Does one live overseas but has always had the curiosity to visit the country of Portugal, or to go even further and gain the Portuguese residency and citizenship?
Maybe one has thought about moving to the country of Portugal because they wish to retire in western Europe. If that is the case, then they may have heard about the Non Habitual Resident tax program and the Portuguese Golden Visa program. Anyone who has at least considered it is certainly not alone.
The number of expats who live in the country of Portugal is growing every year. If one has not heard of any of these programs, they may browse our website for more information about them, or simply inquire with us and our experts will explain everything that they need to know about how to obtain the Portuguese residency and citizenship through investment.

The Expat Insider Survey Elevates The Country of Portugal to Third Best Country to Live in

The Expat Insider 2019 Survey has been conducted and published by the InterNations – the largest network for expatriates in the world, with communities in four hundred and twenty cities around the globe -. Their target audience includes all kinds of expatriates, ranging from foreign assignee’s – the expats in the typical sense of employees on a corporate assignment – and international hires to self-made expats who have relocated in search of a better quality of life, as well as the people who have made the move for various different reasons.
After having spent two years in the top ten of expats’ preferred countries, Portugal has finally joined the top three in 2019. It is the country where the respondents are most likely to recommend the expat life, while an impressive eighty-three per cent of the respondents have agreed that it is easy to settle down in Portugal. This is excellent news for the fifty-one per cent who have stated their plans to stay in the country potentially forever.

Nine in Ten Expats Who Reside in The Country of Portugal Have Stated that Their Neighbours are Friendly towards The Expats

Expats in the country of Portugal have placed the country in the first place for ‘feeling at home’ and at the third place for friendliness. Close to nine in ten – eighty-seven per cent – have described the local attitude towards foreign residents as friendly, and the majority – fifty-seven per cent – has even regarded it as very good.
‘The Portuguese people are the friendliest I have ever met in the world’ – shares a US expat.
Nearly a quarter – twenty-four per cent – of expats have relocated to the country of Portugal in search of a better quality of life. The expats who live in the country of Portugal have actually


placed the country in the first place in the Quality of Life Index. ‘Life in the country of Portugal is very peaceful, safe, and healthy’ – according to a South African expat.
The country of Portugal has also ranked among the top ten of the Leisure Options, Personal Happiness, Health and Well-Being, and Safety and Security subcategories. The results for Travel, Transportation, and Digital Life have placed the country of Portugal below top ten, but the results have still been more than satisfactory.

Life in The Country of Portugal is Very Peaceful, Safe, and Healthy

The fact that the country of Portugal has been ranked in the fifteenth place in the Personal Finance Index is an excellent result, but not necessarily breathtaking on its own. Portugal had only been ranked in the forty-fifth place out of sixty-eight participant countries in 2018, which makes it the biggest winner in this index. There are, of course, pros and cons to living anywhere, and the country of Portugal has lost some ground for family life. The expat parents in the country of Portugal are still quite happy with the friendly attitude of the country towards families with children and educational options in general, but the rate of the availability of childcare has proven to be worse than it was a year prior. If one is considering moving to the country of Portugal, PropertyLisbon can tell them that the surveyed expats have placed the country of Portugal higher than last year in the Working Abroad Index. However, it is worth noting that expats in Portugal are still not fully satisfied with their career prospects and job security.
While eleven per cent of the expats who have been surveyed are currently looking for work – vs. eight per cent on average worldwide – this same survey has also shown the country of Portugal as a great place to retire in. Fifteen per cent of the expats who have been inquired have stated that they have relocated to the country of Portugal to retire, which is five times the global average of three per cent.

The Expat Life in The Country of Portugal

The country of Portugal is one that has recently attracted increased interest from expatriates from all walks of life. The affordability and the warm weather are making the country of Portugal popular among the young creatives from cities such as London and Paris, which creates an exploding arts and music scene in the city of Lisbon.
Major industries such as oil and shipping attract specialist workers from all around the world. Regardless of where one is based in the country, they are guaranteed to find amazing weather, beautiful scenery, impeccable beaches, hugely affordable leisure time, and delicious food and wine, be it in the form of high-class dining or enjoying some freshly-cut sardines on a beach.
There are great cities in the country of Portugal where one can choose to live and invest in. Be it the city of Lisbon, the city of Braga, the city of Porto, or the city of Madeira, anyone who chooses to invest and live in the country of Portugal is bound to find plenty of things to see and do, regardless of their personal tastes.

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