Things You Should Know Before Booking a River Cruise in Portugal – Food and Other

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Things You Should Know Before Booking a River Cruise in Portugal – Food and Other

In our previous articles “Introduction to the Tours Along the Douro River in Portugal” and “Things You Should Know Before Booking a River Cruise in Portugal – Ports of call” we have discussed some basic points and questions that you should cover, learn about, and get answers to before booking a cruise. In this article we will expand on this topic a little further and provide some additional advice on things you should know before committing to this endeavour.


Another important thing that you should ask about beforehand is food. While some people do well with little food, there are others who need to rely on it more heavily. For that reason make sure to learn about types of food that are going to be served on the cruise and how often will this happen.
In case you have any specific dietary requirements, whether they are medical or personal, ask your prospective agency whether the ship’s crew is willing and able to make the necessary adjustments to make sure that you eat healthy and your needs are satisfied on your trip.
Keep in mind that these cruises can last up to eleven days. For the period of time that the cruise lasts the ship will be your new home. That is why we advise that you do not hesitate in asking all the relevant questions to your prospective agency and do not commit to anything until you are sure that everything is perfect.


River cruises can be some of the best sightseeing opportunities with many interesting things to see along the way. The Portuguese Douro river cruises are no exception.
In addition to lovely coastal scenery, this particular river cruise comes with an opportunity to see Douro Vinhateiro region which is one of the most beautiful World Heritage sites.
If you do not care much for the scenery and sightseeing, you can always just lounge back on your ship and enjoy various interesting games and other entertainment activities.
Nearly all ships provided for this particular cruise contain casinos, for a cruise would just not be complete without some gambling opportunities.
If you are not interested in gambling, do not fret. This is just one of many interesting leisure activities that you will be able to enjoy abroad a cruise ship.
On that note, if you have children we strongly recommend that you make sure that the ship actually provides games and activities that are suitable for children. Many, but not all, ships have sections built specifically for families, and that is why we advise you always check what is available.

Sailing down the river Douro is a breathtaking adventure where you have a unique opportunity to relax on a luxury cruise ship while viewing the country of Portugal in all of its beauty. If this sounds like something that appeals to you, begin looking for a cruise today.

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