Since the introduction of the golden visa program in 2012, there has been a massive increase in the number of foreign investors in Portugal. These investors originate from all parts of the world like the USA and the Asian continent. 

The abrupt shift to focus in Portugal means the program has certain benefits. What are these advantages?

As a foreign investor, the golden visa allows you to access 26 counties within the Schengen region with ease. It exposes you to lucrative investment options and tax exemption for 10 years.

Besides, the golden visa program enables you to easily acquire covetous European citizenship. Lastly, the visa allows you to live in an investment-friendly environment in Portugal. What’s more to the golden visa program? Let’s take a deep dive into this article.

First, you may be blank about a golden visa. Here’s what you need to know:

A golden visa is a permanent residency visa, issued to an investor whenever they deposit a certain amount of money to a foreign country with the sole purpose of purchasing a property. 

In Portugal, you need to invest an average of 500k euros on a property or create 10 permanent jobs to the locals. In exchange you get an ocean of benefits as illustrated below: 

1. Freedom of Accessing Many Countries

Enrolling for the golden visa program in Portugal is like using your artificially intelligent smartphone to monitor 10 apartments. Acquiring the Portuguese golden visa exposes you to the opportunity of exploring the other 25 countries within the Schengen region.

The 25 countries are Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Malta, Latvia, and the Czech Republic. 

After getting a golden visa from Portugal, you can make a visa-free flight to these countries. Apart from the Schengen region, you can visit 183 Portuguese-speaking countries without the worry of paying for a visa. 

To unlock the freedom of traveling in more countries, get a Portuguese passport. This enables you to enjoy the advantage of traveling visa-free to 150 more countries, besides the Portuguese speaking ones. For this reason, you should opt to get your golden visa through Portugal. 

2. Access to Affordable Investment Options

As a holder of the golden visa, Portugal offers numerous avenues for investment. First, you can invest in Portugal’s real estate. Here, you can purchase a real estate worth 500 000 euros or more. 

The amount to invest in real estate depends on the population density of the area and age of the property. For example, the government can grant you a golden visa if you invest in Lisbon real estate with a value of 350, 000 euros

In such a case, the property may be over 30 years old. To breathe life into such an old property, it is painted. This complies with the demands of the city hall.

Also, the value of the property for sale in Portugal may fall from 500, 000 euros to 400, 000 euros if the property is in a less populated area. For example, the prices are likely to fall as you seek real estate properties outside urban areas.

However densely populated an area is, it is almost impossible to acquire a property for less than 280,000 euros. 

Although more than 85% of Portugal’s golden visa holders invest in real estate, you can as well spend in capital investment. Here, you can identify a qualifying fund in Portugal. Next, you need to arm yourself with 350, 000 euros or more to have control of the investment.

Alternatively, you can focus on acquiring the golden visa for Portugal. One of the cheapest ways of acquiring the visa is through a donation of 250, 000 euros to Portuguese national heritage, arts, and culture.

Then, the government gives you an admired golden visa for Portugal. With the investor visa, you can identify an investment opportunity and invest in it. 

For example, there has been an overwhelming demand for real estate construction materials since the implementation of the golden visa program in 2012. Supply for the materials is less, on the other hand. Holding the golden visa grants you the opportunity to invest in the related avenues.

3. Gateway to European Citizenship

It is not a surprise that many investors strive to enable their descendants to have a taste of the European lifestyle. As an investor, you want your children to have the best educational background, right? 

That’s exactly what the golden visa Portugal promises you. Getting the visa means you can enjoy permanent residency in Portugal. To make citizenship more meaningful, it allows you to have a taste of the advanced European education and professional training.

Studying in Europe means your professional qualifications are internationally recognized. This is because Europe is globally outstanding in academic excellence. No doubt, you or your siblings get exposure to the latest technology in the learning and professional field.

Without the4 golden visa to Portugal, you would have to over-dig into your pockets to access the classical educational standards of Europe.

Europe has some of the best healthcare technologies in the world. Think about the latest surgical robots. 

What about the best medical practitioners and equipment?

Imagine receiving treatment in a world-class, government invested hospital in Europe. It all boils down to high-quality medical services. 

However, there is a catch:

To consume European healthcare, you have to pay dearly. In other words, you spend heavily on insurance to receive the admired European healthcare.

Luckily for you, Portugal enables you to enjoy free healthcare just like its native citizens. All you need is a golden visa for Portugal! 

Citizenship by investment enables you to utilize social security benefits, trade union protection, and tax concessions.

Retiring in Europe, specifically, Portugal is one of the best decisions you can ever make. It allows you to enjoy many benefits like your wealth transfer tax-free. Besides, acquiring citizenship by investment enables you to undertake various under the advanced legal and trade union shielding. 

4. Tax Exemption for 10 Years

Portugal taxes almost all types of income. Examples of taxable income entail income from investments, salary, capital gains, rental income as well as pensions. This applies to natives and foreign nationals with dual citizenship. 

However, after careful consideration, the country loosened the tax obligation to foreigners who want to invest in Portugal. To make the country a hotspot destination to foreigners, it introduced a tax status called Non-habitual residence (NHR). 

Non-habitual residence status is a government program to exempt, from paying tax, those nationals who have not been paying tax for the past 5 years from doing so for the next 10 consecutive years.

What is the implication of NHR status to a holder of a Portugal golden visa? 

With the Non-habitual residence status, you have a golden opportunity to settle and invest in Portugal. Most importantly, as a Portugal real estate investor, you have ample time to realize your return on investment before you officially start paying taxes.

The following are the conditions for enjoying the Portuguese Non-habitual residence status: 

First, you have not rendered tax to the Portuguese government for the past 5 years. Secondly, you have to occupy real estate in Portugal. Better yet, you possess a real estate and consider keeping it.

Who can apply for NHR status? Business owners, pensioners, freelancers, and other professionals are allowed to apply for Non-habitual residence status. You can initially seek tax residency status. Later, you can apply for the NHR status.

To apply for Non-habitual residence, present tax number and documents to prove Portugal residency to the Portuguese authorities.

According to the 2020 tax amendments, you have to pay a 10% tax on pensions. However, as a holder of the Non-habitual residence status, you will continue enjoying your tax-free pensions. After the expiry of the NHR status (10 years after getting the certificate), you will pay taxes to the Portuguese authorities. 

Additionally, the country does not tax donations you submit to your family members. Portugal also does not have a wealth tax, besides allowing tax-free fund remittances. 

From the above tax benefits, you can realize that Portugal is one of the EU nations to undertake real estate investment if you want to quickly realize your return on real estate investment. This is because the country kills, on your behalf, most of the tax exposure avenues, which would otherwise make your investments hectic.


5. Live in an investment-friendly Environment

Portuguese golden visa allows you to attain permanent residency in the country. Then, you can propel your return on investment. This is possible due to a favorable business environment. This includes:

Non-discriminatory Law

Portugal’s investment procedure prioritizes non-discrimination in business. After acquiring permanent residency, as a visa investor, you enjoy the same rights and treatment as the locals.

Unlike most countries, Portugal lacks special registration or obligations to businesses of foreigners. Once you have a tax number, you can enjoy some tax benefits as the local investors.

Strategic location

The Portugal investment visa enables you to trade with various regions of the world easily. Let’s assume you reside in Lisbon, Portugal.

Compared to other European capital cities, it is the closest to the United States as well as South America. To the south, it is strategically located to trade with Africa.

As a holder of an investment visa, you need a business location that eases commerce. No doubt, Portugal attracts global business magnates. Consequently, you can easily receive goods via the ocean and distribute them inland. 

Great Quality of Life

Portugal is known for its fresh food. Unlike many nations, most of its restaurants serve less fast food. Instead, they serve organic supplies like cod, shrimps, eggs, and some desserts. 

Apart from food, the healthcare standard is improved. Most hospitals provide world-class services. They use the latest medical instruments to curb deaths – that would otherwise result from treatable ailments.

Improved Technology

Obtaining a visa by investment exposes you to a myriad of the latest technology of Portugal. For example, you can access the latest inducements in e-commerce and manufacturing. The government has a third eye for technology and won’t mind promoting robotic process automation. 

As an investor, you can apply for the latest technology while striving to maintain your real estate property. For example, you can use collaborative robots to monitor the security of your property, clean the property, and serve tenants.

The application of technology in production boosts your return on investment. This is mainly possible because you make a one-time purchase, avoid downtime while maintaining business runtime.

Better still, there is tech-skilled labor. Consequently, you should never hesitate before introducing the latest technology to your investment. 

Improved Infrastructure

Portugal has some of the best road networks in the world. You can easily move between cities using railway systems. Also, London or Madrid is a short flight away. Having an investor’s visa allows you to boost your investments by using the improved infrastructure of Portugal. 

Political Stability

Portugal is politically, socially, and economically stable. As an investor, you need peace of mind to accomplish business deals. Investing in Portugal presents you with environmental sobriety to make better decisions.

This is because you don’t expect abrupt changes in demand and supply due to political instability. Finally, the country uses a stable currency (the Euro) for transactions. The stability of the Euro enables you to make informed budgets, instead of fearing for regular loss in value of the currency. 

It is on the political stability that a myriad of golden visa investors prioritizes Portugal over other EU nations.

Final Thoughts

You get exposure to a lot of benefits if you acquire a golden visa in Portugal. The program allows you to travel visa-free to many nations worldwide.

It enables you to access investment-friendly Portugal as well as that of the entire Europe. To have a taste of the admired opportunity, consider enrolling for the golden visa program in Portugal.

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