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Portugal Property Price Increase on Golden Visa Investments

Golden Visa Property Surge in Portugal


A recent report conducted and published by Portugal’s National Institution of Statistics, has shown that, in the third quarter of 2018 alone, the house prices in Portugal had risen by seven-point-six percent when compared to the previous year. In the quarters from two to three of 2018 alone, the house prices in Portugal have experienced growth of one-point-three percent.

An impressive thirty one thousand five hundred and thirty five property transactions have been withnessed in Portugal in the period between July and September of 2018. That is fifteen-point-eight percent more property transactions than in the same period of time in 2017.
The total value of capital that has been generated by these sales is three-point-six billion euros.
Lisbon, the capitol of Portugal, and its surrounding area are responsible for the largest portion of property sales in the country. Lisbon and its surrounding area alone have accounted for thirty four percent of total property transactions in all of Portugal in this period.

Since the economic crisis that hit Portugal back in 2012/2013, the Portuguese market has been steadily growing and getting back on its feet. As a result of this improvement, property prices in Portugal have experienced a significant growth over the past few years.
Since the first quarter of 2013 up until today the prices of property in Portugal have risen by a full fourteen percent and all the market data analisys seem to indicate that there does not seem to be any signs of these rises slowing down either. As of now, the current appreciation rate stands at around four-point-five percent per annum.

The Portuguese Golden Visa program is certainly one of the major factors that contribute for these increases in the property prices. This statement is backed up by the fact that, since the introduction of the Golden Visa program back in October of 2012, Portugal has seen a major boost to its economy.
The Portuguese Golden Visa program remains one of the strongest ones of such nature in the world, and remains extremely popular for those investors who are looking for a flexible residency program in Europe as well as the opportunity to become eligible and apply for citizenship after the six year period.

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350.000 Golden Visa Properties

Lisbon Golden Visa Apartments

Alegria 350 GOLDEN VISA

For Sale

Alegria 350 GOLDEN VISA

Call for price

The Principe Real neighborhood was named after Queen D. Maria II’s firstborn son and is nowadays of the most elegant and calm neighborhoods in Lisbon. It’s one of the most vibrant and elegant areas of Lisbon filled with residences, trendy shops, stunning gardens and a couple of the city’s most tranquil squares to enjoy. When […]


For Sale


from 425,000€

The Anjos area is a central neighborhood of Lisbon that has been going through a deep renovation and has attracted many investors, young families and artists. This commercial and residential area is a few minutes away from Baixa and will soon include a strong cultural investment in the former abandoned Desterro Hospital. This particular development […]

350 Golden Visa Algarve

For Sale

This resort is located in front of “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world”, according to the renowned Condé Nast Traveller magazine. The pleasant and safe city nearby is located offers a charming historical center, which has all the commodities that you might eventually need. This particular resort offers not only a great […]

2 Bed apartments qualifying for the 350,000 Golden visa – Citizenship by investment


For Sale

2 Bed apartments qualifying for the 350,000 Golden visa Rental guarantee options on Lisbon apartments We are the market leader in Portugal for Golden visa and reduced cost citizenship by investment in Portugal and can offer, brand new quality apartments in buildings that will be totally recovered. Avoid the risks of renovating single units in […]

Golden visa Lisbon Portugal 2 bedrooms with outside space only 399,000 Euro

For Sale

Golden visa Lisbon Portugal 2 bedrooms with outside space only 399,000 Euro Delivered brand new and key ready We have two units for sale here in a small building. One ground floor with terrace one 3rd floor. Located along the river from the historic centre you will find Alcantara often known as Docas where the […]

85 m2
350k Golden visa Portugal rehabilitation program – Prices from 170,000 – 380,000 Euro + a Shop

For Sale

350k Golden visa Portugal rehabilitation program Prices from just 170,000 Euro buy two units A very rare chance to buy an apartment or shop in a 350,000 euro Golden Visa compliant building in Lisbon Portugal. The area is not so well known as some but it is a very highly regarded area by locals and […]

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Portugal Golden Visa Go through

Reduced Citizenship Investment Option and its many Benefits

Since its introduction in 2012, the Portuguese Golden Visa program has been steadily rising in popularity and is considered by many to be one of the best residency programs in the world.
Nearly three and a half billion euros has been invested in the country in less than six years since the begining of the program, and the effects are visible everywhere. Perhaps nowhere can be a better example than Lisbon. Lisbon is a cosmopolitan metropolis, the capitol of Portugal, and possesses a rich history.
It has undergone a series of constructions, restorations, and regenerations, while its landscape still maintains its unique history, culture, and architectural integrity. All of Portugal’s major cities have undergone extensive renovation, updating quality of life systems such as plumbing, electrics, and windows, but without changing the exterior facades, thus preserving the traditional aesthetics.
The key distinguishing feature of the Golden Visa program from others like it, is the focus on maintaining the architectural beauty and history of Portugal’s major cities.

Reduced investment option at €350,000
Where the traditional Golden Visa program requires an investment of €500,000(65A-c), the reduced investment option stipulates that a Golden Visa can be issued to those investing as little as €350,000(65A-d), provided that the investment is made in a property slated for renovation, more than 30 years old, or located in a designated area of urban rehabilitation. The introduction of this option at the end of 2015 demonstrates the importance the government places on rehabilitation. The rules and laws surrounding property renovation can be rigid, and making sure that the required conditions are met can be a challenging and tedious process. In spite of that, the interest in the area in increasing with each passing day, and the reasons for it are clear. The potential for capital gain, especially due to the location and the style of the properties, is obviously very high. Additionally, it is important to note that the minimum investment requirement includes the cost of renovation, not just the value of the property itself.

Golden Visa applications on the rise
Since the first 65A-d Golden Visa was issued in July 2016, in just eighteen months the number has grown exponentially, surpassing one hundred 65A-d category Golden Visas issued. With over five thousand hundred total Golden Visas issued to date, category 65A-d visas comprised only 0.39% of the total number of Golden Visas issued by the Portuguese authorities by February 2017. However, in just one year, this ratio has grown more than five-fold, rising to 2.05%. The legislation is obviously still in its infancy, however, the trend is clear. Due to the advantages of the program, both for investors and for Portugal’s urban rehabilitation goals, the trend of upward growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Portugal Golden Visa Property Investment

Property Lisbon Golden Visa Apartments

Buildings for sale in Lisbon city Portugal -Avenida da Liberdade area 1-3 beds


For Sale

Buildings for sale in Lisbon city Portugal Here we have a wonderful investment opportunity to renovate a building near the famous AV Liberdade. Project approved for 6 Lisbon apartments which will contain: Two 1 bedroom apartments offering 65 sqm in size Three 2 bedroom Lisbon apartments between 75 and 90sqm in size And one 3 […]

530 m2
Building for renovation next the Avenida da Liberdade – Project approved with issued license


For Sale

Building project in Lisbon city centre for renovation Next, to the famous Avenida da Liberdade, you will find this character Lisbon building for sale. It retains a wonderful 19th-century facade. The building benefits from 5 floors which contains two bedroom apartments across floors 1-2-3. The top floor has a one bedroom apartment. The ground floor […]

492 m2
New development in Baixa Lisbon  full building renovation – 2 bed Apartments for sale from €660,000-€670,000


For Sale

Located in the middle of downtown Lisbon, next to Praca Comercio and the Tagus river, the Baixa new development is surrounded by many shops, theatres, museums, cafes, restaurants and touristic attractions, to enjoy the best that Lisbon has to offer at a walking distance. Baixa has been going through some significant renovations which made of […]

80 m2
8 Bed Villa for sale in Alentejo, Portugal

For Sale

Beautiful property with 6 hectares located in the heart of Alentejo, between two villages (Vila de Frades and Vidigueira). One hour and half away from Lisbon, 30 min from the city of Évora and 15 min from Beja. At the centre of the property, there are two twinned houses, composed by a ground floor and […]

420 m2
1 Bed furnished Apartment for sale between the zone of São Bento and Chiado


For Sale

In the centre of Lisbon, located between the zone of São Bento and Chiado, we have this magnificent 1 bedroom apartment. Fully furnished, with modern and functional decoration. It has one parking space; two elevators. The apartment is inserted in a historic building, an old Palace – Palácio Flor da Murta. The building has been […]

66 m2
Luxury apartment with 4 glamorous bedrooms.252sqm Apartment for sale in Lisbon, Portugal


For Sale

Luxury apartments in Lisbon for sale This beautiful apartment is located in central Lisbon, more precisely at the heart of Lisbon’s design district. The neighbourhood is considered to be the design district of the capital. In the Santos o-Velho area you can find several design shops and also art galleries. This neighbourhood is very contemporary […]

252 m2

Silver Coast Golden Visa

Golden Visa – Invest in Portugal’s Silver Coast

It should come as no surprise that most of the international investors in Portugal are focusing most of their attention to major Portuguese cities such as Lisbon and Porto. This, however, results in many Portuguese hidden gems for lucrative property investment being overlooked. The stunning Silver Coast region of Portugal is one such example.

The Silver Coast region is no farther than thirty five to forty five minutes away from Lisbon, the Portugal’s capitol. It is an outstanding area full of stunning landscapes and government-protected natural beauty, such as golden sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean waters spreading all the way along the coastline.
In addition to a number of charming and traditional Portuguese towns, the region is also home to five Gold and Beach Resorts that have won numerous awards for their quality. These resorts are equipped with a number of luxury properties that have been attracting many high profile owners and celebrities to this particular region of Portugal over many years.
The historic town of Lourinha can also be found in this part of Portugal, nestled between two of the most popular Golf resorts in this region.

It is this historic town that the Jurassic dinosaur remains have recently been discovered in. This has led to Portuguese government developing plans for building a new Jurassic era-themed amusement park in Lourinha, in hopes to further boost tourism in this area. The new amusement park is predicted to attract additional two hundred thousand new visitors to the region each year.
All of these factors combined make the Silver Coast of Portugal a great prospect for investors who seek to achieve profitable rental returns on property investment in this region.

For all these reasons, Property Lisbon has compiled a number of different properties located along the Portuguese Silver coast, to offer to our prospective investors and clients. A great number of these property investment opportunities also come with a five percent guaranteed rental return per year over the following three year period.
Additionally, Property Lisbon investment package in any of these properties also includes up to six months of personal usage for the owner each year. For those looking for both a lucrative rental property and a nice holiday home in Portugal, this is more than a perfect opportunity.

It is also worth mentioning that property prices in this region are extremely competitive, especially in comparison to Lisbon. A square meter on the Silver Coast costs an average €2,500, while in Lisbon the prices of a square meter start at €5,000 and continue on upwards. This is yet another reason for savvy investors to start considering Silver Coast as their next “go-to” region for property investment in Portugal.

For more information on this topic, Golden Visa, and property investment options in Portugal, contact us at and our team of experts will happily answer all your questions.

Lisbon Golden Visa Properties

Apartment and Buildings for sale in Lisbon Portugal Golden Visa Portugal


Golden Visa – No More Uncertainty

Golden Visa – No More Uncertainty There was a lot of speculation about whether participants in the Portuguese Golden Visa program would be eligible for full citizenship after they have held a Golden Visa for the specified time frame. As the first group of Golden Visa holders in Portugal have begun to finish their

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Portugal Golden Visa Program Golden Visa Portugal through Property Investment Launched in 2012, the investor visa program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese government, and has become one of the most popular programs in Europe, attracting investors with its flexibility and many benefits.

Golden Visa – Citizenship by Investment

Golden Visa – Citizenship by Investment The Golden Visa program has been put in place by the Portuguese government in order to make the Portuguese citizenship, residency, and immigration, simpler, easier, and faster to acquire by foreign investor, and is here to be your closest partner on this

Reduced Citizenship Investment Option and its many Benefits
ApartmentBuildingCommercialGolden visa 350,000Golden Visa 500,000New DevelopmentsRenovation projectsTownhouseVilla All Types Any Bedrooms 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Min Price 200,000€ 350,000€ 500,000€ 750,000€ 1,000,000€ Max Price 200,000€ 250,000€ 300,000€ 350,000€ 400,000€ 500,000€ 600,000€ 700,000€ 800,000€ 1,000,000€ 2,000,000€ Search Search Through Our Great Lisbon Properties For Sale Portfolio Reduced Citizenship Investment Option [...]
Portugal’s Golden Visa – Benefits and Timeline

Portugal’s Golden Visa – Benefits and Timeline Benefits of the Program – Permanent free entry and travel throughout Portugal – Permanent free entry and travel throughout the other 25 countries that are part of the Schengen Zone. – Legal permission to live and work in Portugal, while keeping another residence

Portugal Golden Visa Costs

Portugal Golden Visa Costs Make sure that you are provided with a full and transparent quote as travel expenses, government fees and taxes, and professional fees all add to your total Golden Visa costs. No matter which investment route you are taking, you must consider visa application fees, issuing fees, and the


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