The Chiado district of the city of Lisbon may best be described as the Montmartre of Lisbon – the bohemian and elegant Lisboa in its essence.
The Baixa / Chiado district represents the downtown of the city of Lisbon, which unveils itself over a hill, encompassing several historic cafés, fashionable boutiques, and many notable attractions for visitors.
What are the best things one can do in the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon?
The cosmopolitan environment of the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon flashes back to the ‘Belle Époque’ when Fernando Pessoa and Eça de Queiroz – famous Portuguese writers – used to get their inspiration at the now-historic cafés located across the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon.
Being such a culturally important area, the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon is also home to numerous theatres, bookshops, and major international brands.

Visit The Church that Survived The Earthquake

Best-known for its art and history, the São Roque Church is one of the few buildings in the city of Lisbon that have survived the earthquake which had struck the city in 1755. This one, in particular, had withstood it without a single scratch.
Inside the church and the later-adjoined museum, one can find some of the find examples of Jesuit art. This church is definitely worth a visit, even if one is not religious. The interior will make one totally immersed into soul.

Have A “Bica” with Fernando Pessoa

The Café A Brasileira – one of the best historic cafés on the European continent, at least according to The Telegraph – is where the famous poet Fernando Pessoa used to drink his morning coffee. One can order either a meal or a coffee at this café, while taking a seat next to the bronze statue of the poet for a typical picture with this remarkable literary figure. As one walks down the Garret street, filled with stores and boutiques, they will enter the Armazéns do Chiado – a small and quirky mall -. One can find local shopping centres here, any time of the week.

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Count The Bottles at By the Wine Restaurant

One of the best places in the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon for a wine and a quick bite is this flagship store, which has combined the concepts of a wine bar and a wine store into a single facility. The store features products and brands of all prominent wine companies, with more than thirty-two hundred wine bottles covering the ceiling as part of this space’s impressive decor.

Enjoy The Panoraming City Views and The Carmo Church Ruins

The Santa Justa Lift provides a most stunning observation deck, and offers dazzling views across the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon. It is the quickest way to get to the grafitt-splashed streets of the Bairro Alto district of the city of Lisbon, and just like the vintage funiculars that run throuhh the capitol of Portugal, this lift is not only a convenient means of transportation, but has also become a quite popular tourist attraction.
The ethereal arches of the Carmo Church are yet another thing that makes these ruins worth a visit. ‘Lisbon Under Stars’, an outdoors spectacle that features a visual extravaganza which tells a the story of the country of Portugal and the church through technical lights, is played here.
If the Chiado district of the city of Lisbon appearst to be a place one would be happy to settle down in, they may check out some of the best properties that are available in this area on our website. One may also contact us by phone or email if they have any further questions.

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