Apartments for Sale Silver Coast Portugal

Silver Coast Portugal, also known as the Costa de Prata, is one of the rare places that comes to mind when you think about the most in-demand areas for affordable apartments. The apartments typically range in price from 85,000 to 1,000,000 euros. 

Aside from the low price, many advantages come with purchasing apartments at Silver Coast, Portugal. It’s a great place to settle down and start your dream life on the Atlantic ocean. It would be best if you considered visiting Silver Coast in Portugal for tourism and ​apartments for sale Silver Coast. 

This region is the most adventurous vacation spot for travelers and ex-pats seeking a piece of Portugal’s paradise. If relocating there, you should make arrangements for a reasonably priced and comfortable residence. And there are various lodging options, from luxurious Villas to more lower cost apartments – all available along the Silver Coast in Portugal.

By now, you should be yearning for where and how to buy your next apartment in Silver Coast, Portugal. So read on to discover how to make the decision you deserve.

Why buy apartments in Portugal’s Silver Coast

There are several reasons to look for apartments for sale on the Silver Coast, Portugal, including its popularity as a place to live; there’s hardly a person you’d mention that you live there and wouldn’t know the area.

Portugal’s Silver Coast is the “Costa de Prata.” It doubles as the fabulous territory of historic coastal settlements, gorgeous beaches, and a rugged coastline. Visitors and inhabitants enjoy the unique “silver” sand because the area is still largely unexplored and undeveloped for tourism and business.

Silver Coast is a sought-after holiday destination because of the clear beaches, water sports, holiday homes, and top-notch Silver Coast golf courses. It provides opportunities and pathways as it’s very close to other beautiful places. So living by the beach is good and even better when you can easily access sites like the São Martinho do Porto. It’s just an hour north of Lisbon and close to some of Portugal’s best waves, beaches, and golf courses.

The most valuable apartments for sale in Silver Coast, Portugal have luxury oceanfront development. It doesn’t matter if they occupy the ground floor or the most elevated part of the building; the oceanfront captures the attention of those seeking nearness to water.

Renting an apartment is a great experience, not just for ownership reasons. Imagine owning an apartment in a location that oozes with the magic of nature, where there are beaches, plenty of opportunities for adventure, and where every penny is well worth the wait and the effort.

You may also place your apartments for sale in Silver Coast if you want to make some money. That’s because Silver Coast properties are valuable in the real estate market.

Where to find apartments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Finding and buying an apartment in Silver Coast, Portugal, is easy if you know where to look and seek assistance. Foz do Arelho, São Martinho do Porto, Nadadouro, Obidos, and Nazaré are a few of the best places to look at when purchasing real estate on the Silver Coast.

Apartments for sale in the Silver Coast:
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Apartments for sale in Portugal Silver Coast
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Types of apartments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Apartments at the Silver Coast Portugal are divided into sections to accommodate everyone’s needs. This assures you that you can always get a pocket-friendly place to stay while you bask in the region’s aura.

Types of apartments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal are categorized by number of bedrooms in an apartment. The format for the apartments is T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, etc. The number of Ts represents the number of bedrooms in the apartment. The naming styles of T1, T2, and T3 only describe the number of rooms, not the apartment size. Sometimes a T2 can be bigger than a T3, and vice versa.

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Silver Coast apartments for sale FAQs

When looking for apartments for sale in Portugal Silver Coast, you may find yourself with a number of questions. In this section, we’ve provided answers to the top critical questions to avail your fears.

The story becomes more interesting because you undoubtedly want a quick estimate of your ideal apartment in Silver Coast Portugal. Let’s look at what to anticipate regarding the price of renting or buying property in the Silver Coast region of Portugal.

In Aveiro, the cost of purchasing an apartment per square meter is €1,529, -3500. In Coimbra, purchasing costs €2000+ sqm . Leira is a different area of Silver Coast where you can rent an apartment for €680 per month and purchase one for €1,143 -2500 + per square meter.

The most suitable and popular areas for investment are mostly on the Seafront, close to Obidos and Golf resorts. And yes, the price is higher, usually, 3000-5000 an sqm but the rental income and ease of reselling is also much better!

Below are some benefits of having an apartment at the Silver Coast, Portugal.

  1. Well-defined Seasons – Summer

You can enjoy the right weather at the right time, which is one of the unique and uncommon benefits of Silver Coast apartments. It helps to have the right weather when you’re surrounded by natural beauty to enjoy it.

If you’re thinking about buying Silver Coast real estate, you shouldn’t be concerned about the weather as temperatures can range from 28 to 38 degrees Celsius. In fact, Portugal enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year, ensuring that you can enjoy the sun in your Silver Coast apartment for most of the year.

In exposed coastal areas, the wind should undoubtedly be taken into account. It benefits vacationers and lessens the heat, and it’s simple to find more sheltered spots if you want to sizzle.

  1. Waterskiing

One of the best places to indulge your passion for swimming or diving is Portugal; you can dive into the breathtaking Silver Coast lagoon waters along the coastline, extending for miles – so take a dive, and start exploring the deep sea. Alternatively, you can stay above water, use a jet ski or kayak to ride the tide.

  1. Modern Life Enjoyment

The Portuguese are a very fun-loving class and love having a good time, which is one of their admirable qualities. Because of its vibrant city life, Portugal has become one of the world’s best retirement locations in Europe for Americans.

Also, because of its proximity to Portugal’s cities, choosing the Silver Coast is incredibly beneficial. You can typically reach Lisbon or Porto within a 90-minute drive, depending on where you stay. Both Lisbon and Porto are becoming well-liked hubs for entrepreneurs and independent contractors.

Since the cities are so close, access to culture and variety is simple.

  1. Pocket-Friendly Apartments

You must have read this numerous times: ‘Silver Coast apartments in Portugal are incredibly cost-effective while maintaining a high-quality level’. Living in this area is advantageous because it is affordable, allowing you to spend less money to achieve the level of comfort you want.

Apartments and homes come in a wide variety. You can choose conventional homes, modern living quarters, or ideal blends. Any property will have a breathtaking view of the surrounding area and the beach. Spending money on it will be worth it.

  1. Proximity to Other Major Cities

The Silver Coast is located in the middle of Portugal and has an excellent transport network. Therefore, traveling outside of this town is easy. You can quickly travel to the international airport thanks to its proximity to all major highways (which are often quiet) and railroad networks.

Buses are also available to transport you from one location to another easily. The Silver Coast is situated halfway between Portugal’s two largest cities, with Porto north and Lisbon south. Any major city, including Nazaré, Caldas da Rainha, etc., is safe for you to visit friends or family. The Silver Coast is only a short distance from most of these large cities.

Owning a property on the silver coast is within your reach. We are the right real estate manager to talk to, as we’ve assisted many people in purchasing their ideal homes in Portugal’s Silver Coast.

For help choosing a property in the area, contact us at Property Lisbon to speak with one of our real estate consultants.

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