Investors for yield return, Golden Visa Investors and Business Entrepreneurs. Please pay attention to the below.

This building is located just 10 minutes drive from Lisbon International Airport.

Fully furnished and newly renovated. This building has been designed to facilitate a Long Term Hostel Activity.

12 Dormitory rooms complete with a total of 48 bunk-beds, Storage and full-room furnishings, 8 bathrooms, 4 fully fitted kitchens with modern appliances, large open common areas and a large outdoor rear terrace. This building is a business waiting to launch.

The building consists of 4 apartments, each with their own bathroom and kitchen. An additional 4 bathrooms are located into the communal areas.

Large, clean and practical kitchens offer full and every-day facilities to guests.

This investment can come with a guaranteed and secure fixed yield minimum of 8.2% for 5 or 10 years.

This Investment can be aquired with a secure, legally binding and long-term rental agreement in place. This agreement would be signed before the aquisition and would be an “owner to enterprise” contract. Variables are negotiable.

This investment serves as a ” Golden Visa Vehicle Investment” for the full 5 year program, a high and solid yield return with no management costs. An easy and lucrative remote Investment.

On-the-ground and active entrepreneurs that wish to command their own management are invited to increase the (already highly favourable) returns.

: Bus lines serving multiple Lisbon City Centre locations are just 3 minutes walk from the Hostel.
: Supermarket Azevedo is 5 mins walk from the Hostel
: The large Park of Parque Urbano do Reguengo is 4 minutes walk from the Hostel.
: Bars and Restaurants are within 3 minutes walk from the Hostel.