Many people ask about the cost, benefits, and other mundane details about the golden visa Portugal program. However, an important question that does not receive enough coverage is the real process itself. What is the real golden visa Portugal process like? How long does it take to get permanent residency with the program?

This is quick and easy guide will cover the golden visa Portugal process comprehensively.

Step by Step Golden Visa Portugal Process

First Stage- Preliminaries

Any Golden visa process must involve either visiting the country or contacting someone to identify a property or investment opportunity.  It’s advisable to attend in person and take care of the preliminaries such as account opening, scouting, getting a fiscal number, a tour of Portugal, application etc. You may also get a golden visa property inspection done at this stage.

Second Stage- Get Legal Assistance

At this stage, you have identified a valid investment opportunity and want to initiate the purchase. It’s best if you engage a lawyer or company to handle the intricate details of acquiring a property or making an investment in Portugal for purposes of a golden visa Portugal entry.

Third Stage- Registration

As part of the primary golden visa Portugal process, you will need to register with the immigration authorities in Portugal. You must have your criminal clearance records, identification documents like passports among other documents, to facilitate the process.

At this stage, you will also have your biometric data captured by the authorities.  It is also at this stage that you will submit your residency application for the golden visa Portugal program.

Fourth Stage- Residency Application Processing

After registration, your application will be submitted for review by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF)as per golden visa Portugal requirements. It usually takes an average of 6 months for some applications while others can take up to 9 months or a year.

Fifth Stage- Approval and Payment of Fees

Your application will be approved if it meets the GV requirements at this point. You will pay a small fee for the GV residency card. You can use your local attorney to collect the card on your behalf and mail it to you.

Congratulations! You are now on your path towards full citizenship! Do remember to comply with the yearly renewal requirements if you want full citizenship for you and your family.

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