Portugal during the year of your initial investment, not necessarily consecutively; and 14 days during each of the two subsequent 2-year periods (years 2-3 and 4-5), this as well must not be 14 consecutive days. You may be required by the Portuguese border agency to provide evidence that you respected these minimum stay requirements when you want to renew the visa. You may need to provide the following as evidence that you complied with the minimum stay requirement: passport stamps, flight tickets and proof of lodging (but note that your passport will not normally be stamped when you travel between Portugal and another Schengen country)
  •    Your right to a permanent Golden Visa Portugal residency after five years or to a Portuguese passport after six years is not affected by how long you stay in Portugal under the Golden Visa Portugal program, as long as you comply with the minimum stays requirements.
  •    There are no minimum or maximum stay requirements for holders of permanent residence permits or Portuguese citizens.

Family Reunion Portugal Golden Visa

You may apply for Portuguese Golden Visa to your family members at any time from when you are making your application to any future date. You may also apply for Golden visa in Portugal for the following family members:

  •    Spouse or partner, the quality of partner having to be proved under existing law
  •    Children under-18 years, or dependent children above 18 years who are not married and enrolled to study full-time.
  •    Dependent parents of either spouse or partner. He/she is expected to provide a certificate of no income from the tax administration of their country of residence if he/she is less than 65 years old.
  •    Under-18-year-old siblings of either spouse or partner if they are legally under their supervision.

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