Where to Invest Real Estate in Portugal

Anyone who has reached the retirement age or nearing retirement want to invest his/her savings in a secure place. Many prefer to invest in real estate, preferably in a country with political stability, friendly people, warm climate and a great lifestyle.

Instead of viewing Portugal as a single European investment destination, investors must understand that regions where their Golden Visa can realistically be found. Undoubtedly, some locations within the country are more attractive for real estate investment than others.

Three areas in Portugal that have benefited from foreign investments since 2012 are Lisbon, Porto and Algarve


The Portuguese capital is the most preferred investment destination. In PWC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate report 2019, the city was ranked first as the most promising. Although it has dropped to position 10 in 2020, it still shows tremendous potential in real estate.

Within the larger Lisbon, Caiscas municipality is a perfect suburban option to Lisbon. It provides Golden Visa investors with Villas and single-family homes on a more expansive plot for the price of a Lisbon apartment.


Cascais has a considerable concentration of the international community and provides more direct beach access. The location offers a balance between urban and suburban environment, making it desirable to the affluent. Any property on this municipality comes with long-term rental potential.


Porto has long been a holiday favourite for tourists. With the real estate inflation in Lisbon, yields have continued to plummet, and regulation for short-term lettings has increased. As a result, the Porto has drawn the attention of investors. Since 2014, House prices in the area have more than doubled as new and refurbished properties are converted into short term letting.

Porto is the perfect place to create a small golden visa portfolio of properties, something that isn’t achievable in Lisbon and Cascais. The small historical town continues to draw a lot of interest, especially for those seeking to buy property in Portugal in an area with historical signification. In fact, the city’s international airport has been expanded to cater for the increased international flights.


Algarve is a tourism jewel of Portugal with golden-sand beaches and a sea of azure. The sea has been voted by the by Overseas Retirement Index for seven successive years as the “Best Place in the World to Retire.”

Apart from its tourism allure, on a like for like basis, the price for per square meter is relatively lower when compared to Porto and Lisbon. Also, being the leading tourist destination, it best fuses monthly winter lets and weekly summer rentals with for optimum yields. Other destinations, such as Lisbon, cannot compete with Algarve because they have both long let or short term rental, and rarely both.

Finally, the weather in Algarve is generally better than that of Lisbon or Porto. Moreover, the lifestyle in this destination is alluring. Finally, yields on property are generally high.

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