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There are probably a dozen or so golden visa programs out there, but none of them compare to the much talked about Portuguese golden visa program. Unlike other programs, the golden visa Portugal is clearly defined with no hidden requirements. This investment-based visa allows you to acquire full citizenship in about 5 years after application.

How to Invest for The Portuguese Golden Visa

There are numerous ways you can make a golden visa Portugal investment and become a resident. These investment options were set to bring the much-needed wealth into the country through foreign direct investments. The investment option you choose is dependent on your current financial situation and priorities.

Golden Visa Portugal Investment for Nomads

Today’s business environment has given rise to a new breed of nomads who prefer to hop from country to country as they work. Are you a nomad? Here is how you can get a golden visa that will allow you access to Portugal and much of Europe.

  • Buy some property in Portugal- Spend at least €500,000 on a house in Portugal and apply for a golden visa.
  • Invest in Portugal– Portugal is, by far, one of the most lucrative business destinations in Europe. A relatively stable economy and vibrant business environment mean there are several opportunities you can invest in. Put at least 350,000 into a Portuguese private equity fund or venture capital fund and you will be eligible for the golden visa Portugal investment program.

Being a nomad, a golden visa like this will help you move around Europe with ease. You will also get unfettered access to the stable banking system in the country. Golden visa applicants can also apply for special tax exemptions once they are granted residency. You will only need to be in Portugal a couple of days in a year until you attain full citizenship.

Golden Visa- Researchers and Scientists

There is an easy route for those interested in cutting edge scientific and technological innovation and research.  By investing at least 350,000 Euros in a recognized research project or institution in Portugal, you will be eligible for a golden visa.

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Portugal Golden Visa

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