This rustic 5 bedroom villa is located in Boelhe, a Penafiel parish. Penafiel is a municipality and former bishopric in the northern Portuguese district of Porto. Penafiel is one of the counties of northern Portugal that attracts more tourists, both for its natural beauty and for its human heritage.
Penafiel is a municipality with a strong vocation and tourist appeal. They have an interest in various areas, such as its heritage, its gastronomy, its natural landscapes, its traditions, fairs, and festivities, to which, are added tourist structures built and under construction.
Penafiel is a county of hills, valleys, and rivers.
This villa has 390 sqm, comprising 2 floors. The ground floor consists of, a game room and a bathroom. The first floor is distributed by an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living room, and 4 suites. It has a cultivation land with 0,8 hectares.

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Property Features

  • Countryside
  • golden visa
  • investment opportunity
  • Nort of Portugal
  • Penafiel
  • Porto
  • Quality of Life
  • Rural
  • Rustic
  • Swimming Pool