Portugal: Europe’s Hottest Property Market

Portugal: Europe’s Hottest Property Market Not long ago, Portugal trailed its neighbours in attracting investment, especially after the economic crisis. The historic town of Lisbon was characterized by crumbling, decrepit buildings with s faded appearance. Golden Visa and Favourable Tax Come 2012, the government cracked the whip on rental controls and introduced tax breaks and […]

How to Sell a Property on PropertyLisbon.com

If one wishes to sell their property, or to seek advice from an industry professional, PropertyLisbon will help them by providing knowledge and thorough market analysis for their desired area, as well as for their specific property. How Can PropertyLisbon Help Someone Sell Their Property? Even though the Portuguese national law allows individuals to sell […]

After Sales Program

Some of the most famous neighbourhoods in the city of Lisbon are those in which one can find a historical feeling and the charm of traditional architecture, such as the historical Baixa area and Castelo area, for example. The Baixa area is located in the centre of the old Lisbon and it includes many of […]

The Best Area of The City of Lisbon for Property Investment

With plenty of sunshine and a stellar quality of life, the city of Lisbon has nearly bottomless potential to attract foreign investment, as the investors are able to find high-end properties situated in the historic centre of this marvelous city at half price when compared to similar properties in their country of origin. The Emerging […]

Property Market Bubble Does Not Affect Lisbon

If the city of Lisbon remains in the same tier as other large cities of the European continent, it is owing to the fact that increasing numbers of international investors acknowledge the strong potential that this city possesses. The 2019 Global Property Market Index which has been conducted and published by the UBS – a […]

Buying a Property in Portugal

A seaside oasis with mild temperatures, remarkable scenery, unique historical monuments, luscious cuisine, safety, and property market opportunities are what makes the country of Portugal such an attractive investment destination for foreigners. As a matter of fact, the country of Portugal provides an ideal setting for a full and happy life that many of us […]

The City of Lisbon Joins The One Belt, One Road Project – Beijing Praise!

The country of China has expressed deep appreciation towards the participation of the country of Portugal in the One Belt, One Road project, noting that the strategic location of the country of Portugal, as well as the fact that it was one of the first western European countries to join the international vision of Beijing.In […]

The City of Lisbon 1st Place in The Top 10 European Property Markets 2019

The city of Lisbon tops the rankings of the favourite destinations for property market in Europe in 2019. Even as the whole world is looking at the country of Portugal and its well heeled property market, the city of Lisbon did not rank among the top ten favourite property market destinations in Europe in 2018. […]

Property Investment in Portugal Expected to Increase in 2019

Property investment in the country of Portugal is expected to strengthen further this year, according to the latest study conducted and published by the Deloitte.According to seventy seven percent of property market agents who have been surveyed in the Portuguese Real Estate Investment Survey study, the property investment will continue to be the top priority […]

The Portuguese Golden Residency Permit – The Preferred Investment Is in Property

Since the inception of the program back in 2012, there have been twelve thousand two hundred and fifty four Portuguese Golden residency permits issued to the family members of the investors. The data which had been collected until the month of February of 2019 has demonstrated that the property is the preferred investment for the […]

US Sourced Investment Is Up in Portugal – Contrary to The 41% Chinese Sourced Investment Drop

Fourteen Portuguese Golden Visas have been issued to the citizens of the United States who, along with the citizens of Vietnam, have overtaken the citizens of Russia and South Africa in the volumes of applications for the Portuguese Golden Visa program.In the first quarter of 2019, however, the investment from the citizens of China from […]

The Economy of Portugal

The Economy of Portugal  Between 2008 and 2016, the Portugese economy suffered many tough choices.  The 2008 global financial crisis caused significant economic downturn in Portugal, and the government’s finance ministers had to maintain a delicate balance between stimulating the economy, and maintaining a reasonable average of public debt, on part with the rest of […]

Why Invest in Portugal Property

Why Invest in Portugal Property In the past, Portugal has often been overlooked as a lucrative investment location, as it was our neighboring country, Spain, that has received most attention. Recently, however, Portugal has joined the markets that are on the rise and started hitting the headlines as British and Irish investors especially increasingly shift […]

Top Reasons to Obtain the Portuguese Golden Visa – Investment Returns and Insurance

Since the Portuguese Golden Visa Program has been introduced in 2012, Property Lisbon has already assisted investors from over sixty countries throughout the process of investment in Portuguese property and the legal process of obtaining the Golden Visa through investment.Our experience in these processes has enabled us to compile the list of some of the […]



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