The EU passport is among the most coveted. Thousands of people have found ways to get it while many others are still striving to do so.

The EU passport opens up a life of accessible travel around the world to all who hold it. Besides, it provides easy access to European countries where you can live and enjoy the high quality of life, work, and invest with ease.

You can get an excellent EU passport in 2021 through any EU country that will accept you. There are a few EU countries that you can use to get this passport. Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, and Greece among others are some of the countries that advertise aggressively to foreigners seeking the EU passport.

Here are five ways in which you can get the excellent EU passport in 2021.

EU Citizenship by investment

Some European countries run citizenship by investment programs. This means that they allow high net worth individuals to individuals to invest large sums of money in specific areas of the country, in exchange for citizenship. In countries such as Malta, you will be required to invest up to €650,000 in government bonds to qualify for a European passport. In Cyprus, you will be required to invest €2,000,000 in real estate to qualify for a European passport. Cyprus is the most expensive of all the European countries that offer citizenship by investment.

Getting the EU passport through citizenship by investment has several advantages. Firstly, you own a property in your new country that you can hold onto and sell later to enjoy capital gains.

The other benefit gained from this program is the time saved in getting the passport. Other methods to get the European passport will need you to invest a minimum of three years and a maximum of ten years as a resident before you receive the passport. Citizenship by investment allows you to get your passport in about six months, without the residency requirements.

It is also quite easy to do. You can carry out the whole application process from your home country and receive your passport in the mail. You will require legal representation in the country you are applying to, to help you make your investment and apply for the passport. When you find the right immigration consultants to help you, your citizenship application process will be a breeze.

EU Citizenship by Naturalization

Naturalization is a long process through which you can acquire citizenship in a foreign country. It is a method that you can conveniently use to acquire a European passport. Several European countries allow foreigners to gain citizenship through naturalization.

There are many ways that you can get citizenship through naturalization. Residency in your country of choice is one of the routes to citizenship by naturalization. Residency requirements in different European countries are different. In Portugal, for example, to acquire citizenship by naturalization, you need to acquire a residence permit. This residency permit doesn’t mean that have to live in Portugal permanently. The conditions set for your permit to be renewed is that you have to be in the country for a minimum of seven days every year. This permit is renewed every two years for a five-year residency period. After five years of residency, you can now apply for Portugal citizenship.

Other European countries, however, don’t permit this kind of residency. In Belgium, for example, you need to develop economic ties to qualify for residency and eventual naturalization. There are several ways you can do this. First, start a business in Belgium. Starting a business in the country and living there to run it is one of the ways you can qualify to be naturalized as a Belgian citizen. You have even better chances if you employ Belgians in your business. As you run your business in Belgium, you will apply for the Professional Card which is the residency permit for Belgium as a businessperson.

The other way to qualify for naturalization in Belgium is by getting employed in the country. Your employer needs to sponsor a work permit before you arrive in the country. When you have met all the conditions of your residency, without a criminal record, you can apply to become a naturalized citizen after five years.

Another way that you can qualify to become a naturalized citizen of a European country is through marriage. When you get married to a European citizen, you qualify to apply for residency. In some countries, naturalization takes place faster for spouses, while in others, it doesn’t.

Compared to citizenship by investment, naturalization is a much longer process. It also involves a lot of conditions that need to be met to ensure that you qualify for citizenship. All in all, naturalization is a long and easy way to get a European passport.

European countries from which you can get citizenship by naturalization when you start a business there include:

• Estonia
• Belgium
• Slovenia
• Slovakia
• Hungary

EU Citizenship by Ancestry

Citizenship by ancestry or descent is by far one of the easiest and cheapest methods to gain European citizenship. Citizenship by ancestry means that you can get European citizenship if your parents or grandparents were or still are European citizens even if you weren’t born in Europe. For some countries, you can get this kind of citizenship if your great-grandparents are or were European citizens.

The biggest advantage of this kind of citizenship is that it is straightforward. Further, it is inexpensive and takes only a few months to get.

On the other hand, there are European countries that set up roadblocks to citizenship by ancestry especially if it goes beyond your parents. Greece, for example, allows Greek children born in foreign countries to receive Greek passports as long as they are registered. If they aren’t, you will have to be naturalized into Greek citizenship. However, you can get Greek citizenship faster if you can prove that you are a descendant of an ethnic Greek.

Other countries in Europe set up roadblocks for citizenship by ancestry. You will find that it is difficult to apply for citizenship by ancestry in these countries. In Germany, this kind of citizenship is given to foreigners whose parents are German citizens. In Poland, you can get citizenship by ancestry if all your ancestors, parents, and grandparents hold citizenship. If only your grandparents have citizenship and your parents don’t, you are unlikely to qualify.

If you will seek a European passport by ancestry, you must find out all the conditions that need to be met in the country you apply. When you meet these conditions, you will have your passport in a minimum of six months and a maximum of three years for other countries.

EU Citizenship by Exception

You can also get the EU passport through citizenship by exception. Citizenship by exception means that the government of a particular country can confer on your citizenship rights as a result of a great contribution you have made to the country as a foreigner. Exceptional contributions that you could make include job creation or offer a very large donation to the country.

This could be mistaken for citizenship by investment, but it isn’t. Citizenship by exception can be granted by authorized bodies or persons in the country you are applying to. Austria and Poland are some of the countries that offer citizenship by exception. However, hardly any people qualify to gain the EU passport in this way in any of the countries that offer it.

The few people who have succeeded to earn this kind of citizenship have been very high net worth individuals. Therefore, you can only rely on this method if you are rich and have good connections with the authorities in these countries. For a sizable donation to the country, you can win yourself an EU passport.

EU Citizenship by Flexibility

In addition to these three common ways of gaining citizenship, is flexibility. Getting an EU passport by flexibility means that you can go through other ways to gain citizenship. Many people have opted for flexible citizenship and gotten it without a lot of financial strain.

One of the ways to get citizenship by flexibility is by giving birth in a foreign country. Because they were born in that country, your child becomes a citizen. For most countries, as the legal guardian of a citizen, you can easily become a resident and hasten the process of gaining citizenship. In addition to giving birth in the country, you can also adopt a child who is a citizen of the country for the same reason.

One of the countries popular for citizenship with flexibility is Brazil. When you give birth in Brazil, you, your spouse, and any other children can apply to become permanent residents of Brazil. You can then apply for citizenship and within a year, you will become naturalized citizens of the country after you have passed a basic Portuguese language test. With the Brazil passport, you can access EU countries visa-free for short periods.

Another country that offers citizenship by flexibility is Israel. To get this citizenship, you will have to convert to Judaism if you aren’t an ancestral Jew. The Israeli passport, just like the Brazilian passport allows you 90 days visa-free travel in European Union countries.

Getting citizenship through marriage is also a part of the citizenship by flexibility. This is the easiest route you can use to get the European passport after a few years of residency depending on the country that you and your European spouse settle in.

Why is the EU passport so popular?

1. Allows you visa-free access to hundreds of countries around the world. It also allows you to live and work in any of the European Union countries as a citizen. This means that you can find work and even offer yourself for election to the EU parliament from the country you choose to live in.

2. If you are in a country where your home country doesn’t have an embassy, you are ably represented by any of the EU country embassies or the EU foreign mission in that particular country.

3. Access to a high quality of life in the EU countries. When you hold an EU passport, your children get to enjoy subsidized high-quality education, high-quality health care, and unrestricted mingling of cultures in any of the European countries you choose to reside in.

4. You get to enjoy advanced levels of safety and privacy. The EU passed the GDPR laws that ensure the safety of your personal data as you work or interact with others while on the internet. It also provides confidentiality in tax issues.

5. Enjoy tax incentives in capital investments as an investor working and living in the EU, you get to. Also, if your income is earned from other countries, you will not be taxed in the EU country you are in.

6. Ease of doing business in the EU. As a citizen of the EU, it is easy to start a business in any of the countries, scale and grow.

Through a single body, you can register your business and open it in any EU country in 3 days at a low cost. You can also access funds that support small businesses that are operating in the EU.


There are many ways you can use to get the excellent EU passport in 2020. We have seen five ways that are legal and the most convenient. If you are short of money, you could go back to your family history to check if you have any ancestors who were or still are EU citizens. If you do, you will likely have the EU passport in a year. Citizenship by investment is common in EU countries. For high net worth individuals, this is the most realistic route to get the EU passport. It is fast to get and does not come with any barriers except for the price of the investment and waiting period.

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