The recently announced extension of the Brexit negotiations for another six months, if one is traveling to the country of Portugal from the United Kingdom, they will probably want to know what will be different for them before planning their trip.
The government of the country of Portugal is preparing a contingency plan for all of the foreseeable Brexit outcomes. This is for the purposes of avoiding, as much as possible, the disruption of for the British travelers.
This plan will include the following measures –
– The visa exemption for the trips of up to ninety days;
– The dedicated passport control areas and lanes for the flights from the United Kingdom;
– The possibility of mutually recognised driving licenses;
– The use of the Portuguese National Health Service;
– The validity of the insurance policies from the United Kingdom;
– The provision of simplified requirements for the pets of the UK nationals;
– The similar passenger security taxes.

One may also consult the essential information for the nationals of the United Kingdom who are traveling to the European Union at the –
If one has questions about any of the entry requirements, we encourage them to contact the Portuguese Consulate in the United Kingdom at the – [email protected]
One may also consult the article by the title of – “Brexit: Advice for Travellers” – which has been provided by the ABTA.

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