Learn about the changes to Portugal Golden Visa in 2021

January Update on the law and what we know

On December 22nd 2020 the Portuguese government signed off on various changes and updates to the Golden Visa program in Portugal. This will affect and change all Portugal Golden Visa’s, including 280,000 – 350,000 & 500,000.

The final legal text and rules have NOT yet been agreed by the government so all new information is speculation. We are very confident the Golden Visa in Portugal will continue at all the cost levels, but the locations you can invest in and the rules around Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve will change. It is not clear as yet if the main coastal and City regions will be excluded completely or there will be a price increase, so if you budget is limited invest before MAY 2021.

Since 2005 we have seen countless laws passed in Portugal then followed by months and years of debate only to then change their mind or change the rules. So really this isn’t certain.

Golden Visa Portugal in 2022

We are quite confident by this time you will only be able to invest in the interior regions, but if getting a top European passport for your family is the primary driver then this will still undoubtedly be on offer. With the world in turmoil, I think Portugal being voted 3rd most peaceful place on earth adds a huge amount to buy in any region.

350,000 Golden Visa in Lisbon Portugal 2021

We don’t like to apply pressure, but this specific sector in Lisbon is now running out of stock with no one buying new buildings to renovate as they are 1. too expensive and 2. We are 99% sure this will be stopped in Lisbon. So if you want a brand new renovated apartment in Lisbon for the 350,000 Golden Visa, you will need to act urgently.

We are available on all media platforms to help you with every part of the purchase. Please reach out and ask.

New Golden Visa Portugal laws in 2021. New property location and changes to the costs.

Getting a Golden visa in Portugal will change in 2021 after decisions are made by parliament in late 2020. The likely effect is to increase the amount of buyer for the 280,000 reduced residency investment in Portugal. This will be designed to push the buyer our of Lisbon city centre and give other regions increased investment. These could include inner areas around Porto, Silver Coast the Algarve and potentially the Azores and Madeira. But as it stands, nothing is decided, and after the COVID19 effect on the economy.

Latest update on the changes to the Golden Visa laws in Portugal December 2020

So we now understand that from July 2021 the Portugal Golden Visa as we know it will change as will the areas/cities and towns you can invest in. The main news is you will not be able to continue to buy a 350,000 Golden Visa in Lisbon Portugal or in Porto Portugal, this also applies to the 500,000 Golden Visa in Lisbon and Porto.

Will the Portugal Golden Visa continue in 2021?

The answer is yes and as PropertyLisbon has been a market leader in the renovation of buildings and sale of the 350,000 reduced cost rehabilitation Golden visa in Lisbon since 2014 we are still perfectly placed to help the buyer secure a city centre unit before JULY 2021 cut off.

If you cannot make the July cut off that’s also fine don’t worry! Portugal is a diverse and stunning country with many more regions that will qualify for the Golden Visa in low-density areas, many of which you will just have to be educated on. We are already the market leader for the lowest cost Golden visa in Portugal which is just 280,000 EURO. In this area, we make sure that will don’t just sell any old property as our investors prefer to have an EXIT strategy to get their money back out of Portugal in the future. So our deals are structured for security and income, taking most of the risk away.

Our focus for 2021 will be to sell off all our stock in Lisbon and Porto whilst in the background we are working hard on structuring new market-leading investments for the 280,000 Golden Visa and 350,000 Golden Visa in new locations outside of Lisbon and Porto… Sign up today to be the first to hear.

Golden Visa Portugal for Citizens of The United Kingdom

Amazingly after Brexit UK buyers can now seek a new EU passport by investing in property in Portugal via 3 flexible Golden Visa programs. 280,000 Low density investment for the Golden Visa, the very popular renovation rehabilitation for 350,000 EURO and of course the 500,000 Euro Portugal Golden Visa. British buyer who wants a second passport in the EU can now look to invest in Portugal, which a country most already love and know well. For many who can afford it this combines the triple benefit of an EU citizenship by investment in Portugal, a Holiday home and a great investment for income.

Benefits of the Portuguese Golden Visa

The Portuguese passport is the 5th most powerful in the world based on many factors, and with the ability to secure one by just investing in the Golden visa and spending just 7-14 days a year in the country it’s impossible to beat.

Portugal has many regions that offer very stable yields from 4-10% benefitting from a huge amount of tourism and increased business travel in Lisbon. English is widely spoken, and there are plenty of private schools for ex-pats.

Living in Portugal is a dream it seems to offer everything something could wish to enjoy 12 months of the year. The heat is never too hot, you can travel South to North and see 100s of blue flagged beaches. Amazing naturals parks like the Arrabida near Lisbon and 100s of miles of untouched beaches that can resemble many different countries from around the world. Portugal is not just one thing; it’s offers something for everything irrelevant to the beliefs and interests.


Properties in Portugal are as diverse as the country itself, and you could buy something within 30 minutes of Lisbon near some of the most stunning white-sand beaches from 150,000 EURO. We have various favourite villages, and town on the Silver Coast near Lisbon called the Costa Da Prata locally. Villas on some of the world’s best golf courses or holiday apartments in the beach towns like Nazare the choice is really beyond most buyer expectations.

People often get to hung up on buying there Golden Visa Portugal in Lisbon or Porto only but once we show them the hidden places in Portugal and explain how easily accessible the main cities are most people are very impressed.

Learn how to get the Portugal Golden Visa in 2021 here with our FAQ brochure.

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