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280,000 Euro Low Cost Golden Visa Program

If you’re looking for a route to residency in Portugal, then the Golden Visa property path is perfect for investors like you.

2022 brought with it some changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa Program; giving you the chance to invest in low-density interior regions and get in on the ground floor of these up-and-coming areas. 

We offer a range of 280k Golden Visa Properties  – from commercial buildings close to Lisbon to resorts in the Algarve – that will give you a fantastic choice when embarking on your next great investment. And, to make the investment journey as easy as possible for you, we can also recommend expert legal and construction teams who’ll support you every step of the way, from purchasing your property to preparing it for profit.

280k Golden Visa Property Options

If you’re looking to make your Portugal the location of your next investment project, then we offer a wide range of choices that remain eligible despite the 2022 changes. 

€280,000 is one of the most cost-effective and accessible residency by investment opportunities in Europe, making it perfect for those wanting to benefit from Portugal’s incredible popularity and booming economy. 

In fact, it is Portugal’s success as a tourist destination that makes our 280k options such a good choice for investors. 

With a touristic license property, you’ll reap the benefits of Portugal’s vibrant tourist trade. And the 2022 changes still allow you to get your hands on a property that is sure to make you money. A touristic license lasts for at least ten years and is granted to hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments.

So, if you’re considering benefiting from Portugal’s popularity, our property portfolio contains many fantastic choices, all of which already have touristic licenses, such as our 2022 new and exclusive 280k Golden Visa Project in Coimbra.

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    BL660 TownHouse in Silver Coast


    • Beds5
    • Lot Size10330 m²
    • DistrictSernancelhe e Sarzeda
    • TypeGolden Visa 280,000, House, Land, Villa
    5 Bed Douro Villa For Renovation & Golden Visa - 320000€

    Sernancelhe e Sarzeda, Silver Coast Portugal

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Regions Available for the 280k Golden Visa Program

The 2022 Portugal Golden Visa changes mean that there are some previously popular locations that are no longer eligible for a 280k property investment. However, this just means that you’ll benefit from the growing economy of the country’s other regions. 

From the historic Beria Alta where you’ll discover incredible views of the river Dão, to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, these 2022 changes are giving Portugal the push it needs to rival its counterparts through investment in NUT111 Regions.

By choosing one Portugal’s low-density locations such as Coimbra, the Algarve, or Faro, you’ll have the opportunity to help develop a stunning location, boost the economy, and most importantly, see a greater return on investment.

Residency Permits for Family Members
Residency permits for pursuing investment activities (ARI)
Portugal Golden Visa - Map of Eligibility

Start your €280K Portugal Golden Visa dream today!

About 280k Golden Visa Property Investments

The lifestyle, taxation and business benefits of Portuguese citizenship by investment mean that it’s highly prized by many people around the world who yearn for the flexibility and freedom commensurate with living in one of Europe’s most beautiful and dynamic nations.

And for incoming non-EU/EFTA third party nationals, Portuguese citizenship is itself a gateway to EU citizenship and all the benefits that prized status confers – not the least of which is being able to sponsor your beloved family members to join you in your new base and by extension, having the freedom to live and work right across all 27 member states of the borderless EU.

For many investors the €500k Golden Visa Portugal route is the most straightforward because in some ways its requirements are the least exacting, whereas others prefer the €350,000 Euro reduced cost Golden Visa renovation option. With this option, you’ll buy a property in one of Portugal’s urban rehabilitation areas, which is eligible provided the property value plus the renovation costs add up to at least €350k.

And there’s an even more affordable and accessible Portugal Golden Visa €280k option which offers investment in interior zones known as NUT111 Regions of Portugal which will allow you to gain the same Golden Visa Benefits in Portugal in 2022.

That’s right, certain conditions apply but if the other categories aren’t quite the right fit, you can unlock the same fantastic five-year route to permanent Portuguese residency for €280,000 Golden Visa in Portugal inland regions NUTS111m which is the cheapest Golden Visa in Europe. And due to the lower entry-level, some investors choose to buy several properties under this route as part of a plan to maximise their ROI.

At Property Lisbon, we have a deep and diverse selection of €280k Portugal Golden Visa properties to offer you, along with years of expertise in helping satisfied clients from countries all around the world to successfully navigate this route and start exciting new lives in our outstanding nation.

If the €280,000 Euro Golden Visa route sounds right up your street, you’re in the right place – read on for the lowdown on what it is and how to get it.


Ready For Your €280K Portugal Golden Visa?

How Does the Golden Visa €280,000 Investment Option Work?

The €280k Portugal Golden Visa investment system has a few more requirements than the top-tier €500k option, but with the professional support and guidance we provide, it’s still a very accessible route. In many ways, the requirements are similar to the €350,000 Golden Visa, because this is also classed as a ‘restoration and refurbishment’ citizenship by property investment option and in practical terms, it’s almost a sub-category of that route. Here are the applicable rules:

As stated, if you’ve considered the €350k option previously, you’ll see that this more affordable €280k option has very similar requirements, with the crucial difference that it must be located in a low-density area (and that it’s significantly more affordable). This is because it’s effectively a route introduced to offer a 20% reduction on the €350k option in order to encourage inward investment in specific regions which could benefit from development.


Talk To Us Soon About The Portugal €280,000 Euro Golden Visa in Portugal

Can You Recommend Professional Support for the €280k Golden Visa Application?

Absolutely – the Portuguese citizenship by investment programme is much more than simply purchasing a property (as important as that already is).

We know this is a life-changing process and since you’re a non-EU/EFTA third party national, chances are that you’re not familiar with the system. So, over the years as we’ve helped many other clients like you achieve their Portuguese property dreams, we’ve also been building up a brilliant contact book of fellow professionals who we can work together with to make the process as calm, cool and collected as possible.

Legal Support for the €280,000 Golden Visa Portugal

Although we have a wealth of experience in helping many diverse clients achieve Portuguese citizenship by property investment (and the EU citizenship that comes with it), we’re not lawyers and we always advise clients to instruct solicitors when they’re undertaking the Golden Visa application process.

Hiring a lawyer is worth the fee because making a mistake with your application can be far costlier – we can recommend experienced, specialist property solicitors who will ensure that you make the right moves at every stage of the process and provide all of the evidence required by authorities.

This means that when your €280k Golden Visa interior regions Portugal is assessed by an official, you’ll be making their job easy because they can cross-check it against the rules without having to search for evidence or make any follow-up enquiries and issue it quickly, with complete confidence. It’s your responsibility to provide the evidence and remember that you’re paying a fee to lodge an application, rather than paying for the visa to be issued, so make that positive decision easy by grabbing all the professional help you can with both hands.

Construction Support for the €280k NUT111 Golden Visa

Naturally, you’ll need to hire a local builder to help with the renovation required for your property and you’ll want a craftsman rather than a cowboy.

Whether this is a property that you and your family are going to live in permanently, or a holiday home where you’ll spend a few weeks a year and then rent out for the remainder, or a commercial property which is a business base for yourself or a tenant, it’s vital that it’s perfectly designed and styled to suit its function.

Therefore, there’s no point wasting cash on a builder who cuts corners and delivers expensive disasters – far better to work with one of our recommended tradesmen who will deliver on time, to budget and with the highest quality that’s humanly achievable.  

Are There Any Other Requirements for the €280,000 Portuguese Golden Visa?

Yes – the standard requirements for the €280k route are the same as they are for the other Golden Visa routes:


Need to Know More? Ask Us About The €280K Low Density Golden Visa Portugal

Need to know more?

Provided your property meets the requirements we’ve already spelled out; you’ll have fabulous flexibility in terms of the type you choose.

Therefore, you might decide that a chic apartment suits you perfectly, or that a townhouse in a bustling centre is preferable. Alternatively, you might find a villa at an economical price, or a commercial property which caters to the tourist trade, or any other sector.

Take a look at our current €280k options below for a taste of what’s currently on offer but remember to check back regularly and talk to us one to one about your requirements. Our listings are constantly refreshed, and we can let you know as soon as something exciting appears on our desks.

Which Areas Are Best for Buying a €280,000 Golden Visa Property?

Painting with a broad brushstroke, the low-density areas NUT111 where you can purchase a Portugal Golden Visa €280k property are almost all of the nation’s interior areas, excluding the coastal areas north of the River Sado and south of the River Lima. Please note that Madeira and the Azores are not included in this area, so properties in these popular islands are not eligible for this particular route.

Popular low-density areas in Portugal which are attractive for residential, commercial and investment purposes are Leiria, Evora, Faro, Viseu, Braga, Aveiro and certain neighbourhoods within an hour of Lisbon and Porto.

Next Steps For Your €280,000 Golden Visa

If you haven’t already done so, you should definitely read our Portugal Golden Visa Guide – here you’ll find all the most pertinent information on the three main routes and answers to frequently asked questions. But please feel free to have an informal chat with us too – drop us a line using our online form, give us a call or use live chat to pick the brain of one of our expert advisors. Making your Portuguese property dreams come true is our passion – we can’t wait to talk to you!


Find Your Prime €280k Portugal Golden Visa Property


We have handpicked our selection of 280k properties to ensure that you find the perfect investment to suit your needs and obtain your Golden Visa. 

With Property Lisbon, you’ll be working with experts that will help you through the process, and we can even connect you with professional property solicitors to ensure you receive expert legal advice and complete the necessary steps. We will also introduce you to trusted construction support to make sure that your renovations are completed by local, competent professionals to highest possible standard. 

While the 2022 changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa Program have made residential properties in Lisbon no longer eligible, there are still a wide variety of 280k options that are perfect for investors. 

280k property investment needs to be located in one of Portugal’s low-density, interior zones. These are categorized as NUT111 Regions and are defined by having less than 100 residents per square km, and where the GDP per person is less than three quarters of the national average. 

The rule changes now require the properties in this investment bracket to be more than 30 years old or require refurbishment – giving you the opportunity to adapt the property to suit your investment needs. 

These changes have been implemented to encourage investment in these lower density areas, helping them to grow in popularity. This is ideal for investors wanting to get in early and help to grow an area’s profit-making potential from the ground up. 

From commercial properties to resorts, we can help you find the perfect property primed for profit.

The 280k is an excellent choice for investors from all over the world. 

It is the most affordable residency through property investment route in Europe, and this will allow you to see a larger profit. In fact, due to the low-cost nature of this avenue, many investors choose to purchase more than one 280k property as this maximises their ROI. 

Lisbon is no longer an option for this route, and this gives you the chance to launch your investment in a wide range of locations, including Faro, Braga, and Viseu. By refurbishing one of the properties in these low-density regions, you’ll help to give the region a new lease of life, make a name for yourself in area, and help boost the local economy – the growing popularity of these locations will do wonders for your ROI as more and more tourists will set their sights on all that these previously underappreciated areas have to offer.  

Touristic licenses last for a minimum of ten years and are required by resorts, hotels, and serviced apartments that are rented out to tourists. 

However, when you purchase your 280k Golden Visa Property with us, you don’t need to go through the hassle of obtaining your own touristic license. Our excellent investment deals all come with touristic licenses, reducing the amount of work you need to do before you investment is ready to rent out to Portugal’s many tourists that flock to this beautiful country all year round.

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