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Golden Visa Portugal 350000 – The Easy Route to Europe 

Want resident-like access to Portugal and much of Europe? Here is an easy and quick route you can take; Golden Visa Portugal 350000.  What does it mean and how can you get the visa with only 350000 Euros? Here is a quick and comprehensive guide for those who want to acquire full citizenship in Portugal.

I Want to Settle in Portugal- Golden Visa 350000

The golden visa gives foreigners an opportunity to live, work, and invest in Portugal and much of Europe (Schengen area) by way of a direct investment. You can choose to make a capital investment, purchase some property in Portugal, start a company or make other types of investments.

The Golden Visa Portugal 35000 is used to refer to the most popular option so far to get the visa. What does it entail, and how fast can you get one?

Golden Visa Portugal 350000 Explained

A majority of entrants into the Portuguese golden visa program have taken the 350,000 Euro investment option to get their citizenship. It’s by far the cheapest option to the visa provided you can meet the following additional requirements:

  • It’s meant for the government’s regeneration project- bringing old or disused properties that have a meaning to the country’s heritage and culture. The property you choose must be at least thirty years old. It should also be part of the urban regeneration project and valued at 350,000 Euros plus taxes and renovation costs.
  • Channel the 350,000 Euros into a recognized research program in the country
  • Put the 350,000 Euros into a private equity fund in the country. Some people find this option quite attractive due to its’s hands-off, low-maintenance nature.
  • Fund an already established business in Portugal with at least 35000 Euros (venture capital)

Many people would find the Golden Visa Portugal 350000 quite attractive and affordable.  Join the over a thousand entrants who have taken this route to get their permanent residence in Portugal. Much of the property you purchase using the Golden Visa 35000 program is quite important to the culture and, therefore a safe investment option.

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