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280,000 euro citizenship passport investment Portugal

In July 2015 the Portuguese government introduced a new investment solution that opens the doors for more foreign investors. Portugal’s residency allowed now can be acquired with an investment of just € 280,000 in properties that are more than 30 years old or located in urban rehabilitation areas. This allows the regeneration of city centers and the improvement of the real estate and tourism sector. The main benefits of the program are: a low property investment level, fast processing and a minimal requirement for residency. After 5 years, investors and their family members become eligible for permanent residency in Portugal and qualify for EU citizenship one year later. Portugal Golden Visa is one of the fastest and most transparent investor visa program in Europe.

Tourism revenue in Portugal has had a sustainable growth of 8.7% per year over the last five years Member of EU and Schengen area Modern industrial and agricultural country One of Europe’s most developed road network 6 airports, complete railway network, and 10 main ports More than 300 higher education Institutions and Universities Public hospitals and health centers provide good and free medical services. Currency is the euro (€) One of the most secure countries in the world.

  • Up to 4% annual return rate guaranteed
  • Easy and flexible exit strategy 
  • 5 full years for permanent residency and / or citizenship by naturalization •
  • 100% funds return after 7 years 
  • 7 days of free accomodation each year 
  • Great location and a fantastic Hotel concept

The investment qualifies for the Portuguese Golden Visa program (ARI / Golden Visa).

The total Investment amount of € 21 Million Will be divided into 75 fractions of € 280,000 each

• The 75 Investors will be co-owners of the property, including the condo areas, restaurant and spa.

• 7 days of free accommodation each year

• Ownership Certificate will be issued to each investor

• The 75 fractions can be sold back individually at any time

• Guarantee of up to 4% (starting from the first full year of the hotel operation)

• After 6 years, the 100% return on the funds invested is guaranteed.

• Profits will be retained in a fund to guarantee the return of the investment

• Qualifies for government incentives

• Portugal 2020 funds support from the EU

• IMT and IMI (Real Estate Taxes) exemption

A Luxury Resort in an iconic building that was once a Monastery. The Investment project comprises the rehabilitation of the Monastery built in 1590, which will be transformed into a Luxury Resort and SPA with 75 suites, a spa, an outdoor and indoor pool, two stylish restaurants, gardens and 4 villas. The Investment Project aims to revive the allure of the Monastery ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay during any time of the year and the Resort will be managed by an international hospitality brand. The historical uniqueness of the building will be preserved by means of combining contemporary luxury details and the charm of classic furniture pieces. It intends to offer a set of timeless spaces associated with a service of high efficiency. The Resort will be managed by an international hospitality brand.

  • 1,5 hour drive from Lisbon and the airport
  • 20 minutes from Evora (roman and medieval city, UNESCO Patrimony)
  • 30 minutes from Badajos (Spain) Borba, Estremoz, Evoramonte are near by
  • 20 minutes from Alqueva, the biggest artificial lake in Europe. (250 km2)
  • 30 minutes to Campo Maior where is the winery made by Siza Vieira

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Address: Evora
  • Country: Portugal, Portuguese Republic
  • City / Town: Lisbon
  • Neighborhood: PH
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WhatsApp : + 351 915 007 686
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