Why You Should Invest In Lisbon

Lisbon isn’t just the capital city of Portugal. It is also a tourist hotspot. In recent years, the hilly coastal city has been attracting Portugal property investors from Europe and beyond.

Portugal’s capital prides itself of its enticing tax incentives that have made it a strategic investment destination. With a burgeoning tourism sector, the demand for quality accommodation and hospitality is at an all-time high.

Due to the unmet demand for hospitality facilities, property investors are now partnering with specialist companies, such as Airbnb, to invest in the growing short-term rental market.


  1. The Best City Destination

Lisbon makes it to the list of the most attractive cities to invest in and live. For three consecutive years – 2017, 2018, and 2019 – the city was the recipient of the prestigious World’s Leading City Break Destination Award at the World Travel Awards ceremonies.


  1. Prime Property Investment Destination

Lisbon has become the go-to Portugal property investment destination, luring foreign investors with its real estate, tourism market, and growing economy. In 2019, the city was hailed by PWC as the number one market to watch in real estate.


  1. Safe City

Lisbon is much admired for its high quality of life, giving residents peace of mind as they do their business. In 2018, Portugal ranked 3rd in the list of the most peaceful places in the world.

When compared to other European capitals, Lisbon has the lowest homicide rate. Therefore, investors in Lisbon can always rest assured of their safety.


  1. Fine Weather

Apart from the peace in Lisbon, the city experiences 300 days of sun in a year, no snow, and a non-freezing point temperature, making it one of the sunniest cities in Europe.


  1. Decent Quality Of Life

Safety and beautiful weather are two factors that constitute a high quality of life. A stable democracy, freedom, and adherence to human rights are the other factors that make Lisbon a conducive investment destination.  To cap it all, the country has a sumptuous cuisine and award-winning wine. In fact, of the 26 Michelin star restaurants in Portugal, with 8 of them located in Lisbon.


The decent quality of life in Lisbon entices mot European to choose it as their permanent abode, and it is also the best place for European expatriates to live.


  1. Attractive Short Term Rental Incomes.

As tourists throng to the coastal city of Lisbon, the local accommodation facilities are increasingly overwhelmed to meet the needs of the visitors. Property investors are now responding to the growing demand by investing in short term rental accommodation. In partnership with Airbnb, Portugal property investors have plugged in the shortfall and can now make 65€ – 215€ per night, depending on size, location, and amenities offered.


  1. Investment Incentives

Portugal provides several investment incentives to foreigners who wish to invest in the country. Investors putting their money in Lisbon will benefit from tax incentives and residence visas through the Golden Visa programme.


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