Portugal’s Golden Visa 2022 New Locations, Laws, Prices

A golden visa is a visa granted to an individual through investment or via a residency investment program. It is a visa that majorly targets wealthy folks that aspire to become residents of a particular country. The sole way these people can become residents of these countries is by investing an outsized amount of cash within the country’s economy or getting property in the country.

If the investment is formed, the golden visa applicant automatically becomes a resident or a citizen of the country they invested in. This citizenship also includes that of the main applicant’s spouse and his or her children not exceeding the age of eighteen years. If the youngsters are past 18 years of age, they will only become residents of the country by applying and qualifying for full-time studies within the country.

The main applicant’s children however need to not be above the age of 26 years. The siblings of the golden visa applicants who are above 18 years of age can also become citizens of the country by being listed as dependents of the applicant. Other people that might also attain citizenship under the main applicant’s golden visa are his or her parents who must be above the age of 66 years.

Changes to the Portugal Golden Visa Program 2022

There are new rules which will be strictly observed come July 2022, for anyone that desires to be a citizen in Portugal by getting a golden visa. Investing in highly dense areas, like the metropolitan area of Portugal will no longer qualify one in getting a golden visa.

These highly dense areas include Algarve, Porto, Lisbon the Silver Coast, or Setubal.
The newly announced changes were put up to intentionally promote investment in low-density areas of Portugal. The majority of the people that have investments based in Portugal in the highly-dense areas have gained access to a golden visa.


Major investments, however, were wiped out coastal and metropolitan areas of Portugal. Implementation of the Golden Visa Program began in 2012. The Portugal government has announced that there will be a transition period for those that are aspiring to invest in highly dense areas to divert into the lowly dense areas. This transition period will run up until 2022.

The transition period will allow the Portugal prospective investors to finish their applications. All isn’t lost though for the investors that also wish to form their investment within the highly-dense areas like Porto and Lisbon. There remains a window of opportunity for the investors that are available to take advantage of the eleventh hour to put their bids.

Are Lisbon and Porto still included in the Golden Visa Portugal in 2021?

Investments in Porto and Lisbon are likely to travel downhill as new projects have no likelihood of getting started soon. This is as a result of the Portuguese government putting a stop to investments of golden visa applicants in highly dense areas.

The decline of investments which will be experienced as things change within the investment sector will see the demand for investments rise and therefore the supply falling. Potential investors are hence advised to quickly act by placing their bids as soon as possible. The investors should do that within 2021 to get hold of the readily available deals in the Main regions of Lisbon, Porto or Algarve & Silver coast.

Despite the shift of investments from the highly-dense areas to those that are less densely populated, Portugal remains an excellent country to get citizenship in. Getting a permit to reside in Portugal through investment is a chance that one should not take for granted.

When one receives their Portugal golden visa, they are allowed to make investments in Portugal for five years. The benefit that comes with one been granted the Portugal golden visa is that one doesn’t need to reside in Portugal. For you to retain the visa, you’re only required to be in Portugal for seven years each day.

That is so unique considering that you simply are not a Portugal citizen by birth. Aside from Portugal making a change within the investment from attraction in highly dense areas to low dense areas, there is also a golden visa change in 2022 therein investment is going to be focused on urban requalification.

This means that property owned by the private sector is going to be transferred to be now the property of the Portugal government. This then translates to the golden visa applicants being cautioned that their investments are going to be channelled towards the general public sector.

The other major changes are that golden visa applicants will as of 2022 invest in cultural heritage areas, places that have activities in highly environmental places. Golden investors should remember that their investments are going to be set to bring value to society. In the recent past, investments by golden visa applicants were stationed in the already established locations.

The Portugal government now wants direct investments in locations that are not highly developed. Last but not least, Portugal wants to extend its productivity and job creation through the investments made by the golden visa applicants. It is for this reason that they need to channel the golden visa investments into the low dense areas.

Prospective investors are however encouraged to try their best to place their bids to take a position within the highly-dense areas before the window of opportunity closes down in December 2021. This includes securing the very profitable 350,000 Euro Golden Visa Portugal.

The Portugal government is however categorical that investments are no longer needed in already thriving areas like Porto and Lisbon. Investors should hence brace themselves to make their investment in the less dense areas so that those areas are established as well.

Portugal’s golden visa is famously sought after therefore the last-minute investors might just have a rough time battling over the simplest investment. It is however worthwhile to invest in Portugal.

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