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Here is a question you will come across when talking about the Portuguese golden visa program. Home much does it cost? Google and other platforms are inundated with the “Golden Visa Portugal Cost” query. However, many of the answers you will find are either inaccurate, outdated or hard to follow.

Here is a clear and accurate answer to the “golden visa Portugal” question.

First Things First- Is the Golden Visa Portugal Worth It?

The answer to this critical and unassuming question is a resounding yes for those who want to move to Europe. Why so? The Golden visa Portugal is by far the most attractive path to EU residency. It allows you to get full Portuguese and EU citizenship in less than 6 year.

This program gives those interested a clear path to follow in order to gain citizenship in Portugal. This can be accomplished by contributing to the country’s prosperity.  You don’t even have to stay in Portugal for the whole year to be eligible at the end of the 6-year waiting period.

You will get access to the Portuguese and much of the EU market like any other citizen and get to enjoy the sophisticated Portuguese lifestyle as a resident. The golden visa program is particularly attractive to businessmen, investors, and those who love historical architecture.

Golden Visa Portugal Cost- The Run Down

Here is how much you need to invest to be eligible for the Portuguese golden visa as a foreign investor.

  • Spend at least 350,000 Euros in the Visa 350000 program. This basically means putting 350000 Euros into the urban regeneration program, a research project, as venture capital in an existing company, or a recognized private equity fund.
  • You can also make a one million Euro capital investment in Portugal– Save at least a million Euros in a Portuguese bank account or invest in shares or bonds of the same value.
  • Purchase property worth at least 500,000 Euro in Portugal.

The golden visa program is an attractive option for those looking for permanent residency or unfettered access to the region for commercial purposes. Golden visa Portugal costs aren’t as sky-high as compared to similar programs out there.

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