Tips On How To Get Citizenship With Investment

It is great to live in a good country. But things change and you may need to live in a different country. Sometimes, your home country may not even have a problem. You may just be a business owner who wants to expand their operations.

Sometimes to achieve these goals, you may need a second passport. A passport that will complement your home passport and make it possible for you to travel widely to build your business or escape a falling economy or political change.

There are many methods you can use to get your second passport. Citizenship with investment is the fastest and most suitable for high net-worth individuals.

What Is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship with investment is a program used by many countries to attract both investment and new citizens.

This program involves making a sizable investment in stipulated sectors of the economy. In return, you are rewarded with citizenship status. Your second passport from your new home country is ready for months after the application.

Several countries in the European Union and the Caribbean offer this program to foreigners. It helps them to attract much-needed foreign investment and a boost in their population numbers.

One of the major benefits of applying for citizenship with investment program is that it helps you build investments in a foreign country.

Often, countries using citizenship with investment programs to attract foreign investors have a stagnant and growing economy. Taking up this program means that as an investor, your investments are likely to grow in value over time.

You can then sell them when the time is right to make a substantial profit.

Stable EU Countries that offer the Golden Visa

When looking for a second passport, look for one that offers you a large selection of countries that you can travel to.

Countries that offer citizenship with investment programs in Europe and the Caribbean have powerful passports. Powerful in the sense that you have access to hundreds of countries around the world that you can travel to visa-free.

As a business person, you can easily set up a global operations business with a powerful passport. You can access new countries and regions to set up and run your business.

You also have the benefit of accessing several embassies if you have a problem in a foreign country.

The Portugal passport is ranked among the most powerful. This is because you have access to over 186 countries visa-free as holders of the passport.

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Stable EU Countries that offer the Golden Visa

A second passport provides the opportunity to the holders to live and work in a more politically and economically stable country.

For example, if you get your second passport from Portugal known as the Golden Visa Portugal, you have the opportunity to live in any other EU country of your choice.

If your home country doesn’t have much economic opportunity, you can make your move to another country easily. Move to a country where you can set up and build and grow your business easily.

The more economically and politically stable a country is, the more attractive it is to investors.

Entire Family Is Eligible

Another benefit of using citizenship by investment programs is the fact that the entire family is eligible.

Depending on the country you are applying to, you, the investor, your spouse, and unmarried children can receive citizenship in this method. If you have dependent parents over 55 years, they can also be eligible for citizenship under your application.

All you have to do is meet the cost of the application for the other members of your family. The cost of application varies from one country to another.

Tax Planning

When your home country encumbers you with high levels of taxation, you can easily move to another country where you can better plan your tax issues.

Many countries that offer citizenship with investment also attract investors with favorable tax rates known as the NHR in Portugal. In your second passport country, you could reduce the amount of tax you also pay at home.

A tax reduction implies an increase in disposable income. Thus you can invest or spend more as you now have more income.

Tax rates in the countries running this program have a lot of influence on whether investors will apply.

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Requirements To Qualify For Citizenship With Investment

When countries resort to citizenship with investment programs, they need foreign investors. Thus they don’t have a lot of restrictions to the program to attract more investors.

Usually, when countries running these programs have attracted a large number of investors, they change the rules. Making them more restrictive and unattractive. This then lowers the number of investors applying to the program.

  • To apply to a citizenship with investment program, here are some general requirements that every investor needs to meet.
  • They should be at least 18 years of age
  • They should have a clean criminal record in both their home country and their potential second home.
  • Investors should make the stipulated investment as required by the program. These programs usually set a qualifying investment level.
  • Provide proof of legal source of income. Citizenship with investment programs don’t want to attract corrupt government officials from foreign countries or criminals. Thus applicants should prove that their source of income is legal.

Countries That You Can Get Citizenship With Investment From

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal runs a successful and popular Golden Visa program. It is open to all non-EU citizens. To qualify, you need to invest a minimum of Euro 280,000 in real estate. This investment allows you and your family to apply for residency in Portugal.

Once you receive your residency permit, you have to renew it as provided. At the end of the first year, then, after every two consecutive years. To keep your residency, you need to hold onto your investment for five years and meet the minimum stay requirements provided.

After the five year residency, you can now apply for Portuguese citizenship. You will have a passport in about 12 months. Learn about the new 2022 law change for the Portugal Golden Visa.

Spain Golden Visa

Spain also runs a popular Golden Visa program. To qualify, you need to invest a minimum of Euro 500,000 in real estate. This allows you and your whole family to apply for the Golden Visa. Spain allows your spouse and children and even elderly dependent parents to apply as part of your dependents.

Once you have applied, you only have to wait for about three months before you receive your residency permit. It is valid for five years and has to be renewed after the first two years, then again at the fifth year.

One advantage of the Spain Golden Visa is that it doesn’t have any minimum stay requirements. Only that you have to renew your residency Permit in Spain. Thus you can live elsewhere as long as you keep your investment and renew your residency permit on time.

Once the five years are over, you can renew your residency permit for another five years. Spain allows you to apply for citizenship after ten years of residency, with a consecutive six months lived in Spain for each year.

St Kitts And Nevis Golden Visa

The citizenship with investment program from St Kitts and Nevis, an island country in the Caribbean is the original citizenship program.

It started in 1984 and its success was followed by the introduction of more citizenship with investment programs by other countries.

To qualify for a St Kitts and Nevis passport, you need to invest a minimum of $400,000 in government-approved real estate and a donation of $150,000 to the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund.

Once your investment is verified, you will now apply for the passport. The application is fast and straightforward. Two months after the application you will receive your St Kitts and Nevis passport.

Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa

Antigua and Barbuda also runs a successful citizenship with investment program.

There are three methods you can use to qualify for the Antigua and Barbuda program. You can invest $400,000 in government-approved real estate. You can also contribute $100,000 to the National Development Fund or an approved charity. You can also start a business by investing $1.5 million.

With this passport, you can access Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK among other premier destinations visa-free.

Malta Golden Visa

This a European Union country that has been offering citizenship with investment for a long time. European Union countries attract hundreds of investors. This is because a citizen of a European Union country can live and work in any other EU country. Also, you are free to travel across the EU visa-free.

To qualify for the Malta citizenship with investment program, an investor is required to invest Euro 1.15 million.

This investment is divided up into three parts. First, you will have to donate Euro 650,000 to the Maltese National Development and Social Fund. You will then invest Euro 350,000 in real estate and invest Euro 150,000 in government bonds.

This will qualify you to apply to the program. After application, you have to wait 12 months before you can get your Maltese passport.

Investment For Citizenship

Have you looked at another country and wanted to become a citizen? There are many ways that you can get your dream citizenship. 

Investment for citizenship is the fastest.

There are a few countries that allow you to gain citizenship through investment. It helps you to get your dream country passport while your dream country gets foreign income from you.

Getting a second passport through other channels is a long process. It takes years of residency in your preferred country, lots of paperwork, and interviews to become a naturalized citizen.

What is Investment For Citizenship?

Investment for citizenship is simple. It means that you can get citizenship in a particular country for investing there.

Depending on the country you are seeking citizenship in, the value of the investment required varies.

Also, each country has several stipulated investment methods you can use to qualify for citizenship by investment.

You can invest in government bonds, government-approved real estate, or offer donations to different national and cultural interests in the country to get your citizenship.

For this reason, investment for citizenship or citizenship by investment is also known as economic citizenship.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment


There are many ways that a foreigner can gain citizenship in another country. It can be done through marriage, long-term residency in a foreign country, working in a foreign country, and other ways. These methods follow long bureaucratic processes before you get to see your passport.

Investment for citizenship allows you to get your passport in a few months after applying for citizenship and making your investment.

You don’t have to obtain residency or go through language tests. You gain your citizenship as soon as you pay the required investment amount.

No Need To Travel Or Live In Your Newly Acquired Country

When you get your second passport, you can continue living in your home country.

You don’t have an obligation to live in your new country. You only have to make sure that you maintain your investment for the given period.

You can use your second passport whenever it is necessary. For example, many people take up a second passport due to travel limitations.

So, whenever you need to travel with more convenience, you can always use your second passport. It is likely, it will be more superior to your first.

Powerful passports allow you to travel visa-free to hundreds of countries around the world. 

Offers Dual Citizenship

This is an obvious benefit of getting a second passport. You immediately have another country to call home.

This means that, if you live in a country that doesn’t support dual citizenship, you can renounce your country and move to your new home country.

If you are fortunate to get a second passport from a European country such as Portugal, you have many options of countries that you can live in. In Europe, you can travel, live and work in any of the countries freely as long as you are a citizen of a European country.

Provide Foreign Income For The Country

Investment for citizenship benefits both the applicant and the country offering it.

The price of passports in citizenship by investment programs is quite high.

These programs target high net worth individuals from across the world to invest in the country. Some of the citizenship for investment programs cost millions of euros or dollars. This ensures that the country offering the passport benefits as much as the recipient of the passport.

These programs are a source of foreign income for the countries that offer them. The Portuguese government has collected close to Euro 5 billion from its Golden Visa program over the years.


Investment for citizenship programs are legal means of gaining citizenship in other countries.

They are set up and planned by governments as a way to attract foreign direct investment and specialized human resources.

Those who take advantage of these programs gain their passports legally. They can use them as they like without any illegalities arising. 

Cases of illegality may occur only when one’s home country doesn’t allow dual-citizenship. 

European countries that offer citizenship for investment programs ensure that their programs are approved by the European parliament.

The illegal passport business is thus subdued when more and more countries have programs like this.

Family Allowed

For many of the citizenship by investment programs, investors are allowed to bring their families into their new homes.

Once the investment is made, investors are required to apply for citizenship. At this stage, they can apply also for their spouse, children and in some countries, dependent parents over a certain age.

This allows for the investor and the family to enjoy the new country’s amenities. As an investor, your children will enjoy a high-quality education in their new home country. You can also access high-quality medical care.

If there’s economic and political upheaval in any part of the world you are in, you and your family can present your second passports and gain safe passage out of the trouble.

Guaranteed Citizenship

Once you get your citizenship by investment, you may never have to step foot into your new home country. However, this won’t take away the fact that you are a citizen of the new country.

In Portugal, it takes you the five year residency period to become a citizen. Once the five year residency period is over, apply for citizenship. You will have your passport in six to 12 months. As you wait, you can renew your residency permit for one year.

You can use your passport to travel from wherever you are in the world. You can also visit your new country’s embassy from wherever you are for whatever assistance you may need.

Visa-Free Travel To Difficult To Enter Countries

When looking for a second passport, look for one that suits your travel needs. 

Many business people looking to expand your enterprise will get second passports. You can get your passport from a country that allows you to travel to as many countries as you want your business in. This ensures you can travel conveniently for business.

Other passports allow you visa-free travel to countries that are difficult to travel to such as Russia. This is one of the biggest advantages a second passport provides to its holders.

The Portugal passport allows you visa-free access to 186 countries.

Difference Between Citizenship by Investment & Residency by Investment

When looking for a second passport or country to call home by investing, there are two options you can use.

You can use the residency by investment or the citizenship by investment programs provided by different countries.

These two programs are quite different. Here are some significant differences you need to know to ensure that you choose the best program for your second passport needs.

The Result of The Process

The Residency by Investment process results in residency in the country you have applied for. Residency may eventually lead to citizenship. However, it takes a long time to come. 

Depending on the country, you may be allowed to apply for citizenship after 5 years like in Portugal or 10 years of residency like Spain does.

When you are a resident, you are required to renew your residency according to the rules provided. Failure to renew may lead to revocation.

On the other hand, citizenship by investment leads directly to citizenship in your country of choice.

Once you have met the set conditions, made your investment, and applied, you will get your passport in a matter of months. Unlike the many years, it takes to apply for citizenship under the residency program.

Can Be Passed Down To Your Children

Citizenship can be easily passed down to children. Children born by citizens of a particular country automatically become citizens of that country. Regardless of where they are born. This is known as citizenship by birth.

On the other hand, residency can’t be passed down to children born after becoming residents. They will have to apply to become residents of the country just like the parents. However, some countries confer citizenship to all children born in the country.

Right To Vote

When you are a citizen, you have the right to vote in your chosen country.

As a resident, you don’t have a right to participate in the political processes in the country. This is a right reserved only for citizens.

As a resident, you can still participate in the political process of your home country.


If you go against the laws of the country as a resident, you can be deported. Your residency card will be revoked and you will have to go back to your country.

However, as a citizen, you can’t be deported. Breaking laws will see you charged in court to be jailed, pay fines, or perform community service depending on the country you are a citizen of.

Price of Investment

The price of investing in the residency program is often different from the price of investing in citizenship by investment program.

The residency programs are known as Golden Visa programs. They allow you to invest in real estate or other options that qualify you for the visa. Different countries have different limits on the price of an investment in the residency programs.

The citizenship by investment program also requires the applicant to invest a given amount in the country. 

Often the amount invested for a citizenship application is much higher than that invested for a residency application. Both programs may require applicants to invest in real estate. However, those seeking citizenship by investment will pay more.

In Portugal, you need to invest at least Euro 350,000 while in Spain you need to invest Euro 500,000 in real estate to qualify.

How To Obtain Citizenship By Investment

  1. Research and identify the country that you wish to become a citizen of.
  2. Make the required investment that qualifies you to apply for citizenship. You can make your investment in the following ways
  • Real Estate

This is the most common method of investment recommended by countries offering citizenship by investment.

Often the real estate recommended as appropriate for the investment is government approved. Government-approved investment properties are often more expensive than other properties in the country.

This depends on the country offering citizenship. In some countries, you can invest in any real estate property and qualify to apply for the citizenship program.

  • Donations

Another way to qualify for citizenship by investment programs in many countries includes donations.

Different countries will require you to donate to different causes that are important to the nation. As an investor seeking to get a second passport, you may have to donate to social projects that are beneficial to the locals or the government.

Donations also vary from country to country.

Your donation is made to the government, which then decides how to use the money. Depending on the country you are seeking citizenship, donations start from as low as $100,000.

Donations are usually the easiest and cheapest way to qualify for citizenship by investment programs.

  • Invest In A Business Or Government Bonds

Another method to qualify to apply for citizenship by investment program is to start a business or buy government bonds. Portugal and Spain allow you to qualify for their Golden Visa in these methods.

Depending on the country you choose to get your citizenship from, if you choose to start a business, you have a minimum amount of capital to invest. Other countries give you a specific number of employees that you should have in your business before you can qualify for citizenship by investment program.

Similarly, invest an already stipulated amount in government bonds. The amount to invest varies from country to country.

  1. Gather all the relevant documents. These are documents to prove that you are who you say you are. Most countries want to see your birth certificate, marriage certificate, police clearance certificate, clean bill of health, and, proof of finances. Gather all these documents, have them certified and provide them to your application agent to carry on with the process.
  2. Make sure that your documents are translated into the official language of the country if they are written in any other language. Ensure that you have an idea of the most widely spoken language in a country before you get approved.
  3. Attach receipts to show that you have paid the necessary application and processing fees.
  4. Attach documents to prove that you have made the necessary investments to qualify for citizenship by investment program.
  5. Where necessary, make sure to visit the embassy of the country whose citizenship you are seeking to get.
  6. You can also always use your agent to submit your application. An agent makes work easier for you. They will follow up on all that needs following up and inform you whenever you are required in any of the offices in the application process.

What Happens After Submitting Your Documents?

Once you have made your application and submitted your documents to the right offices, you now have to wait for the stipulated period. 

Many countries inform you that you will receive your passport or a citizenship document after three months to a year.

What happens during this period of waiting?

  1. The country you have applied to will conduct thorough background checks to confirm that you are who you say you are. They will also confirm that your sources of income are legitimate can fulfill the application requirements.
  2. Once this is complete and your information is verified, your file is now ready for approval to receive a passport.
  3. The investment amount held in escrow is then released and once funds are received 
  4. You will receive your certificate of residency 
  5. Then, you and your family will visit the embassy where it will be confirmed that you have qualified and receive your passport.
  6. You are now a holder of a second passport. You have completed the citizenship by investment process.

The above is the general process of applying for citizenship by investing in a country and receiving your passport. This is a general guide and it may differ from one country to another.

Popular Countries With Investment For Citizenship Programs

Investment for citizenship programs have been in existence for a few decades now. They have been successful in some countries while they failed in others. 

Here are some countries that you can apply for citizenship by investment:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Greece
  • Cyprus 
  • The United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Malta 
  • Montenegro

Each of these countries has its own rules and regulations governing how they run their investment for citizenship program. 

Make sure that you have all the information you need for the particular country that you choose to apply for citizenship in. 

List the reasons why you want a second passport and find a country among these that meets your goals. Find out its requirements and invest then apply to the citizenship program.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Investment For Citizenship 

Cost of The Investment

One of the major factors to consider when choosing the best investment for citizenship is the cost of getting a passport. Generally, investment for citizenship is an expensive venture.

Different countries offer their passports at different costs. Some countries require applicants to offer donations to the government or to invest in real estate or both to qualify to apply for citizenship.

Cyprus, one of the most popular countries with an investment in citizenship programs offers their passport for Euro 2,000,000. Or, you can choose the affordable Portugal Golden Visa whose investment requirement is just Euro 350,000 in real estate.

Depending on why you need to get citizenship for investment, you must get it from a country that offers an affordable option to you. 

Also, make sure that you get a good passport for the price you pay.

Ease of Travel

A second passport should be more powerful than your first passport. This means that you should get a second passport that will allow you to travel at ease. For example, if you have a restrictive visa as a business person, you need a second passport that allows you visa-free travel to as many countries as possible.

If you get an EU passport, from Portugal or Spain for example. you have hundreds of countries all over the world to which you can travel visa-free.

Tax Planning

Most people who get a second passport do it to plan their taxes better. Moving from one country to another, where the taxes are lower or higher requires proper planning.

Make sure that you consult tax experts in both your home country and your second passport country on matters of tax. 

Different countries charge taxes on foreigners differently. Many countries will charge tax based on where you make your income and where you spend most of your time. Make sure that you have good advice on tax payment. This ensures that you are on good terms with the governments in both countries whose passports you hold.

Quality of Life

When choosing a new country to live in, it is important to determine how the quality of life is compared to your home.

Many people who choose to apply for citizenship by investment program choose countries that will offer a better quality of life. They choose countries in Europe that provide safety and security politically and economically.

They will also choose countries that will provide better and affordable healthcare for the whole family. Countries with much better education standards will also be considered highly when choosing a country to get a second passport.

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Countries With The Most Powerful second Passports

A passports’ power is determined by the number of countries its holders can get visa-free. The more the countries the more powerful the passport.

Here are some of the countries with the most powerful passports around the world.

  • With this passport, you can access 191 countries visa-free.
  • Singapore passport provides visa-free access to 190 countries.
  • South Korea and Germany have the third most powerful passports in the world allowing you visa-free access to 189 countries.
  • Portuguese passport investment allows you visa-free access to 186 countries.
  • Sweden offers visa-free access to 179 countries.

The above are the top 5 most powerful passports in the world.

The least powerful passport in the world is the Afghan passport. It offers visa-free access to 26 countries. Preceding it are Iraq’s and Syria’s which offers visa-free access to 28 and 29 countries respectively.

Frequently Asked Question On Citizenship With Investment

How Long Does It Take To Get A Citizenship With Investment Passport? 

How long it takes to get a passport depends on the country that you are applying to. Each country has its processes that it follows before issuing a passport. Also, the number of applicants pending in the list determines how long it takes before passports are issued.

Malta, one of the popular European countries offering citizenship with investment programs provides its passport to applicants after 12 months.

For many Caribbean countries offering the program, applicants get their passports between 2 and 6 months after applying to the program.

How Do I Choose The Right Citizenship With Investment Program?

Many people seeking a second passport often ask this question. They want to know how to choose the best citizenship with investment program.

To choose the best citizenship program for a second passport, you need to know why you are looking for a second passport.

If you are looking for a second passport to enable travel around the world, then you need to choose a citizenship program that offers visa-free travel to as many countries as you would like to visit.

If you are a business person, choose a second passport that allows you to set up your business and manage operations easily in other countries. For example, you can choose a European passport as it allows you to live, work and travel across European countries with ease.

Is It Legal To Hold Two Passports

Having citizenship in two countries is known as dual citizenship. Across the world, many countries have accepted that their citizens can hold dual citizenship. There are only a few countries in the world that don’t currently allow for dual citizenship.

When looking to get a second passport, find out whether dual citizenship is legal in your country. If it is not, you can choose to renounce your home country or not go for a second passport. Make sure that you won’t make a decision that you will later regret.

Are There Instances When My Application For Citizenship With Investment Can Be Refused?

Different countries have different requirements for those interested in their citizenship with investment programs. All applicants must meet the set requirements if they want to be approved for a passport. Failure to meet the requirements may disqualify applicants.

After application, countries carry out due diligence on their applicants. They do this to find out the truth of the information filled in the application forms. When they find that some information isn’t true, the applicant is likely to be denied citizenship.

How Will A Second Passport Benefit My Family

All the countries that offer citizenship with investment programs ensure that investors or applicants can apply together with their families. You can include your spouse and dependent children in your application.

This ensures that when you become a holder of a second passport so do your children. This means that you can build a better future for your entire family in two countries.

Education levels in many of the countries providing citizenship with investment programs are quite high. The quality of life in the countries is also much better than in many countries.

Thus, acquiring a second passport makes it possible to enhance the quality of life for your family.

Am I Liable To Pay Taxes In My Second Passport Country?

All Caribbean countries that offer citizenship with investment programs don’t impose taxes on wealth, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains. However, if you reside in the country, you will be liable to pay taxes. Also, if you decide to reside in the country, you will not pay as much in taxes as the tax rates are low.

What Is The Difference Between Citizenship With Investment Program And A Golden Visa Program?

Citizenship with investment is a program that gives its applicants citizenship in a foreign country.

A Golden Visa program offers residency to the applicants. Golden Visa programs may also lead to citizenship. However, they are not as straightforward as citizenship with investment programs.

As a Golden Visa program applicant, you will get a residency permit in your chosen country. You have to renew the residency permit according to the timelines provided by your host country to keep it valid.

In most countries, you can apply for citizenship once your residency period is complete. In Portugal for example, you can apply for citizenship after five years of residency.

Golden Visa programs also take longer than citizenship with investment programs. Many citizenship programs take two months to process. Golden Visa programs take about six months before you get your residency permit.

Do I Have To Do The Applications On My Own?

You don’t have to.

There are many agents and consultants that you can use to assist you. They help to make your work easier when making the applications.

Through your agents, you can get a high-quality investment property. A property that you can invest in not only for the citizenship program but also as a business.

Immigration agents and consultants also help you to come up with the best citizenship program for your unique needs. You don’t have to waste time trying to figure out the best program for you while you have partners who can advise you.

Your immigration agents can also help you to get the best managers for your investment property.

When you use an agent, they can notify you when your documents are ready. They will even have your passport delivered to you when it’s ready.

What Are The Requirements For Application For Citizenship With Investment?

Different countries have different requirements for those applying for citizenship with investment. Once these requirements are satisfied, then one is eligible to apply to the program.

General requirements that are common with all the programs include. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age. The applicant must also have a valid and legal source of income. Criminals and people of questionable income sources are not allowed to apply.

Further, applicants must ensure that they have clean criminal records. This means that they don’t have any criminal convictions on their police records. Thorough due diligence is carried out on every applicant to ensure that citizenship is offered to outstanding individuals.

Further, applicants need to engage government approved agents and consultants to help them fill out the forms and carry out the process accordingly.

What Are The Benefits Of A Second Passport?

When you have two passports, you don’t have to worry about travel. With a superior passport, you have visa-free access to hundreds of countries making it easier to travel.

In case of political upheaval in your home country, you and your family have a place to run to. You can also get the opportunity to seek more economic opportunities freely in your second country of residence.

You can also use your second passport to help expand your business beyond your home borders into other territories.


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