Buy New Developments for Sale Silver Coast Portugal

Buying a new development property for sale in Silver Coast is a huge investment decision you should take seriously. The process might appear daunting for first-time investors. However, with enough research and planning, you’ll find it rewarding and exciting.

As a booming tourist destination in Portugal and across Europe, Silver Coast represents Portugal’s beauty. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new development for sale in Silver Coast, now is the best time.

Whether you’re looking for a villa close to the Atlantic ocean or a condominium near a golf course, you’ll find affordable new development properties for sale. So, if you’re considering buying a new development property in Silver Coast, then discover the benefits in our guide!

Why buy a new development in Portugal’s Silver Coast

As a fast-rising Portuguese region attracting ex-pats, Silver Coast offers affordable property prices and pristine beaches. This scenic region is home to the best championship golf courses across Europe.

People living on the Silver Coast can enjoy various activities, including paddle boarding, sailing, and swimming.

If you’re undecided about buying a new property in Silver Coast, the following are primary reasons to become a homeowner:

Affordable Properties

Property price is one major area limiting most people from becoming property owners. Thankfully, Silver Coast offers affordable housing prices.

Regardless of the property type and region you choose, you’ll find new development properties for sale in Silver Coast. Silver Coast has properties to suit your investment needs, whether you want a waterfront villa or condo.

Scenic Beaches

If you’re looking for a place with beautiful beaches, Silver Coast is the place to be. You can spend your day on the São Martinho do Porto or enjoy the view at Foz do Arelho.

Besides the breathtaking coastline, residents enjoy the beautiful sunset and various water sports, like sailing, surfing, and jet skis. Visit the Praia do Norte beach or any of the beaches in Ericeira to try the local seafood cuisine or ride the waves.

Close to Major Cities

Most people prefer Silver Coast due to its central location and proximity to top cities like Algarve and Lisbon. Residents can access various parts of the country due to the excellent road networks and a nearby airport. Buses are also readily available for travelling to different parts of town.

Low Living Cost

Silver Coast residents enjoy a laid back and relaxed lifestyle due to the low living costs. If you’re moving to Silver Coast with your family, you’ll find top-quality schools, hospitals, and businesses.

Rich Cultural History

Silver Coast is rich in cultural history due to the various languages and accents, promoting its cultural diversity. From the monuments at Nazaré to the Óbidos lagoon, you won’t get tired of exploring the rich Portuguese history and culture.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found on Silver Coast, including the Alcobaca Monastery and the castle of Óbidos.

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Where to find new developments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Silver Coast has many top cities for all types of investors and people looking to settle down in this beautiful Portuguese region.

Some top cities to buy new development properties for sale in Silver Coast are:


Óbidos is one of the popular tourist destinations and medieval walled towns with many attraction spots, such as the Óbidos lagoon.

Besides the rich culture and beautiful scenery, you can find affordable new development properties at great prices.

If you’re looking for a house in the countryside, consider buying a new property in Óbidos. Besides being close to Lisbon, you can enjoy a view of the stunning Sintra mountains.


This famous Silver Coast town offers top attractions like pristine beaches and scenic landscapes. You can find affordable new properties, from villas to condos, where you can watch big-wave surfers riding on massive waves.


If you’re seeking serenity, consider Peniche. Besides being a quiet fishing town, you’ll find great relaxation spots in Peniche. Houses are affordable in this beautiful town.

Depending on your preferred property type, you’ll find an affordable new development that suits your budget and preference.


Coimbra is a city rich in Portuguese history and culture. Besides being home to the oldest European university, Coimbra offers the best of the old and new world.

This beautiful city has diverse ranges of property types, ranging from condos to villas, as one of the leading Portuguese real estate markets.

Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras is perfect for people seeking to enjoy the beauty of Portugal. This city, with its beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches, is close to Lisbon. The town also offers various affordable new development properties for sale.

Types of new developments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

If you’re ready to buy new development properties for sale, you must decide the type you prefer. Whether you want a beach house or a modern villa close to the Atlantic ocean, you’ll find what suits your budget and needs. Here are some new Silver Coast development property types to consider:

Casa Geminada

Casa Geminada (semi-detached properties sharing one wall) is a popular home type in Portugal. Here, the owners share amenities like yards and parking spaces.


Condos are single apartment units sharing a common area. Also called condos, for short, this property type is expensive to buy or even rent. However, most come with modern amenities.

Moradia or Casa

Moradia is a fully-detached property with outdoor areas like a lawn, backyard, and patio. Casas are single-family properties, and owners don’t share amenities or have co-tenants.


Terreno means land in Portugal. If you’d rather build your own home than buy existing properties, you’ll find affordable land for sale on Silver Coast. However, you need to register the proposed building for habitation. However, some lands registered for agricultural purposes can be used to build residential homes. But you’ll have to check with the Câmara Municipal.

  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    BL791 (A) TownHouse in Silver Coast
    3 Bed Townhouse In Lourinhã Silver Coast - 215000€

    Lourinhã e Atalaia, Silver Coast Portugal


    House T3, with an excellent solar orientation. Located in a very quiet area and close to the beaches. The house consists of 2 floors....

    • Beds3
    • Baths2
    • Lot Size170 m²
    • DistrictLourinhã e Atalaia
    • TypeNew Developments, TownHouse
  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    CR375 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    Brand New 2 Bedroom Villa In Óbidos Silver Coast - 280000€

    Vau, Silver Coast Portugal


    Brand new 2 bedroom villa, in a very quiet area in the municipality of Óbidos. The villa has a kitchen equipped with extractor hood,...

    • Beds2
    • Baths2
    • Lot Size208 m²
    • DistrictVau
    • TypeHouse, New Developments, TownHouse, Villa
  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    CR358 TownHouse in Silver Coast
    Traditional Style 3 Bedroom Villas With Pool And Private Garage Silver Coast - 450000€

    Salir de Matos, Silver Coast Portugal


    3 bedroom villas with pool and private garage about 7 minutes from the city of Caldas da Rainha, 15/20 minutes from the beaches of...

    • Beds3
    • Baths3
    • Lot Size1620 m²
    • DistrictSalir de Matos
    • TypeHouse, New Developments, Villa

Final thoughts on new developments for sale Silver Coast

Buying a home in Silver Coast will likely be the best financial decision you’ll make this year. Fortunately, home buyers and property investors have lots of property types to choose from, ranging from waterfront villas to beautiful Casas.

Take advantage of the hot Silver Coast real estate market and buy new development properties in top cities like Óbidos, Nazaré, and Peniche. Don’t forget to work with a licensed realtor from Property Lisbon to ensure you get the best properties at great prices.

New developments for sale Silver Coast FAQs

If you still need to decide about buying new development properties for sale in Silver Coast, these frequently asked questions will help you make the best decisions.

Unlike popular cities like Lisbon and Algarve, Silver Coast is home to several property types at affordable prices. You can get new development properties for sale from €130,000 to €3.6 million.

However, the amount you pay for a new development property on the Silver Coast depends on the property type and area. Properties in top Silver Coast cities will undoubtedly have higher prices than those in the countryside. Likewise, luxury properties will have a higher price than traditional houses.

As a fast-rising region in Portugal, the Silver Coast real estate market is presently witnessing an upsurge. People looking to explore Portugal’s rich culture and traditions are turning towards this scenic region, increasing its property demand.

Silver Coast is home to many recognized attraction spots, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and pristine beaches with great waves for surfers. The region also boasts some of the best golf courses in the country, where major golf championships are held.

Unlike Lisbon and Algarve, Silver Coast residents enjoy a lower cost of living, which is why the region has witnessed a high population growth.

Houses are also affordable, regardless of your choice. If you’re looking to buy new development properties for sale, you’ll find your preferred option at a great price.

Many real estate websites have information on new development properties for sale in Silver Coast. But nothing beats working with an experienced local real estate agent.

Experienced realtors from top real estate agencies such as Property Lisbon will keep you updated with the latest industry trends regarding real estate in your chosen location.

They’ll also help you find the best property that matches your preference and budget. 

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