Designed by Amanda Levete’s architect company – the AL_A -, the newest landmark of the city of Lisbon is already extremely popular.
It had a footfall of one hundred and fifty thousand in its first month alone, according to the museum. It is also symbolic of the city of Lisbon’s ambition for the arts. The director of the Museum, Pedro Gadanho, has said that this is an interesting time to launch a new museum because of the influx of new artists into the city –
What you’ve been seeing over the last few years is that there are artists looking for spaces here when spaces in Berlin or London have become too expensive. More people realize that they have a country that is safe, that has high quality of life, is very well connected to 

European centers—two hours away by plane – and that  already creates a sort of attractiveness to the city, which of course drives artists first. – Gadanho has stated.  If anything, the city of Lisbon has been a quite unlikely new hotspot for culture until very recently. The city of Lisbon I still recovering from the brutal financial crisis that had struck the country of Portugal in the year of 2010. But the austerity had also created a some of the same conditions that had attracted artists and creatives to the city of Berlin in the late nineties as well, such as – the cheap rent, the empty buildings, and the food all combined with a population that speaks good English and which has an already strong local art scene. Two or three years ago, all this has begun to draw artists to the country of Portugal from elsewhere. – The improving economy of the country of Portugal combined with the unique and attractive way of life of the Portuguese people has also started to attract the Portuguese who had fled the country during the recession back.
The filmmaker and the visual data artist – David Tutti Dos Reis – had left the city of Lisbon for the city of London during the crisis. He has returned two years ago and he now works out of a creative hub by the name of Todos located in the East corner of the city of Lisbon.

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