What is the Portuguese Touristic License?

Alojamento Local Tourist Letting Registration (AL)

Many of our investors choose to rent out their Portugal properties. This is very popular in locations like the Algarve during the peak of the holiday season.

If you are buying for the Golden Visa in Portugal, the new laws of 2022 state that the development you purchase needs to be either commercial or have a touristic license.

The good news is that our new projects are all fully licensed and come with rental guarantees, taking all the hassle out of your citizenship investment. With properties starting from €280,000, as well as a fantastic range of €350,000 and €500,000 investments, Property Lisbon makes Golden Visa investment easy.

However, if you just wish to buy a single unit and manage it yourself as a buy-to-let, then please read on!

How do I get a short-term rental license in Portugal?

To rent out your property, you will first need to register it as a short-term tourist rental. Registration is done by the local town hall (Câmara Municipal), which will issue a license known as an Alojamento Local (AL), which means local lodging.

In essence, the Alojamento Local touristic license will allow establishments that seek to offer temporary accommodation services to tourists for payment to do so.

An Alojamento Local establishment may be in any of the following forms:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Lodging facilities (these may include hostels or dormitories)

It is important to include the registration number and Alojamento Local on all advertisements – this goes for listing platforms online too. It is also a good idea to also mention the details in the written description of the property.

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How do short-term Property Licenses work in Portugal?

There has been increased vigilance in several countries over short-term rentals in recent times. They make rounds and checks frequently to ensure that properties are fully regulated. Of course, such properties are subject to the appropriate taxes, which is an added reason for their increased vigilance.

Many times, local authorities and inspectors have been known to pose as clients. They often search websites and ads searching for unregistered properties rented to holidaymakers.

Many foreigners own properties abroad that serve as their holiday homes. They may choose to let out those properties for commercial purposes. Such owners are advised to comply with the local laws. It is important to note that these laws apply to both local and foreign property owners. Property owners may comply by registering at the appropriate local town hall (Câmara Municipal).

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    PW2953 Apartment in Algarve
    280,000 Golden Visa Resort In The Golden Triangle - 5% Guaranteed Returns - Freehold Property

    Golden Triangle, Algarve Portugal

    From 280,000€

    This 280K Golden Visa touristic property listing is located in the Fonte Santa, considered to be a part of the Algarve ́s Golden Triangle,...

    • Beds1
    • Baths1
    • DistrictGolden Triangle
    • TypeApartment, Golden Visa 280,000, New Developments

What are the property requirements to qualify for a Tourist License?

General Requirements

To qualify for an Alojamento Local, the establishment should meet specific conditions.
  • The property should be in good condition. This applies both inside and outside the building.
  • The property should be connected to a mains water supply; otherwise, it should have access to a registered borehole.
  • The structure must be connected to the mains drainage or have a septic tank that has sufficient dimensions that will cater to the property’s size
  • The building should supply both hot and cold water.
  • Houses must have adequate ventilation and windows for aeration.
  • The structure must be sufficiently furnished and equipped.
  • The property should have a mode for blocking out natural light. Curtains or shutters are an easy way to achieve this.
  • The homes should provide basic security and privacy. Providing lockable doors is a way to meet this need.
  • There should be a reasonable ratio for bathrooms provided. The minimum number of bathrooms in a house should be one for every three bedrooms.

Hygiene Requirements

Basic hygienic standards need to be observed within the premises. This means that the property will need to be maintained and cleaned frequently. Cleaning of the vicinity and laundry should be done at least weekly. Of course, whenever there is a change of guests, the property needs to be cleaned.

Safety Requirements

There are general safety regulations that an Alojamento Local establishment must observe. For any lodging facilities with less than fifty beds, the following should be made available:
  • There should be sufficient fire extinguishers that can serve the size of the property. This should also have a user manual.
  • There should be enough fire blankets within the vicinity, matching its size and capacity. This should also have a user manual.
  • The electrical appliances within the property should have instruction manuals.
  • Indication of the emergency number 112
  • There must always be a first aid kit. The kit should contain:
    1. A single dose antiseptic solution
    2. Adhesive rolls
    3. Band-Aids
    4. Compresses
    5. Content inventory
    6. Disposable gloves (latex)
    7. Non-elastic bandages
    8. Saline (unidose)
    9. Scissors with blunt point
    10. Single-dose 70% ethyl alcohol
    11. Tweezers
A lodging facility that has fifty or more beds must provide the following;
  • A fire alarm system. This must comply with the safety standards of Portugal.
  • The property should have proper signage with photo-luminescent warning signs.
  • The property should have a telephone.
  • Capacity
    • Several things determine the capacity of a property. In most cases, capacity is determined by the number of permanent beds and their type. There may be temporary beds as well. However, their number shouldn’t exceed that of the permanent beds.
  • Complaints book
    • All Alojamento Local establishments must provide a “Livro de reclamações” which means, complaints book. This is used for logging any complaints.
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How do I apply for the Tourist License?

Normally, applications are regulated by the president of the respective local council. Each Applicant should provide the supporting documents:

  • Proof of identification
  • Habitation license
  • A certificate from an electrician and gas engineer
  • The plans of the property area to be rented
  • “Caderneta”, a document issued by the tax office
  • If the local lodging holds 50 or more, it must also submit a fire safety project

The use of the local lodging establishment may begin as soon as the application has been accepted.

However, the local council is still bound to make rounds from time to time, inspecting the vicinity. If at any point the council is dissatisfied with the condition of the property or its adherence to the stipulated regulations, the application can and will be canceled.

In cases where property owners have failed to comply with the provided regulations, a fine may be charged. Fines may range from 3,500 – 25,000 Euros.

Getting Your Touristic License in Portugal

The registration process may seem daunting, especially if you aren’t a native of Portugal. This is where seeking legal help may be a useful decision. A legal organization will take care of the complicated and tedious paperwork and make your work a lot easier. When they are needed, they should be able to advise. Once the procedure is complete, the legal firm will inform the property owner when the license is approved.

An added advantage of going through a legal organization is that the process may be undertaken even if the property owner is outside of Portugal. However, it is essential to choose a trustworthy firm with a good reputation and track record.

As mentioned before, it is far easier to buy from one of our developments that have already been through the legal process and are safe to buy and receive rental income from.

Properties with Touristic License in Portugal

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    PW2994 Apartment in
    3 +1 Bed Character Apartment In The Heart Of Historic Old Town Lisbon

    Chiado, Lisbon Centre, Lisbon Portugal


    Located on the sloping Rua De Madalena in the heart of historic old town Lisbon, the imposing 3 metre high, solid wood entrance doors...

    • Beds3, 4
    • Baths3
    • 220
    • Price Per m²5,227.27€
    • DistrictChiado, Lisbon Centre
    • TypeApartment
  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    3 Bed Apartment Avenida Da Liberdade, Only A Few Meters - 1360000€

    Avenida Liberdade, Santo António, Lisbon Portugal


    Aura are not only luxurious, but they also share something with Lisbon that can’t be measured just by seeing, touching or smelling; something that...

    • Beds3
    • Baths3
    • DistrictAvenida Liberdade, Santo António
    • TypeApartment, New Developments
  • Available For Sale
    • Loading
    PW2999 Building in
    500k Golden Visa In Lisbon, New Modern Apartments With Personal Usage

    Expo, Lisbon, Parque das Nações, Lisbon Portugal


    High End Luxury project that would suit someone wanting the Golden Visa but also requiring personal usage. Brand new development offering a selection of...

    • Beds2
    • Baths2
    • Parking1
    • 150
    • Price Per m²6,666.67€
    • DistrictExpo, Lisbon, Parque das Nações
    • TypeApartment, Golden Visa 500,000, New Developments

FAQs About The Touristic License

Yes, you will need to get the relevant license in order to rent out you Portugal Property. You will also need to consult your tax advisor to make sure you are structured in the best way to pay non resident income tax on your property. If you are buying for Golden Visa in Portugal then our company provides peace of mind as the whole building we are renovating and selling will come the correct licenses in place, and your rental income will be guaranteed. Trying to take on a single property for renting our and getting a golden visa is very risky now rental laws have changed and short term licenses are restricted, So simply don’t take any risks and invest with us.

Any property rented our for the purpose of short term rental tenants requires the correct license. Indeed any property rented our long term also needs to follow locals laws, but short term AIRBNB style renting has been restricted and you will need to check area by area. If investing in Lisbon the capital city then buying through a company such as our will give a selection of properties and developments that already have suitable licenses in place in order for you to receive your rental income. Mixed buildings of locals, young people, foreign people, some paying rent, some owners can be impossible for short term rent now, as the condominium of owners (freeholders) all need to agree on almost everything that goes on in that block, and this is rarely easy. If your focus is rental income then buying in a purpose built block is best.

  • Proof of identification
  • Habitation license
  • A certificate from an electrician and gas engineer
  • The plans of the property area to be rented
  • “Caderneta”, a document issued by the tax office
  • If the local lodging holds 50 or more, it must also submit a fire safety project

The use of the local lodging establishment may begin as soon as the application has been accepted.

This would depend on the property and location but under 1000 euro.

You are notified and documents sent to your lawyer

Your property can then only be lived in by your/family/friends.

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