Even though the idea of investing in villas for sale in Portugal or, say, an entire apartment building, can be an attractive proposition – buying them can be far more complex than buying, for instance, a single-unit home.

Additionally, regular property maintenance and management can be very cumbersome, demanding and time-consuming.

Properties having four units or more demand a lot of maintenance, management and upkeep. With so many responsibilities of your own, managing property yourself means setting time aside and even bypassing some of your work and familial obligations. This is where external property management can really prove handy and cost-effective at the same time.

At Property Lisbon, we not only help our clients manage their apartment buildings, multi-unit houses and villas for sale in Portugal, but also offer them expert guidance through detailed market reports. These reports revolve around critical factors to consider such as the neighborhood and building type, possible returns from investment, rehabilitation and/or construction costs, etc. We also provide up-to-the-minute advice to investors on the best local agents to hire.

Our After Sales Department is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs after purchase, which ensures that any hurdles along the way or additional requests are met head on.

Explore our latest development launch, Lusíadas 75, where almost all units have already been reserved.

Best Returns on Investments

At Property Lisbon, our chief mission is to help investors get the absolute best returns on their investments. Our ‘listers’ team is fully connected with current market circumstances, thanks to their broad-ranging network, and are always on the hunt for properties which are individually tailored to meet our international clientele’s needs.

Our senior and exceptionally trained team of Investment Advisors will help you weigh all factors carefully and then recommend the best investment options.

Naturally, when you invest in a property, including villas for sale in Portugal, one of your key goals is to get the best ROI, irrespective of market conditions. How much profit you are able to make off a property largely depends on its dimensions, the revenue it is capable of generating, and of course, how much money you’ve put into it.

As one might imagine, bigger properties boasting a high number of units are capable of generating a lot more revenue, although they do require a markedly bigger investment upfront. And, the more units you invest in, the more factors come into play because effective property management can get complex at that point.

However, when working with our After Sales team, all the kinks will be worked out for you so that your cash flow stays in the black and you are always getting reasonably good returns on your investments.

Did you know that buying a large piece of property such as a building and transforming it into a mixed use property is now an up and coming trend in Lisbon, which has yielded handsome returns for investors? With that said, however, it is important to hire a real estate agency that can guide you through all the respective ins and outs of the process.

Our best-in-class after sales and customer service ensures that all bases are covered and that your investment continues to perform well throughout the year.

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