Picture the scene…

Eyes closed, you breathe in the rich, smoky scent of freshly ground coffee swirling with the sweet cinnamon spice of pastel de nata.

As the morning sun glints gracefully on the sea at the horizon and caresses the terracotta rooftops below your balcony, you sip your cuppa, take a bite of your tart and gradually think about easing into your day.

You can enjoy this cool, cathartic routine every morning when you’re living a leisurely lifestyle in an elegant European capital like Lisbon – with the peace of mind and freedom of movement inherent in Portuguese and EU citizenship.

And if you’re a non-EU/EFTA third-country national, a Portuguese passport via Citizenship by investment in Portugal can be yours in six years thanks to the accessible Portugal Golden Visa citizenship by investment scheme.

But with the €500k, €350k and €280k Golden Visa Portugal investments available, how do you know which is right for you?

Read this blog right now and find out!

Portugal Golden Visa – The Basics

It’s ironic that as technology has made the world smaller and business across borders easier for many entrepreneurs, outdated immigration rules mean that some of us can’t easily access the lifestyle and commercial benefits of living in a premium EU location like Portugal.

However, since it was introduced in 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa system has enabled thousands of non-EU/EFTA nationals the freedom to live and work in Portugal with their loved ones, without the onerous restrictions of having to stay there permanently throughout the qualification process.

That’s right – this route to residency takes five years to confer residency rights and six for full citizenship, but you only need to stay in Portugal for seven days during the first year and a minimum of 24 days in each subsequent year. Consequently, there’s no huge upheaval for you and your family, you can holiday in Portugal each year or spend a little longer as you wish, and while you’re not there you can generate a handsome income by renting out your property.

What’s more, once you have Portuguese citizenship, you unlock all of the benefits EU citizenship brings – including a generous family reunion policy which makes the process of obtaining the same rights for your nearest and dearest reasonably simple.
But another attractive advantage of Portuguese residency is that it can mean that you qualify for Non-Habitual Residency –NHR Portugal status, which has some seriously beneficial advantages in terms of taxation.

The main condition is that you have to purchase an eligible Portuguese property with a value of either €500k, €350k or €280k – to find out which route best meets your requirements, take a look at out breakdown below.

What Is The €500k Portugal Golden Visa?

The €500k Portugal Golden Visa is the most popular pick amongst our investors, most probably because of its sheer simplicity.

Put simply, subject to providing some evidential paperwork, all you need to do to qualify for this route is buy a property that costs €500,000.

So if you have the wherewithal, this route keeps the whole process neat and tidy and an added benefit is that because properties with this price tag tend to be premium quality and hence in little need of refurbishment (outwith alterations dictated by personal taste). Basically, they’re ready for you to spend time in or rent out immediately, with little or no further investment necessary.

What Is The 350k Portugal Golden Visa?

In some ways, the 350k Golden Visa Portugal does what it says on the tin – the main criteria for qualification is that you buy a property valued at €350,000 at least.

However, there are a few additional conditions and considerations which apply to this route:

  • Your property must be situated in one of Portugal’s Urban Rehabilitation Areas (ARU), it must have been built over 30 years ago and/or be in need of refurbishment, and the sum total of the property value and renovation costs must add up to over €350,000.
  • In terms of paperwork particular to this route, to evidence the final requirement you have to provide evidence that you have planning permission for the refurbishment work, have contracted workers to complete it and that you have the relevant investment funds lodged in a legitimate Portuguese bank account.

As you can see, this route suits someone who has the time, and energy to devote to overseeing the necessary property refurbishments. However, at Property Lisbon we can make this process completely hassle-free by helping you source properties with the paperwork ready in place and recommending a reliable and skilled local builder who will complete your project to budget and timescale.

What Is The 280k Portugal Golden Visa?

The €280k Portugal Golden Visa route is obviously the most economical, but again, it comes with certain mandatory requirements:

  • The eligible properties in this route must be located in a low-density area, where there are less than 100 inhabitants per 1000 square metres, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is below 75% of the national average.

There are several advantages to this route – the lower entry price means that you might choose to purchase two or three properties to rent out, the reselling market can be better than in major cities because there’s plentiful purchasing activity from foreign investors, and since Portugal’s tourist market is nationwide, you still won’t struggle to rent out your property.

Portugal Golden Visa – Next Steps

Now that you have a better idea about the differences and commonalities between the €500k, €350k and €280k visas, you’re probably veering slightly more towards one route than another.

However, you can find more information on the entire process by reading our comprehensive Golden Visas Guide and we’re also always on hand to happily answer your questions and help you take the next step towards the freedom and flexibility you’re yearning for.

And naturally, if you pop in to see us in person, the coffee and pastel de nata is on us!

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