New development, currently being renovated with 8 apartments between Praça de Espanha and El Corte Inglês mall.
Discreet, noble, and boasting top quality materials, the apartments follow the most current architectural trends, combining respect for the original design of the building and the latest construction technologies.
The absolute comfort of the materials chosen is felt throughout all rooms, with top market technologies simplifying everyday life, discreetly merged into a contemporary urban environment.

The best feature of this development is definitely the garden and the pool area.
Yes, there is a secret garden, a truly secret garden with pool, far from the eyes of all, opened to the west, where the sun shines almost 300 mornings a year.
Choosing Lisbon ́s New Avenues to live is a great choice! Living two steps away from almost everything, you are also able to walk almost anywhere or ride any of the transports which cover the city from end to end. Plus, all the main exits from Lisbon, as well as the most direct route to the airport, are right in sight.

About Praça de Espanha area:
Praça de Espanha, right at the doorstep, will be changed into a large nature-based solution urban park, linking the Gulbenkian Park to Sete Rios area. It will connect its green areas to the Vale de Alcântara green corridor, linking up the city’s natural amenities, such as Monsanto Park – for which the city has received the Sustainable Forest Management Certification – and the Tagus River, with cycle paths and walkways, giving its citizens greater access to green spaces.
Along this corridor, more than 600 trees will be allowing wildlife to flourish, protecting its biodiversity, in a commitment to protect and enhance the city’s natural areas, while also providing quality outdoor recreational space for its citizens.