The Financial Times magazine has stated that the country of Portugal attracts such great numbers of immigrants owing to the fact that it is a peaceful country where foreigners are exempt from taxes. The media outlet has also claimed that this trend helps the country of Portugal fight the low birth rate.
The welcoming mindset towards foreigners, the a society free of populism and divisions, and the residency program that offers exemption from taxes all make the country of Portugal a safe haven for migrants, according to the Financial Times.
The crime rate in the country of Portugal – the lowest one on the European continent – is another one of the major assets that help convince the foreigners to relocate to this sunny Mediterranean country.
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The media outlet has suggested that the country of Portugal is in a state of symbiosis. As far as investors are concerned ‘in an era of increasingly discordant politics, the perceived social peace of the country of Portugal is welcomed as a competitive advantage that is on par with its business environment, skilled workforce, and attractive quality of life, according to the analysts.

For Portugal, immigration comes to address low birth rates, population aging and declining portuguese citizens. A said by the Prime Minister, António Costa, immigration is crucial to fight the demographic crisis, and wishes to draw Europe into mobilising against populism and xenophobia.

Florbela Lima, a partner of EY Portugal, Portugal is attractive as a destination for emigration because of “political stability and social peace”.

Taking into account the modest Portuguese position in the economic rankings at the World Economic Forum, immigrants choose Portugal for the lifestyle they’re allowed to have here. And according to the Global Peace Index, the country has risen in the table and is already the third most peaceful country in the world, also being on the Top 20 of Condé Nast Traveler readers’ favourite countries around the world.

As a result, last year the number of foreign residents rose to nearly half a million people – an increase of 93,000 new foreign residents compared to 2017 (see graphic above).

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