If one wishes to sell their property, or to seek advice from an industry professional, PropertyLisbon will help them by providing knowledge and thorough market analysis for their desired area, as well as for their specific property.

How Can PropertyLisbon Help Someone Sell Their Property?

Even though the Portuguese national law allows individuals to sell their properties through as many agencies as they want at the same time, at PropertyLisbon we can assure our clients that we will do our very best to qualify a buyer for their property.
PropertyLisbon has a unique proactive approach that enables us to position our company authentically and strategically on the market.
One may learn more about the documentation that is required when selling property in Portugal on our website.

PropertyLisbon Invests Massive Amounts of Effort into Our Overseas Clients

As it is one of the main differentiating points of our company, investing effort into our international clients has opened many house doors for us – figuratively and literally -. PropertyLisbon does not wait for the right client to come to us, instead, we are willing to travel and look for them ourselves.
From China to United Arab Emirates, from Russia to South Africa, and many, many more –  PropertyLisbon’s private client meetings have extended our client portfolio, which has also enabled us to provide a guarantee that the properties will be sold in a short period of time.
PropertyLisbon’s marketing strategy is unique on the market and it allows our private owners, and business partners to grow with us.
One may book their private meeting with our team on our website.
By promoting the properties we are selling on our online platforms as well, we can ensure that our client’s property for sale is exposed to a wider international audience. This has been made possible by the fact that we have an outlined plan that includes describing the property and its characteristics, and showing the photos that showcase each individual property’s unique potential for investment.
One may refer to our Instagram property gallery for examples.

PropertyLisbon Has Independent Listers and Sales Staff

Employing independent teams of professionals allows PropertyLisbon to boast complete transparency, both within the company itself and before our clients.Usually, most of the property investment companies in Portugal

have joint listers and sales staff which means that they are able to earn two commissions per sale if they sell one of their properties, but by dividing our team at PropertyLisbon, we are able to give an honest and unbiased opinion into the Portuguese property market.
One may meet our team by contacting us through our website.

PropertyLisbon Provides Property Market Expertise

If one is not sure what price they should be selling their property for, PropertyLisbon will provide them with an analysis on how much a property is worth, coming to a selling price that is fair to both our client – the seller – and the buyer. PropertyLisbon takes into consideration the contemporary market trends as well as the actual price of a square meter in the area in which the property is situated, and give the buyer a full breakdown, anticipating all the numerical, operational, and strategic decisions in relation to the property. Even though PropertyLisbon dedicates the same amount of effort to all our properties, if one has urgency in selling theirs, PropertyLisbon is open to negotiate the percentage of the commission – starting at five per cent -, and focus all of our work into selling it within a shorter time frame.
One is also free to list their property for sale with any number of other agencies, but at PropertyLisbon we can guarantee that the property will be fully and carefully taken care of regardless, and that it will be given all the attention it deserves,

PropertyLisbon Provides Updates on Property

From time to time, PropertyLisbon’s listings department will be available to update our clients about their property in regards to the amount of visits, inquiries, and views it has had in the meantime.

PropertyLisbon Aims to Establish Long-Term Relationship with Our Selling Clients

PropertyLisbon helps our clients sell their property but if they are satisfied with our service, we are also able to help them find a new investment and make business with us again, thereby adding value to our already established B2B relationship.

PropertyLisbon Operates from The City of Lisbon to The World

By selling property with PropertyLisbon, one is trusting their asset to a distinguished top-flight property investment company. PropertyLisbon has been awarded with the Best Property Market Agency Website, and Property Market Company Single Office in Portugal, by the International Property Awards.
We work every day to establish PropertyLisbon as a credible company, and we are regularly increasingly motivated to become a bigger and an even more reliable property investment company, as well as to be well-known within markets across the globe.
One may learn more about why working with us is a good idea on our website.
If one has property they would like to sell with PropertyLisbon, they may fill out the form that they can find on our website and one of our property market experts will get in touch with them shortly.

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