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Buy to let property market 2017 in Lisbon

Lisbon real estate is the perfect buy to let investment in 2017/2018

Europes best city to invest in 2017 / 2018 Lisbon, Yields of 5-13% Capital growth through the roof !  and renovating old properties is booming.

Property is the leading property investment company in Lisbon. Lisbon apartments

We help hundreds of investors from around the world find the best opportunities across the city.

Here are some of the services we can offer for any of our clients.

  • Guaranteed rental returns in Lisbon
  • Fixed income apartments in Lisbon
  • Tenanted apartments for sale in Lisbon
  • Un renovated apartments LISBON, that we can help you renovate and re sell
  • Total planning and building services by proven trusted partners
  • Long term rental solutions
  • Short term touristic rental solutions LISBON
  • Property management solutions
  • An independent view from our experienced directors, who are also investors just like you.

If you want to meet the people who have access to a vast  amount of off market property, from 150,000 up to 60 Million, it does not matter if you are a single investor or the head of a global investment fund, we are able to deliver what you need.

Get in touch and have a friendly discussion about your ideas and we will show you why we are different.

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