The property market in Portugal, especially in its capital Lisbon offers investment opportunities for people interested in the Golden Visa in Portugal. With currency fluctuations over the past month, this potentially offers our investors the opportunity to save some money and lock in even more growth and equity, when the market rapidly returns to normal.

Portugal Golden visas can be obtained from 280,000 outside the main cities and from 350,000 as a reduced Golden visa option in Lisbon and Porto.

On top of the cost of the property, you will have extra-legal fees and renewals on top, so right now you could maybe save some of these costs by locking in your currency and reserving a unit over the phone with our sales team.

The government are luckily in a stable place and able to help support businesses during this shutdown and with Lisbon being so popular for tourism, business and lifestyle it still remains sure for a big bounce back when people want to enjoy a safe and healthy quality of life.

The sun rises every day and the Portuguese spirit and hospitality remain, and maybe after these dark times, people will value the simple things in life that Portugal offers in abundance.

Prices in Lisbon and Porto have continued to rise every year, but still, the city offers a fantastic and safe quality of life for all its new residents and buyer for the Golden Visa in Portugal. Compared to London & Paris Lisbon seems to be a dream city to live in, retire too or at least spend time in.

When you work with Property Lisbon we can introduce you to buildings that will be fully renovated for the 350,000 reduced Golden visas Portugal, and we are confident that these units are well priced for growth.

Many of our Portugal Golden visas have issued to clients from Brazil, South Africa, Russia China, Turkey and increasingly from India and even the UNITED KINGDOM as many of Remainers now want their EU passports back.

We are yet to hear about the new Golden Visa laws in Portugal for 2020 / 2021 but as we are investors, developers and agents we are always ahead of the curve when bringing our clients the very best options for growth. We have options ready in rural areas for the 280,000 Golden visas Portugal. We continue to sell Golden visas for Portugal in Lisbon and Porto for 350,000.

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