Portugese Government

Portugese Government In 1974, the Portugese ousted the authoritarian and corporatist Salazar regime and began the transition to a democratic republic, which it has remained since the early 1990’s.  The Government of Portugal, along with the President, Assembly and Courts, plan and execute the political, legislative, and administrative functions of state, as well as international […]

Portugal Property Investment Taxes – An Overview

Portugal Property Investment Taxes – An Overview The Portugal Property Market Since May 2013 Portugal has been listed by OECD as one of the top countries in the world to buy and own property. According to them, Portuguese price-to-rent ratio makes Portugal one of the most attractive property markets in continental Europe. The transparency, high […]

Living in Portugal – Demographics

  Living in Portugal – Demographics The population of Portugal is fairly homogeneous in linguistic and religious terms. In terms of ethnicity, the Portuguese are mostly a mixture of ancient paleolithic populations as well as the Celtic, and Iberian tribes. Germanic, Roman, and later Moorish tribes have also been a part of Portuguese history, and […]



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