It is possible to obtain citizenship in Portugal through investment. This is what the Portuguese Golden Visa by investment means, in a nutshell. It grants foreign nationals who invest a minimum of €500,000 residency in the country.

The requirements, aside from being a non-EU national, include being able to invest in the investment plans the nation provides. These include real estate, entrepreneurship as well as trading in shares. The companies you invest in must, however, be based in Portugal.

Since its inception in 2012, thousands of investors have flocked to the country and benefited from the scheme. A majority of them are Chinese nationals. Many investors look for opportunities in fast-growing and stable economies to invest their money.

The Golden Visa Investment Scheme is in High demand

Owing to the sheer number of individuals that have taken the offer up, it is safe to say that the scheme has been a success. Portugal designed this program to enable foreign nationals to invest in the country.

The scheme has brought in a large number of investors and earned the country a lot of revenue. Portuguese Golden Visa by Investment has, therefore, been a success. Portugal is a thriving economy with a booming real estate industry.

As a result, the Golden Visa is expected to continue attracting investors in the foreseeable future. As long as one qualifies for the visa, they can apply for the visa and in five years’ time, they qualify for permanent residency. In six years, the investor qualifies to apply for citizenship.

Additional means of Obtaining the Visa

It is not only real estate and shares that can get one a residence permit in Portugal. Also, injecting €1,000,000 into the country in the form of capital can get you a Golden Visa. Moreover, creating at least 10 employment opportunities in Portugal also makes you eligible for the visa.

Investors have started enterprises such as travel agencies and other companies that create jobs in Portugal. As a result, Portugal has benefitted financially from these investments.


Anyone who is not a citizen or either EU/EEA countries or Switzerland can qualify for a Golden Visa. The Portuguese Golden Visa by investment qualifies any individual that meets the requirement. Thus, if you have some money and need investment opportunities, Portugal is the place for you.

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