How has the austerity helped the creatives of the city of Lisbon to succeed?
On a sun drenched morning the streets of the Santos neighborhood of the city of Lisbon echo with the melancholic sounds of construction. The scaffolding and the nets cover the facades of many of the distressed buildings in this lovely historic neighbourhood.
In the newly refurbished buildings with the shiny new facades of – azulejo – tiles there are quirky restaurants, cafés, bookshops, design shops, traditional bakeries, and art galleries, all sitting comfortably side by side.
Across the city of Lisbon, the patterned sidewalks and trams bustle throuh as an ever increasing number of visitors is soaking

up to its relaxed pace and old world charm. It is clear everywhere one looks that the city of Lisbon is on the rise, and part of tis appeal lies in the art and culture scene that live and thrive all throughout the city. Both of these have, until very recently, been a very well kept secret of the city.
The opening of the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology – the MAAT – which took place last October, as well as the launch of the art fair – the ARCO Lisboa – which is now it the second year of its existence, have both attracted international art lovers into the city of Lisbon. Both of these are also responsible, in part, for the influx of new and positive energy in the city of Lisbon, luring the foreign creatives from other European capitols and expat Portuguese back home.
The Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology – the MAAT – sits in the picturesque district of the city of Lisbon – the Belem district of the city -, upon the waterfront of the vast Tagus River.
Gandaho, who has left a prestigious job as a curator at the MoMA museum in New York cito so that he could return to the country of Portugal and lead the museum, has expressed his hopes to tap into the new mixture in the city so that the MAAT can become a platform upon which Portuguese art could be shown to the world.

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