Requirements for the Golden Visa in Portugal 2022, What to do next?

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Requirements for the Golden Visa in Portugal 2022.

The Portugal Golden visa program is quite popular. Started in 2012, many citizens of countries outside of the EU have had the opportunity to apply successfully, invest in a growing market and have eventually become citizens of an EU country.

There are many questions about the application process. There are also many people who wonder what they need to have to start the process and get approved to receive the residency permit in Portugal.

In this article, we are going to look at the application process and how to hasten by having all your documents ready in advance.

Online application for a Golden Visa in Portugal

The first step in the Golden Visa program is filling out the application forms. To successfully access and fill out the application forms on the Portuguese immigration website, you will be required to pre-register. 

At this stage, you will require a lawyer or Golden Visa consultant to help you get a pre-registration interview. You will then complete the application on a different website, and you will have to sign a power of attorney to allow your lawyer to act for you in the process.

You can carry out the process on your own. However, it is much easier and convenient if you have a professional guide you through it. With a lawyer by your side, they will notify you when you are required for an in-person interview and all the documents that you need to have with you.

They can facilitate your quick entry into the country and help you prepare for the interview. They will also follow up on the process for you if it takes too long to conclude and receive your residency permit.

Supporting evidence for successful application

For your citizenship by investment application to be successful, there are specific documents that you are required to have. Without them, it will be difficult for your application to be processed.

If you are applying also for your family members, it will be necessary for them to also have the following documents.

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The first is your passport. This will help prove your identification and your country of origin. This is important as the Golden Visa application is only valid for people who are not citizens of an EU country. 

Short stay EU Visa

This will help prove that you are in the country and the Schengen region at large legally. You need to visit the country for your pre-registration and interview before you start your Golden Visa application process.

Health insurance

You should also provide documents that prove you have valid health insurance that will help cater for your treatment in case you fall sick. The health insurance documents that you present for the application process should have been applied for not earlier than three months before the application period.

Valid criminal record certificate from your country

To be considered in the invest for citizenship program, you must not have a criminal record from your country or in any other European country. It is therefore important that you attach this document for a smoother application process.

Tax compliance and social security certificate

When applying for the Golden Visa in Portugal, it is important that you also show and include your tax compliance certificate from your country of origin or residence. Also, include your certificate to show that you contribute to your social security fund in your country.

Without your tax compliance certificate, transferring money from one country to another could be seen as laundering which is a crime.

Payment receipts for the Visa application

With your application documents, attach your receipts as evidence that you have paid the required Golden Visa fees. This will include the Golden Visa processing fee receipts, receipts for family members applications and renewal fees receipts.

Transfer of money to a Portuguese bank account

To be eligible for the Golden Visa program, you need to transfer money to invest in Lisbon real estate into a bank account in Portugal. This money needs to have come from a country outside of the EU region for the transfer and application to be valid.

With your application, attach evidence of this transaction.

You are required to transfer a minimum of € 1 million.

Evidence of jobs created

Citizenship by investment Portugal is quite flexible and provides different paths to achieve your goal. In addition to real estate investment, you can also create a minimum of ten jobs in the country. 

Ensure that you provide evidence of the ten jobs you have created by attaching employment contracts of the people you have employed.

Deeds for purchase of a real estate purchase in Portugal

Another eligibility aspect for the Golden Visa program in Portugal is by the purchase of a real estate purchase. Lisbon apartments are very popular with participants in the Portugal Golden Visa program.

In the application process, it is important to show that you intend to keep the investment in the country for at least five years. Five years is also the period that the Golden visa residency permit is valid for.

Application review period

Once you have completed the application process and attached all the above documents where required, all you have to do now is wait for the application review period to end.

Normally, the review period takes between two weeks and six months. You can stay in touch with your lawyer or Golden Visa consultant to let you know how the process is faring.

Receive residence permit

Once the visa application is successful, you will be notified. You will then be issued with a residence permit authorization card to indicate your legal status. You can use this to live and work in Portugal and to travel around the EU region.


The citizenship by investment program in Portugal is simple and straightforward. For this, it is very popular. This may be the cause for the long period it might take before your application is processed and approved. Ensure that you have legal representative advice you as you go along this process.


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