Whether one lives in the Baixa district or whether they are simply visiting for a period of time, there are some places they absolutely should add to the list of things to do while here.
Whether they love the city life of a large European metropolis, or have an interest in the traditional architecture, the Baixa district of the city of Lisbon is a perfect place for everyone.

The Rossio Square

Well known as one of the most popular squares in the city of Lisbon, the Rossio Square represents an ideal spot for the people who want to sit and relax or for those who want to make a stop off at one of the many cafés in the area.
There are two baroque fountains which are located on either side of the square, with an astonishing monument measuring twent seven meters high rising from the middle.

In one of the corners of the square is where one will find the Jewish Memorial – dedicated to those who have lost their lives during the Jewish Massacre of 1506 that had happened right on the square -. It is situated just in front of the church of São Domingo, which is another landmark in on itself.
There are numerous places for one to eat and drink at located throughout the square, but the Café Nicola is one of the most popular ones. Why no sit upon its terrace and enjoy a flavourful coffee and a light bight while bing in awe of the view that is on offer? Café Nicola has been established in the 18th century and today it is one of the oldest cafés in the city of Lisbon.

The Rua Augusta

The Rua Augusta street has been a predominantly pedestrianised area ever since the nineteen eighties. It is now home to an array of varying fashion retailers, cafés, and restaurants, and one can be entertained by one of the numerous peformers that line up the streets of Rua Auguta while visiting the area.
One can reach this this street from beneath the Rua Augusta Arch and teh clock tower. In addition to admiring the triumphal arch, one may also take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking architecture of the Pombaline style. The MUDE museum is also located in the Rua Augusta street.

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