Think About Moving After Brexit Think About Portugal

If one is looking to relocate to the country of Portugal, they may be eligible for a very attractive tax program Portugal has to offer to its residents. As indicated by the EY’s Attractiveness survey, the country of Portugal has been rated as one of the most appealing country destinations on the European continent, and […]

The European Union Agrees to Visa Free Travel for The Britons post Brexit

The United Kingdom nationals would be able to enter the European Union visa free for short periods of time after the country makes its exit, provided that the nationals of the European Union enjoy the same conditions when traveling to the United Kingdom, the EU has stated.With five hundred and two votes in favour to […]

Brexit – Information for The British Travelers to Portugal

The recently announced extension of the Brexit negotiations for another six months, if one is traveling to the country of Portugal from the United Kingdom, they will probably want to know what will be different for them before planning their trip.The government of the country of Portugal is preparing a contingency plan for all of […]





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